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Netheril's Glory Chapter 499

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Chapter 499: "smile".
This is a splendid place to the extreme. It is not only brightly colored compared to the houses outside the small town, but even if compared with most houses in the whole world, this luxurious "villa" is also very...exotic!

Because it is too "golden", almost all things that can be seen in the whole living room are golden.

The vases are gilded, the statues are gilded, the stairs are gilded, and even the "fountain" in the middle of the living room is sprayed with glittering gold particles.

Without even thinking about it, this kind of vulgar and weird thing can only be made by Kane, after all, Kane's love for golden yellow has reached the level of dyeing his whole body yellow, and gilding a house is not worth it. Surprised.

Although the glittering hall and the glittering knights had a disgusting flicker, Kane himself, who was arranged in this way, obviously did not have this self-consciousness.

At this time, the unscrupulous knight was happily bringing a young girl to the punk, pointing his finger at the beautiful girl with double ponytails wearing a pink leather jacket and short leather pants. Kane exaggeratedly made a "grand" tone. Introduction:

"Dangdang Dangdang! This is our Lord of God-Miss "Smile"! Of course, her real name should be Alice Sarah Tila, but because the family that was once established by the gods has a bad reputation now, so She named herself "smile", we just call her "smile"."

I saw where Kane was pointing, a girl with a pair of ponytails with pale pink hair was looking at the punk with a slightly evil smile, her big blood-red eyes shining like a golden light in the hall. The exquisite ruby ​​is generally exquisite, and the skin that looks like a white jade has a clean and perfect brilliance.

"Smile" is a girl who is about nineteen years old-her appearance is very beautiful and arrogant and beautiful. There is no doubt about the beauty of "smile". The kind of beauty that can be called evil is absolutely fine. She can be said to be an overwhelming country, especially with her wicked smile, the unique charm of a combination of angels and demons is unspoken.

But punk doesn’t care about the charm of “smiles”. When seeing this girl who is not humbled and staring at her, she was dissatisfied with a weak and weak person trying to “negotiate” with herself, so punk was just as usual. Asked with a cold face:

"A trainee-level stalker? What capital do you have to negotiate terms with me-Archmage Punk Sai'an? I won't be pampered with a little girl like the stupid knight standing next to you. The most correct choice for you now is to be honest Really obey any order, and then ask the strong for some charity and mercy"!

Unscrupulously released his master coercion, punk looked at the girl in front of him like a king.

Punk doesn’t want to negotiate anything with a little guy who hasn’t even reached the official level. After all, looking for the inheritance of the gods is not a child’s play house. Punk hopes that his powerful pressure can make the girl in front of him fear and succumb, and then step on it as soon as possible. Go on a journey to find the blood of the gods.

But... this time, under Kane's gaze with a smile, punk's cold attitude, which has always been able to scare children, failed.

Under the coercion of the master-class powerhouse, although the "smiling" body sweats uncontrollably, her attitude has not changed at all. On the contrary, even if the sweat has wetted her hair quickly, even if the sweat has wetted her hair. Di had entered his eyes, but the "smile" still kept her evil smile, and the pupils of his punk cold eyes did not tremble even at all.

"Even charity and compassion are worth the risk and hard work, not to mention that you will not do anything to the concubine, because the concubine has its own value!"

While speaking confidently, "smiling" and calmly tidying up the corners of his clothes.

She continued to say to punk:

"For a sensible strong man, valuable people will not be killed. This concubine has a very deep understanding in her childhood as a thief!

And the concubine also knows that if you want to get the opportunity, you must take the risk, even if the risk is to confront two master-level powerhouses, you should not hesitate, then... now that you have decided your own path, why not keep smiling For everything, this is one of the meanings of the concubine's name for herself "Smile"!

After finishing her words firmly, "Smile" tightened her lips and continued to stare at the punk pupils, even though the azure blue pupils she saw had begun to glow with blood of murder, but the firmness of the "smile" was still There is no meaning to waver at all.

After staring at the girl in front of him for a long time, Punk didn't say anything, but a lavender cone slowly appeared in his hand...

In the next second, the rapidly extending energy cone tip quickly touched the "smile" forehead. With the extension of this sharp "kinetic energy cone", the stabbed forehead of the "smile" was quickly left behind. A line of blood.

"The ridiculous ant, who gave you the confidence to speak freely in front of me, is it this stupid knight? You should understand that if I attack now, this knight can't save you at all"!

Telling this fact to the "smile" without emotion, the "speed kinetic energy cone" in the hands of punk also exudes a more brilliant brilliance!

As punk said, at such a close distance, as long as the spell erupts, it is impossible for even Kane to save "Smile".

All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the golden hall rose suddenly, and Kane, who had just been indifferent just like watching a play, became a lot more serious.

"Hey, punk, this is the key to the legend, if you go into trouble, don't blame me and you desperately............"!

"Shut up, idiot!"

Coldly interrupted Kane's reminder, Punk continued to stare at the "smiling" pupil with cold eyes, and the "speed kinetic energy cone" in his hand did not mean to put it away!

"Answer me now, little girl, can you still long for the so-called opportunity in your mouth?"

There is a big horror between life and death. Many people who are usually extremely strong will cry in terror if they are put a gun on their heads, and the dangerous breath released by punk’s "speed kinetic energy cone" Can the guns on the earth be comparable? It is not surprising that ordinary people are scared to pee with such a terrifying spell against their foreheads.

But... "Smile" didn't even have any panic on her expression, and even her face became more determined after losing her smile.

The girl with the double ponytails said to punk word by word as if she could not see the horror spell in front of her head:

"Although my family has fallen into a family of thieves, the legends and ancestors of our family have been passed down from generation to generation, and I have never missed it. I know what you are looking for, and I also know what my legendary ancestor left me. , I know better-this is the only chance I can become a strong one!

I won't let go of my only chance, because in this world, if you can't become a strong man... then it's better to live and die"!

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