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Netheril's Glory Chapter 449

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Chapter 449: it has started.
Everyone often says that success will come with hard work, but what about it?

At least in the extremely cruel world of Faerun, hard work will always be a more important prerequisite. Without hard work, we will not succeed, but even with all our hard work, success is still only a "possibility".

Kane now is a more typical example.

Although punk didn’t know what Kane’s original goal was, or why he mistook the Nightmare sect as his goal, when he saw Kane who was furious due to Southend’s answer, punk basically It can be confirmed from the above that Kane took a huge risk this time, and the action that consumed a lot of time and energy was doomed to nothing, because Southend obviously had nothing to do with Kane’s goal. From the beginning, the Cavaliers made a mistake. enemy.

Is this happening because of Kane's stupidity? No, no, punk feels such a thing is too normal.

Generally speaking, in the level of powerhouses where the difficulty of promotion has increased exponentially, it is the most common normal phenomenon to gamble and fight for nothing like Kane. After all... the world is too big and too big, hidden in it. There are too many conspiracies, and it is an extremely rare case for people like punk who are lucky enough to get opportunities without too many side effects.

Even if you bet your life to fight, there is only a little chance of success, so can the strong people stop because of this?

Of course it’s impossible. There is still a little chance of promotion. If you don’t bet on your fate, you are destined to die at the master level. Every legend is a monster that has been killed on the brink of countless deaths. Those who indulge like bin Rachel. , Or master-level powerhouses who defend themselves like Kirkweilun are destined to die at the nineteenth level. Only "mad men" like Kane and Punk who do not agree with each other can aspire to the legendary road.

Therefore, punk knows that Kane’s current rage belongs to rage, but if there is a possibility of profit, this guy will still rush forward without hesitation. In other words, the resources of the strong are desperate. You don’t necessarily have resources if you work hard! Don't desperately want to get resources? How can there be such a good thing in the world?

However, although the truth is said, Kane must have been mentally prepared for nothing or even death during this "desperate" journey, but... when he really sees that his efforts are all in vain, people can It is still unavoidable to produce extreme disappointment and anger. This kind of sadness and anger is inevitable even for punk, not to mention Kane, a fighter in the evil and chaotic camp.

Therefore, when he felt Kane's violent grudge burst out, Punk sighed silently in his heart and began to prepare the spell.

Kane’s reaction was completely within punk’s expectations. From the beginning, the knight was willing to chat with the enemy a few words in the fight because he wanted to ask that vital question. Now that the question is finished, the answer is obtained. The enemy can't let himself go, so... Is there anything else that needs more thinking? Immediately venting the anger in my heart is the most normal behavior.

As a result, with a large amount of bright fighting energy bursting from the tip of the lance, Kane, whose eyes flashed with incandescent fire, burst out fighting skills and rushed towards Southend without hesitation:

"Master Fighting Skill-Charge"!

In a burst of intense light flashing like a stream of fire, Kane’s figure instantly disappeared in place, replaced by a laser that rushed through the cave like a white snake to Southend. The sharp vindictiveness even pierced it. The space causes a large area of ​​black fissures to revolve around the "white snake".

There is no need for redundant pre-battle scolding, and no need to take into account the location of the battle. The charge of the knight is always indomitable and endless. This sudden outbreak of violent killing without warning is the gorgeous style of a knight of the evil camp. .

However, unlike many true lunatics in the chaotic camp, even if Kane is emotionally furious, his reason can still remain absolutely sober, even though his face is now hideous like a ghost, but he uses the tactics after the charge. Still perfect and strict.

I saw that Kane, who rushed towards Southend, did not choose the most powerful straight line charge. On the contrary, the technique he used was the least powerful "broken line" charge among the "charge" combat skills.

In this way, the lethality of Kane's fighting skills will be greatly reduced, but relatively, the trajectory of ultra-high-speed movement has become an irregular tortuous line. In such a situation where there are hundreds of turns in an instant, It is very difficult for the average caster to accurately hit the enemy.

Although such "charge" fighting skills would be difficult to break through the enemy's magical defenses due to lack of power, but... Kane's goal is not to pierce Southend's head with a single move, he just seems to use the fastest speed. It's just close to the enemy, as a combatant. When fighting a spellcaster, getting close quickly is definitely the first priority.

But... Southend is no ordinary spellcaster.

He would not let Kane's approach be ignored. In fact, almost at the same time when Kane's anger broke out, Southend's spell had already been prepared.

"Hehehe, young people must learn to meditate, the old man's guests have not yet arrived... But since you can't wait, let the old man play with you."

With a grim guttural "hehe" sneer, Southend's pupils also began to glow with redness.

Although Southend was unwilling to delay the rest of the shop by personally fighting, but now Kane has suddenly attacked, even Southend can only fight seriously after the vulture's sneer, if he doesn't want to advance If the trap is activated so that Ovak will pick up a big bargain, then he must fight punk and Kane on his own for a minute or two.

Of course, the confident Southend will not be afraid of Kane's explosion. In his opinion, it is not easy to win the combination of punk and Kane, but... it's easy to delay a minute or two.

Therefore, with enough self-confidence and bloodthirsty and brutal smile of the bearer, Southend’s spell was also outrageously released:

"Master Class Conjuration Spells-Moza's Thriller Heart"!

Super magic skills-spell guidance.

Southend’s spell release can be said to prove that this nineteenth-level peak spellcaster has lived to the end of his life. The old man’s spell release is even faster than punk, and the power of this mind-based spell is not to mention. , The nineteenth level of spellcasting level will give it extremely terrifying and powerful kills, unless the attacker has fifteen layers of magic protection like Ovakin, otherwise the end of hard resistance will generally not be too good.

However, even watching the terrifying light cone of mental power released by Southend chasing him all the way under the effect of the super magical skills of "spell guidance", Kane still did not panic at all. He continued his "charge" fight. Even at this moment, the decisive knight simply gave up the technique of "tornographic charge" and changed to a direct charge. As for the super-high-speed light cone that was about to hit his head... Kane didn't even look at it. Go take a look.

He is very sure-at this time...punk will definitely shoot!

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