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Netheril's Glory Chapter 542

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Chapter 542: Sense of danger.
After understanding the real existence of the "God Competition Mechanism", both Punk and Kane understood that the "difficult competition" of the "God of Red Sand Legacy" was destined to not be a difficulty that they have the ability to avoid now. Since they can only face difficulties, Then too much emotional expression and complaining about others are useless.

So, in just a few seconds, the punk who looked to the direction of the north side pressed down his turbulent heart, and immediately began to calmly prepare for the spell:

"Well, Kane, it seems that this adventure will not go smoothly. It is affected by the mechanism of "Fate and Gods Competition", and the road after that can't be taken lightly. Odorelinda, who somehow found the Son of God, is the first. It’s a trouble, but she probably won’t be the last trouble. After all... Counting the "third son of God", we still have three sons to hunt. Our time cannot be delayed and there is no room for waste. "!

After that, without waiting for Kane’s response, Punk took the lead and flew north, because the filthy bird said that he needed to "go forward at the fastest speed," regardless of how the "God Competition Mechanism" would work next. It's a joke if you waste time and miss the target.

Behind the punk, Kane, who still showed excitement and a bloodthirsty smile, quickly recovered his calmness. The arrogant knight was never a strong man afraid of challenges:

"Owl Owl, adventurous! This is adventure, this is the thrilling favorite of this uncle, gods rivalry? Come, let this uncle see what it is that Ama and Ago dare to fight for wealth with this uncle." !

Carrying a somewhat dumbfounded "smile" with a grudge, the knight who seemed to be happier and hideous not only without fear, also quickly caught up with the punk!

enemy? For the strong, all stumbling blocks are just "prey" on the way forward! .

-------Dividing line------

It was another quiet evening, and the bushes on the edge of the tar swamp were again dyed golden by the setting sun.

I saw a bonfire burning on a clean ground next to the bushes. Three fat bamboo rats were grilled on the bright and warm bonfire, and the one who was responsible for carefully turning over the bamboo rats around the bonfire was Claire looked much better.

It's just different from Claire's usual time to make food. This time, next to the boy, Kesha, a bunny girl like a gluttonous animal, looked at the food on the campfire.

"Okay, this largest one is already cooked, just add a little salt and it's just a bit burnt, but it should be ready to eat."

Observing that the golden skin of one of the bamboo rats has become crispy, the teenager quickly took the big bamboo rat away from the bonfire and skewered it with a wooden stick. Soon, the steaming heat on the barbecued bamboo rat was at sunset. It was stained with orange red in the afterglow.

"Here, mentor."

Claire handed the first mature and fat bamboo rat to Odore Linda, who was resting on an oil tree.

The frowning and contemplative female knight Odore Linda took the roasted bamboo rat that the apprentice handed over, and then the female knight who did not speak took a big bite of the meat and chewed it.

To be honest, the bamboo rats made by Claire are not very tasty. In terms of making food, the knight apprentice who concentrates on training martial arts is always unable to grasp the heat.

However, regardless of whether Claire's food is delicious or not, Odorrey Linda encourages her to compliment Claire. After all, Claire's cooking skills are better than the female knight who can be called the "dark cooking mass production machine".

But this time... the worried female knight didn't say a word. Even if she chewed the fragrant cooked meat, Odorelinda's beautiful eyes were still full of lingering anxiety.

Now Odorelinda and his party have reached the edge of the Tar Swamp. As long as they walk northward for less than an afternoon, they can return to the Kingdom of Pokcat, when the little Kesha can find her Home, and the female knight and her apprentice can continue to embark on the path of "punishing the evil and promoting the good". If you are lucky, you can use "intuition" to find the traces of the two enemies again...at least Odorelinda's ideals That's the state.

But... even though it’s not far from leaving the Tar Swamp, the female knight at this time is not at all happy, because a deep, lingering sense of danger comes from the tar swamp during the day. The vibrations have already arisen spontaneously, and with the delay of time, the horror of the soul being stared at is flying, but it has not diminished, but it has become more and more solemn.

"The vibration during the day is absolutely unusual. If it were a natural earthquake in the Tar Swamp, it would be too coincidental, then... Could it be that the two "villains" committed any atrocities?"

Thinking of the evil knight in golden armor and the powerful spellcaster who didn't say a word but didn't say anything, Odorelinda couldn't help feeling his heart tighten.

Without even thinking about it, if anyone in this swamp could create such a terrible situation that caused an earthquake in the entire Tar Swamp, Odorelinda would only suspect the two "evil men" she was chasing and killing.

Once again, he took a bite of the bamboo rat, which was only half left, thinking about it, Odorelinda's eyes were suddenly covered with bloodshot eyes.

When she discovered that the enemy might exist in this swamp, and even her dangerous intuition told her that she might encounter the enemy next, what Odorrey Linda was filled with was not fear and anxiety, but infinite determination and courage.

Killer's vengeance! Hate of justice! How can I forget? As a messenger of justice, Odorelinda, who is fearless even in death, would be afraid of two evil men. Now even if the enemy may have been eyeing herself, Odorelinda will only have revenge for herself. Fortunately for the opportunity.

However, while she couldn't wait to eradicate evil, the only thing that made the female knight uneasy... was the little bunny Kaisha who had no ability to protect herself.

"It would be great if you could send Kesha to the town first and then come back to fight the evil. Innocent girls shouldn't be involved in such a lifeless battle."

A pitying glance at the drooling little girl who was still staring at the second roasted bamboo rat that was about to be tender, Odorelinda couldn't help but frown:

"No, this extraordinary sense of danger is definitely a reminder. It is very likely that terrible battles will suddenly break out before reaching the town to settle Aisha. Those two despicable bastards will not let off the innocent children. I must give Kesha some means to escape."

Thinking about this, Odorelinda ate the bamboo rat in two bites, and then she stood there and thought about it seriously. Finally, the female knight who had an idea took out a small scroll from her storage ring. .

This is a magic scroll that can release a "master-level summoning spell-the beast of Benz". Of course, this scroll is also one of Bartos's "donations" to Odorelinda. Originally, the female knight thought Use it to try if you can get away with it after launching the move of the same death, but now, Odorelinda still intends to use the scroll to continue with Keisha as the only life-saving trump card.

After all... Aldore Linda felt that even with the help of an acceleration scroll, the hope of saving her life was still too slim, it was better to stay and give the innocent girl a life of hope.

After making up his mind, he suppressed the anxiety and excitement in his heart, pretending to be ordinary, Odore Linda smiled and walked to Xian Kaisha.

Kneeling down to let her eyes and Kaisha look at the same level, the gentle female knight gently said to the timid little bunny man:

"Little Keisha, elder sister will give you a small gift... Don't worry, even if you accept the gift, the bamboo rat can eat it for you. That is not a gift..."

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