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Netheril's Glory Chapter 534

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Chapter 534: Sacrifice to the living dead.
The so-called "sacrifice for the living dead" is a kind of extremely bloody and cruel criminal law passed down by the ancient half-orc tribe. Generally, the "sacrifices for the living dead" are extremely heinous sinners or chief leaders of hostile tribes. The orcs will select the most skilled swordsman and axe to cut off the limbs of the "sacrifice of the living dead" in front of the tribal totem pole, dig out the eyes of the "sacrifice", cut off the tongue of the "sacrifice", and deaf the "sacrifice" "" ears, peel off the skin of the sacrifice, and then use shamanic witchcraft to ensure the safety of the "sacrifice". Finally, the shaman in the tribe will chop up the soul of the sacrifice of the living dead bit by bit.

Due to the powerful healing power of shaman witchcraft, this cruel ritual can often be performed for three days. During these three days, the people of the tribe will "watch" the screams of the sacrifices of the living dead while singing, dancing, and tasting food.

This is a special kind of sacrifice. The superstitious half-orcs firmly believe that this kind of sacrifice can please their ancestors, and the whole tribe will also be blessed by the ancestors, although all professionals with a little knowledge can prove their so-called so-called The "sacrifice for the living dead" not only makes the ancestor spirits who absorb hatred souls become more and more violent, it does not substantially strengthen the ancestor spirits of the tribe. The so-called pleasing ancestors is purely superstition, but the vast majority The orc tribe still enjoys this cruel sacrifice.

Perhaps what they call "please" the ancestors is just an excuse. Using this excuse to vent their anger to enemies or sinners and satisfy their own twisted desire for abuse is the real reason for the enduring of the "Living Dead Sacrifice".

But whether they are really superstitious about this cruel sacrifice or just to satisfy their dark desires, in the eyes of the female knight Odorelinda, the existence of such a sacrifice itself is already called evil, no matter what the reason is. , Using such sacrifices to punish is nothing justice, and although these bunny people who blindly pursue sacrifices are still in the neutral camp, in a sense, they are already regarded as evil accomplices, despite their crimes. Perhaps the crime does not lead to death, but it should receive the deepest education and correction from justice!

At the same time, the most important thing that makes the female knight intolerable is that the "sacrifice of the living dead" that these bunny people are looking forward to is an innocent little girl, because "saving the innocent" is the highest priority. According to the principle, O'Dore Linda, with frowning brows, couldn't persuade herself to sit idly by.


Patting the chopsticks on the table, Odorrey Linda did not hesitate to temporarily let go of her "righteous revenge". She decided to go and see what happened to the little girl who was rumored to be the "wicked girl". If she really was an innocent person who was persecuted... then neither Odore Linda nor Claire, who was also filled with indignation, could not allow the tragedy to happen.

In the heart of the righteous female knight, no matter what kind of evil you face, saving the innocent will be the most important thing, there is no one! This is also the reason why she had to bring her two apprentices to the venue when she was in Red Roy City, for... isn't it just to save one or two injured people?

And now, as the messenger of justice, Odorrey Linda has to implement this idea again.

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Odorelinda found this "wicked girl"'s residence without any effort at all, because the entire Bunnyman tribe's houses were built together, but the "wicked girl"'s cabin stood alone in a piece of damp soil. On the mound.

And the more he walked into this inaccessible, mossy mound, Odore Linda became more sure of his judgment of the "innocent".

First of all, the female knight can clearly perceive that there are no professionals in that house, and some are just a little girl who is less than twelve or thirteen years old. At such a close distance, Odorelinda’s perception of herself is still Very confident.

On the other hand, walking along this road, the female knight carefully discovered that there are several flowers of different colors blooming gracefully on this mound, and the ugly ferns that can be seen everywhere in the Bunnyman village have been carefully dug up. Now, the entire mound was born in this gloomy swamp and gathered more than ten kinds of bright flowers. Although these beautiful flower clusters have been trampled on by people now, Odorylin, who also likes flowers very often Da still can clearly see that these flowers are often taken care of.

"In this swamp, with the patience to transplant so many flowers and take good care of them, how can such a person be an evil generation?".

Pityingly used grudges to support the little flowers that were stepped on, frowning, Odore Linda bypassed the flowers and speeded up the pace towards the cabin, and behind her, Claire quickly followed.

The small wooden house on the mound is obviously weather-proof. The wood eroded by the damp air has even grown a few fungus. The crumbling small attic can vaguely see the exquisiteness when it was first built, but now, the structure of the whole house is not. It was so unstable that it creaked in the wind.

Obviously, the owner of the cabin is capable of taking care of some flowers, but she is not capable of repairing such a large cabin. Now, when a violent damp and cold wind blows across the mound, the entire cabin is "trembling" in the cold wind. Get up, the only thing around the wooden house that is not "swaying with the wind" is............Two Bunnymen are now guarding.


"Don't move"!

Seeing two humans in armor walking towards the cabin, the two alert bunny guards immediately yelled at them. Before the female knight could say a word, they raised their wooden guns and pointed them at Odorelinda loudly. Shouted:

"Human! This is the inner area of ​​our short-tailed tribe. This is not where you should be. This wooden house is filled with important sacrifices for tomorrow. In order to prevent her from escaping, no one is allowed to approach"!

"Sacrifice, are you talking about that kind of cruel "sacrifice to the living dead"? Performing such an evil sacrifice, don't you feel that your conscience is twitching?"

Before Odorelinda could speak, Claire, who was standing behind the female knight, became angry. On the way over, Odorelinda explained to Claire what the so-called "sacrifice of the living dead" was. After hearing that such cruel sacrifices still existed in the world, Claire, who had always been flaming in his heart, was already very angry.

However, in the eyes of ordinary people, the "sacrifice of the living dead" is extremely bloody and cruel, but in the eyes of these rabbit people, their sacrifice is a sacred and inviolable belief. Now I hear someone insulting the sacred ceremony handed down by their ancestors, two rabbit people I couldn't help it immediately.

The two bunny guards who were not professionals could not perceive the strength of the young man in front of them. They only knew that their ancestors had been insulted. So, just after Claire’s voice fell, two furious bunny guards froze for a second. Without hesitation, he drew his gun and stabbed him.

"Damn it, if you dare to insult the sacred sacrifice, the ancestors will punish you."

"They are in the same group as the evil woman, they all have the same filthy blood of human beings, and they are all sinners who brought disasters"!
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