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Netheril's Glory Chapter 517

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Chapter 517: Accomplishment.
Bartos ran away. His twenty-five men swarmed up and created the best chance to escape for this seemingly reckless fighter, and Bartos did not hesitate to choose this rather cowardly exit. the way.

Undoubtedly, this very sudden event was very unexpected to Punk and Kane, and even Odorrey Linda, who was in a furious state, had a face of disbelief.

But the facts are facts. Obviously, although Bartos looks like a brave warrior with entangled muscles and full anger, in fact, this guy "makes money with peace" and "flees" will always take longer than fighting. With a lot of time, even Odorelinda, who knows Bartos better, never knows how restrained is the warrior who seems fierce and fearless on the surface!

In fact, before fighting punk, Bartos, who sensed the breath of two masters, had already considered adopting a calming negotiation method to solve the problem, and after a head-to-head blow with punk, he noticed his face. Right, Bartos, who was a nineteenth-level peak spellcaster, turned around and ran without hesitation.

Isn't Bartos angry or resentful?

How is it possible not to resent? His royal capital was blown up by more than half. It took less than five or six hundred years to train and collect the official-level strong guards, all of which became cannon fodder to cover his own way, and now he himself was forced to escape. His behavior is even more clean, and even because of his retreat in the face of "evil" today, professionals in the good camp will look down on Bartos in the future.

Bartos hates it, the blood vessels he hates are on fire, and all he hates swears at his mother while running.

But... what can be done? Hatred and fear can coexist in the first place. Others don't know about his three-legged cat kung fu, Bartos himself is not clear about how many catties he has.

To be equipped? Not equipped!

Want a secret method? No secrets!

Want a hole card? No cards!

Backstage? No background!

His Bartos has been able to walk all the way to the present because of good luck and timidity (of course, he prefers to call this character "cautious"). For the "cautious" Bartos, he was beaten in the face when he was beaten. Come on, ashamed to be ashamed, saving one's life is more important than the whole thing.

At the moment of the fight, Bartos was soberly aware that punk is obviously not something he can contend with, whether it is from the profound intuition or the basic logical judgment. Even Bartos has a shuddering premonition-as long as he stays for more than thirty seconds, then after punk solves those vulnerable official-level guards, his future will be doomed by iron.

Therefore, Bartos escaped unexpectedly and naturally. The violent vindictiveness drove the running fighters straight through the streets of broken houses, relying on the master-class fighters to use the speed of the "Wings of vindictiveness" with all their strength. In more than twenty seconds, Bartos ran directly out of the Red Roy City.

It seems that unless it is confirmed that Punk and Kane have left, Bartos would rather give up this kingdom that has finally gotten on the right track and go away and never return...

This is the case in this world. Not everyone is like Odore Linda who never backs down, and not everyone is as adventurous as punk and Kane. In the battle, this kind of thing is not embarrassing, but... common sense!

According to "common sense", Bartos fled without a fight, so now according to the plan, punk should also retreat with a "smile" and "Second Son of God".

So far, after a thrilling battle and various accidents, the punk plan is finally back on track. Only the righteous female knight is still fighting on the battlefield, and Kane’s ability can completely control this Odorrey Linda dragged her to death.

"Very good, according to the plan... Kane! In that case, I will take a step first, and you will deal with this female knight."

Seeing that his enemies had all been resolved, Punk almost didn't hesitate to grab the "Smile" and the magic cage with the number two god child and flew into the sky.

You know, leaving the fragile "Smile" and "No. 2 Son of God" on the battlefield for so long has made punk frightened. Now that it is finally safe to evacuate, punk will not stay and grind anything.

As for the female knight Odorelinda who is still fighting Kane... Punk feels that if he shoots, he will kill the female knight on the spot with almost 100% certainty, but... he still I don’t plan to do that. After all, if Aldore Linda is forced to use an attack with a large-scale killing effect at all costs, no one can guarantee that "Smile" and the second god will still be just as they are now. Some ruptured injuries from the earthquake.

The safety of "Smile" and "Second Son of God" represents punk's own legendary path, and it is obviously unwise to put one's own legendary path in danger in order to kill an enemy who can get no benefit.

As for the other aspect, it is also the most important aspect............

Punk glanced coldly at Kane, who was entangled by the female knight, and a sneer was drawn in the corner of his mouth.

Due to the limitations of the Judgment Eye contract, punk definitely can’t attack Kane’s back, but... it’s okay to kill with a knife. For example, now, the female knight Odorelinda’s tricks are exhausted. But Fa is seen by punk, especially when Odorelinda is trying to get close to the enemy at all costs, even punk feels dangerous. If this female knight can make Kane capsize in the gutter......... That punk is so happy!

So, ignoring Kane at all, Punk turned and left with "Smile" and "Second Son of God".

Anyway, Odore Linda was staring at the "evil" knight in front of him, and punk didn't worry about the female knight suddenly turning around and chasing herself.

Hmm, although the plan was a little accidental, it was a surprise and unpredictable success after all. It would be perfect if Kane could be seriously injured or even killed by the female knight. Thinking of this, he quickly flew up to the clouds and left the red Luo. After Yicheng, the punk mood is still very good.

Of course, Kane’s "playing" with Odore Linda was not at all pleasant... Seeing that punk actually "retired" directly, Kane's angry hair exploded.

What insidious punk idea he Kane didn't know? If it weren't for the Judgment Eye Contract, Kane now estimates that punk would even find a chance to give himself a "speed kinetic cone", so he didn't expect punk to really help him.

But... Seeing this guy now walk away leisurely, Kane couldn't help but yelled in the direction where the punk flew away:

"Asshole you Sai'an, this uncle is fed up with this damn plan, whoever takes care of this post-breaking job next time is the grandson!"

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