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Netheril's Glory Chapter 399

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Chapter 399 The Foolishness of the Sheephead Shaman.
Someone once said that when the road meets a bridge, for a creature of a chaotic evil camp, the probability of it walking over the bridge and jumping off the bridge is about the same. Although this sentence sounds a bit exaggerated, but His description of the "evil chaotic" type of lunatic is in the dark.

And now, the old sheephead shaman punk has encountered is undoubtedly an outright evil and chaotic camp professional.

After the curse of the Sheephead Shaman was released, Kane was unsurprisingly caught. Of course, this was not because Kane was not cautious, nor was it because the curse of the Sheephead Shaman was so powerful, it was purely because of this curse. It came too suddenly.

Without any warning, the curse of the Sheephead Shaman did not attack the punk but suddenly attacked the knight in the distance. Needless to say, Kane, who was concentrating on dealing with the violent ancestral spirit, almost didn’t respond and even the punk who had been cautiously resist come.

You know, at this time, the old sheephead shaman is still within the range of punk attack, and he obviously cannot use the super magic technique of "double casting". In this case, the cursed sheephead is released. The shaman was a complete living target for at least the next 0.5 seconds, and his remaining defensive method was only the magic pattern that had been dimmed by the strike of the "kinetic missile". .

But... the Goathead Shaman didn’t seem to realize this. After successfully attacking Kane with a curse that no one had expected, the mad shaman stood there proudly and gave a piercing and terrifying smile. sound:

"Owl Owl, sad mage, have you seen it? This is the powerful power that my great master has given me. Your companion is already cursed and entangled in the soul, and you will soon step into him. In the footsteps of Xiaoxiao Xiaoxiao!"

Well, it seems that the Goathead Shaman wants to play the gorgeous "Weiwei Rescue Zhao". He seems to think that punk will definitely rescue him when Kane is in danger, and when punk rescues Kane, this old Sa Man will be able to attack punk by surprise by surprise.

Well, the idea is not bad. If the Sheephead Shaman is facing a group of paladins from a kind and lawful camp at this time, it can't be said that his strategy will really succeed.

But...it's a pity that he is facing punk whose interests are paramount, and from the very beginning, this crazy shaman completely mistaken the relationship between punk and Kane-punk and Kane are not friendly. Companions, on the contrary, these two people can be said to be potential enemies of each other.

In the battle, any mistake can not be tolerated, because a small mistake may bring heavy and terrible consequences, and now, the Sheephead Shaman is about to pay a heavy price for his mistakes!

In the laughter of the sheephead shaman who thinks he is smart, punk's response is only plain and cold:

"Ma's mentally retarded"!

There is nothing to say, the current opportunity can be said to be delivered by the goat head shaman himself. How can punk ignore the enemy's "kindness", and ruthless use of spells to greet you does not need to discuss it at all!

As for Kane...punk said: It would be great if he could die in the hands of a curse.

"Master Class Conjuration Spells-Kinetic Energy Crushing"

Super Magic Technique-Double Casting

Super Magic Technique-Magic Compression

Master-level conjuration spells-super fast kinetic energy cone!

The opportunity to kill the enemy should not be let go. Without any hesitation, Punk immediately used super magic skills to release two spells at the same time.

Under the effect of "kinetic energy dumping", the sheep head shaman was immediately crushed to the ground. The terrible energy caused the yellow sand to be squeezed into dust. Under the influence of the violent kinetic energy, the sand and dust in the nearby area Waves really appeared like ocean waves, and shock waves full of purple kinetic energy were born in the desert, creating an effect like a meteorite falling.

However, this is not the end. Almost at the same time as the terrible kinetic energy is raging, a purple light that tears through the space quickly flies towards the Sheephead Shaman with a buzzing enough to smash the rock. In this brilliance, even the light is full. It had to be cut apart like a current, and the sandy ground it swept across was plowed out of hideous deep trenches.

Until this time, the Sheephead Shaman at the center of the spell didn't seem to react. He stared at the punk in disbelief. His bright red eyes seemed to question why the enemy would ignore the crisis of his companions and why he would not press. Own script action.

However, the answer that the Goathead Shaman got was destined to be only the punk's icy eyes and the instantaneous "speed kinetic energy cone"!

At the last moment, the old shaman seemed to want to take something from his belt, but under the effect of "kinetic energy dumping", the old shaman with broken bones could not move a finger, he could only I watched a purple light from far to near until it occupied my entire field of vision............

"boom"! !

Accompanied by the roar of sand and dust, the body, soul, and even the space he was in were torn to pieces by the "speed kinetic energy cone" blessed with "magic compression", from beginning to end. The old shaman did not have the slightest resistance or opportunity to resist. This arrogant shaman calling for demon gods and power was instantly submerged in the violent wave of kinetic energy, and the traces it left behind were only splashes. The blood in the yellow sand and some torn pieces of clothing.

Many books about fighting with spellcasters have said that when encountering a mage who is good at using super magic skills, unless the combatant has enough hole cards to turn over, it is always the best choice to turn around and escape.

Punk is a release who is good at using super magic techniques. Under the terrifying power of the spells in his hands, a shaman with low defense power and relying on ancestral spirits for most of his methods has no chance of surviving.

Punk did not relax after a single blow to the Goathead Shaman, he almost prepared the spell again at the fastest speed, but this time, Punk’s cold gaze was deeply placed on Kane... ………

At this time, Kane is still fighting with the completely violent ancestral spirit monsters. Since the ancestral spirits and monsters are not summoned creatures, even if the shaman controlling them has died, these monsters infested by the abyss can still continue to fight. Going down, and because of the loss of the shaman's control, the frantic ancestor spirit even more unscrupulously extracted the souls of the tribe to replenish itself. As the light blue souls of the sheep head tribe were pulled into the body of the ancestor spirit, in a short period of time. Within time, the combat effectiveness of this ancestor spirit has been greatly improved.

Kane is undoubtedly a very powerful master knight. As a warrior, even if he is caught in a somewhat dangerous situation, Kane is still able to fully display the well-formed but powerful knight's combat skills. In his hands, that cumbersome and heavy-looking lance is as spiritual as it has come alive. Kane, who is no longer a hard worker, can successfully resolve the enemy's attack or cause damage every time he swings the lance.

However, the curse effect of the Sheephead Shaman is also very powerful. This curse with the ability to restrict the movement of creatures was almost completely eaten by Kane. Now facing the double attack of the ancestor spirit and the devil, Kane's actions are He froze in place immediately, and for a while, his situation was already in crisis.

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