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Netheril's Glory Chapter 509

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Chapter 509: Kidnapping.
For the nobles who were still watching the gladiator fight with enthusiasm just now, what happened in the next few seconds was absolutely amazing, because just when the two strong gladiators were about to die in the middle of the field, a touch The golden light suddenly shattered the roof along with the shock wave tearing through the space, and after the blown dust blew all the nobles in the auditorium a dusty face, the battlefield originally paved with granite has become a huge crater. .

As for the gladiators who were still shouting loudly just now... they have become a pile of ground meat mixed with soil.

The arena at this time was deadly silent, everyone was stunned, most nobles could only stare blankly at Kane in bright gold armor and punk in black robes with red stripes. They didn't even bother to pay attention to the beautiful "smiles", because... the auras of the knights and wizards in the center of the field are too strong.

The terrifying breath spreading throughout the audience made all the creatures breathless. Until Kane grinned and said "Kill all these people for fun", these nobles who didn't react fast enough realized their situation. .

Disaster... is coming!

There seemed to be professionals among the aristocrats sitting in the audience, but punk and Kane had no intention of hiding their breath, so a bold professional aristocrat immediately realized it. What a terrifying existence I am facing.

"How is it possible! Big...Master...Master-level strong, two master-level strong...Run!"

This was a shattered cry. The stern voice sounded like the mournful cry of a squashed grasshopper before his death. Accompanied by his shout, all the nobles who were sitting in distress reacted instantly:

"Kill? Kill who? Kill us..."

With horrified eyes, all the nobles jumped up from their seats desperately, whether they were earls or marquis, barons or guards, at this moment... in the face of the "natural disaster" named "master-level powerhouse" , All people are the same and extremely vulnerable.

In fact, it is precisely because these nobles have learned a certain amount of knowledge that they understand what terrible power the "master-level powerhouse" represents.

At this time, how can they care about the interrupted gladiatorial fight? The potbellied people seem to hate more than two legs and rush to the door as fast as they can.

But...punk won't let any of them leave.

Standing behind the punk and closing his eyes, the "smile" hadn't found the "God Son" in the crowd. The punk who sensed two powerful auras coming to his place at the same time didn't want to waste time entangled in this city.

Slightly squinting his eyes, the punk holding the staff immediately shot:

"Master-level plastic energy spells-surround the stone mountain"!

Along with an earth-yellow halo, centered on the punk staff, the ground began to rumbling, and the nobles who rushed to the door were desperately knocked to the ground, almost all present. The so-called "high-class people" stared at the rapidly dimming doorways and windows with horror.

"Haha, this is... a lie..."

"A mountain, a big mountain has blocked the door"!

"No, it's a lot of mountains. The rocks have enclosed the arena. We can't run out..."

Along with the trembling of the earth, a rock wall surrounding the entire venue quickly rises under the gaze of everyone. The stony phyllite with ochre brilliance is terrifying to astonishing hardness, even if some noble trainee-level guards fisted their fists. The bleeding can't leave even the slightest trace on the magical rock.

As punk said, no one can leave!

The reason why punk created these magical mountains is not only to prevent people from leaving the venue, but also has the effect of resisting rescuers outside to buy time. Although punk is not proficient in shaping energy spells, he relies on a master-level spell Temporarily blocking the outside of the arena and maddening the patrol is no problem.

"Okay, I found it"!

Just after the tall rock had just isolated the arena, the "smile" that had been carefully perceiving the position of the "god child" from just now finally got the result, suddenly opened the ruby ​​eyes, "smile" said to punk loudly. To:

"It's the boy at the door with short burgundy red hair with gold-rimmed eyes. He is wearing a red-brown silk robe"!

"Did you find it? It's pretty fast"!

Without questioning the meaning of "smile", punk just praised indifferently, and then, the spell that punk had already prepared in his hand was immediately released.

"Official Grade Conjuration Spells—Mage's Hand"!

The big light blue hand that stretched out from the punk in an instant spanned a distance of more than one hundred meters in less than a tenth of a second. Under the thorough control of the punk furnace, the "hand of the mage" accurately grasped Residing in the collar of the boy identified by "Smile", accompanied by a horrified cry of "Wow ah ah ah ah", the boy wearing gorgeous silk was dragged out of the crowd by punk like a duck. .

Thanks to "Smile" with strong enough observation ability to accurately find the decisive characteristics of the target person in the crowd, combined with the precise grasping and reaction speed of punk, the crowded crowd can not stop the completion of the hunt.

"You... what are you going to do, I am... er..."

Although he was so scared that he was shaking like Parkinson’s syndrome, the teenager who was held by the punk still wanted to say something more. As an unawakened god child, although his strength is just an ordinary person, his It is impossible to know that he is actually in the blood of a god, but... this unknown boy can still feel a kind of blood riot attraction from "Smile".

Of course, he could also feel the greedy look of "smile" like a beast that he could not wait to eat him in one bite.

Punk didn't let this young man make any extra struggles, but a little magic power shook his opponent's soul lightly. The noble young man who was yelling desperately just now fell into a deep coma.

Next, punk put the unconscious "Second God Child ("Smile"'s number is No. 1 God Child)" into a magical cage, and the magic prison gleaming with purple light was floated in the air by punk like a balloon. .

The kidnapping so far has gone smoothly. Punk has successfully captured the number two son, but... staring at the direction of Zhengnan, the punk expression has become more solemn:

"Trouble, Kane! The situation and the plan are not the same. There are actually two masters in Red Roy City. One of them is already very close. It seems that this time... it is impossible for our actions to be completed perfectly. Up!"

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