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Netheril's Glory Chapter 429

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Chapter 429: Refuse.
King Tandak’s character is that kind of straightforward warrior. It stands to reason that even his criticisms of others should be quite brief. But this time, maybe Dick was angry, maybe there was something else. The purpose of Tandak’s critical discourse has become extraordinarily lengthy.

However...as Tandak said more and more, everyone in the palace hall was dumbfounded to discover...Tandak's "criticism" has obviously changed:

"Dick, you said that Asia doesn't do business properly every day? But did you know that this kind-hearted master Ovak was introduced by Aisha, as a great strong man whose mission is to save the innocent. Mr. Ovakin may even help our kingdom escape the intrusion of the evil nightmare sect. My old bone may not survive in a few days. Mr. Ovakin may become a new pillar of this poor country and possess a master. You don’t know the importance of the power of the ranks to a kingdom, Dick!"

Well, so far, whether it is Dick who is still training with his head down, or Asia who has become stunned, he can hear it. King Tandak clearly uses the opportunity of criticizing Dick to test Ovakin’s tone, and his The subtext...I hope that Ovakin can become the new protector of the Waibian Kingdom after his death.

Of course, needless to say the degree of rigidity of the "subtext" of Tandak, it is not easy for a warrior full of brain muscles to know a little euphemism...

At this moment, Tandak's gaze was no longer on Dick, and there was a glow of hope in his eyes when he looked at Ovakin.

As he said, no one would not know the importance of a master-level power to the kingdom. Even Tandak understands that if he falls, the Kingdom of Wybien loses the power to protect the country. What will happen to it now? Tandak was using a very blunt way to invite Ovakin. He was inviting this master-level mage he could meet, who he did not know the details but was better than none, to become the guardian of the Kingdom of Waibian. National powerhouse.

At this time, the hall of the palace became silent again. Whether it was King Tandak with his scorching gaze, Aisha who was stunned in place, and even Dick, who had not reacted for a while, turned his gaze on Ova. On Kine, everyone was waiting for the answer from the black dragon.

Turned her head to look at Aisha's bewildered expression, then turned her head again to look at Tandak's expectant eyes. Finally, Ovak sighed with a wry smile and said:

"Oh, although I am very sympathetic to the status quo of this kingdom, and I am also very jealous of that nightmare sect... But, I'm sorry, Your Majesty Tandak, I am afraid I can't become the protector of this kingdom... On the one hand, I actually still have heavy injuries on my body, on the other hand...My enemy is on the way to chase, and my stay will only bring disaster to this country..."

After shook his head silently, Ovak took a step back and stopped talking. In his opinion, his point of view had been expressed very clearly, and it was time for Tandak to give up this immature idea of ​​wooing.

After listening to Ovakin's words, Tandak, who was full of expectation, could only silently close his eyes. Now he feels like a real ordinary old man, powerless, weak, and lifeless...

"Okay, I'm tired, you all quit, Aisha, treat Mr. Ovakin, Dick... Forget it, just do whatever you want, it doesn't matter...".

After finishing speaking, Tandak, who seemed to have lost the last bit of anger, sat on the throne and never said a word. As he himself said, he is already very tired, and the flame of life may leave his sore at any time. With Baikong's body, he has no way to use his power to achieve any goal he desires.

--------Dividing line------

The gorgeous horse-drawn carriage moved unhurriedly in the busy city, and the guards walking in front of the horse-drawn carriage loudly dispersed all the crowds. On the originally crowded road in Rock Sand City, it was now abruptly separated from a road that was large enough for the carriage to pass.

No one would question this kind of "influencing traffic" behavior of the carriage, because the logo on the carriage represents the breeze royal family, and the identity of the person sitting in the carriage is unattainable and expensive for the poor. .

That's right, the person sitting in this carriage at this time is the sad-faced Prince Dick. He is eating the crispy fruit on the plate. In this desert where fruits are extremely scarce, even the nobles can hardly have a chance. To enjoy the sweet fruit, only people like Prince Dick can eat the fruit as a snack in this way.

But even though he was savoring the sweetness of the fruit, Dick's face was still gloomy.

It has to be said that the current form of the Waibiyan Kingdom is really unfriendly to the prince who is not a professional. If his great-grandfather, the King Tandak, can still support it, then the power of Tandak is the idea of ​​supremacy. The idea that he, the prince, will always be overwhelmed by Aisha, whom he looks down on.

And if Tandak can’t sustain it... then don’t even think about it. The Kingdom of Waibien is going to be destroyed directly. After all, the contradictions inside and outside the kingdom have accumulated to a culmination. Because he refused to become the new protector of the kingdom.

"Ahhhh, damn it, I blame the great-grandfather for his stupid governance. If I were to rule the country as a king, then with my political control and economic mastery, even if there is a temporary fault in the protector of the country, I can guarantee this. The kingdom will continue to exist for thirty to fifty years, and at least it will not collapse at any time like it is now."

Scratching his own hair, Dick's eyes were full of blood and tears:

"Damn, damn, damn! I am defending the credibility of the Breeze royal family, I let those selfish lords give up their rebellion, and I let this crumbling country not be raged by war, but... why, why can't my great-grandfather let me become King, why does he, a guy who has no IQ at all, have to occupy the position of the king and mess up the country I have worked so hard to keep! Now even if he is going to die, he actually has to give the throne to the little one who only knows how to eat, drink and play. Girl movie! It's not fair, it's not fair"!

He clenched his fist and slammed it against the table, and with the sound of the fruit plate cracking, a drop of blood dripped down the wound cut by the porcelain.

Dick's heart was too painful, too angry, and the pain of a little wound was nothing to him.

However, just when Dick fell into grief and anger, just when the carriage passed a shadow... Before Dick recovered from the extreme anger and sorrow, with the muffled sound of the fruit landing, the voice of another old vulture suddenly appeared. Slowly rang from the narrow carriage:

"Yes, it's too unfair. Only you, a genius king of politics and economy, can this country be saved, right?"

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