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Netheril's Glory Chapter 377

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Chapter 377: Disaster strikes.
The morning in the city of Meifenghua was pure and cold. After a devastating war, although the country completely lost everything, the lives of the remaining people unexpectedly improved, whether it was a disease or a famine. The deaths of five million hungry people in the war a week ago were all resolved, and even the Gioni-Zodas, who had been oppressing everyone, ushered in annihilation.

Although it is inevitable that some people are depressed and even crying when it comes to the subjugation of the country, after the final meeting of the palace and the announcement of the "Maple Leaf Kingdom into the MobiWise Kingdom" decision, everyone is still looking forward to a new life. , Especially according to rumors, the Kingdom of Mobywais is still a country with a wise monarch and very open political and financial affairs. This good reputation, which may not be meaningful in normal times, has reduced the worries of many people in the Maple Leaf Kingdom at this time.

"Although it is a shame for the ancestors to be incorporated into the Kingdom of Mobiwise... But since Her Majesty the Queen is willing to marry the other prince, I believe the two countries must be very friendly, and we "survivors" should also Get a good treatment".

When the news that Livace was about to marry the other prince came, most people and the little nobles thought so. In some ways, this is also the value of political marriage—perhaps in a high position. He knows all the twists and turns, but those at the bottom will find comfort.

It is precisely because of this atmosphere of “innovation and innovation” that from the nobles who are still wrangling for the distribution of benefits, to the workers who took the iron picks in the early morning to mine the ore at the foot of the "Sleeping Dragon" volcanic mountain, they were all in a happy mood. For example, Wood, who was absent from work, hummed a small song on the road.

"Hey, Wood, have you heard? The latest news-the kingdom of Mobywise is willing to reduce the tax on the red ore by 30%"?

Walking on the road, one of Wood's good workers trot over to share his latest news with joy.

"Really, that's great."

After hearing the worker's words, Wood was taken aback for a moment, and then he couldn't help but smile and said:

"I knew that the Kingdom of Mobywais was a very good country. Thanks to our Queen. Although the Maple Leaf Kingdom has become history, our lives are still guaranteed."

"Yes, yes".

After listening to Wood’s emotions, the dark-faced worker also gritted his teeth and expressed his approval:

"However, although the tax has been reduced, I still need to dig more if I want to earn silver coins. If I can dig out three carriages before the next cold winter, I will have the capital to propose to Miss Denis. "!

"Then you have to work hard. The red rock is the most valuable raw ore and the most difficult to dig. Generally, it can only be digged out from the very hard rock. get ready"!

Seeing the happy face of his friend, Wood, who has been single until now, couldn't help pouring some cold water on this proud guy.

The worker who was awakened from his dreams turned his hammer upside down, looked at his arm that was not strong, and finally looked helplessly towards the sky:

"Oh, I want that sharp-eyed old man to catch his eyes, maybe I have to dig out enough four-carriage ore...Really, it would be great if the sky could drop the red ore ore... …"

"Don't be jokes, how can ore fall from the sky? You still want to be more concrete. It is a rare sunny day today. We have to start work as soon as possible..."

Regarding the whimsical work of the workers, Wood could only smile helplessly. Seeing that the mining factory at the foot of the volcano was close in front of him, Wood had already begun to enter the "working state".

However, just as he was about to finish speaking, a fiery breath suddenly hit his face.

"boom"! !

Before Wood could react, a huge roar exploded in the worker's ears, setting off a shock wave of squally wind and splashing a large amount of dust and mud on Wood's body.

And... in the spilt mud, a lingering bloody breath and sticky red color made Wood unable to ignore.

When Wood, who was completely stunned, slowly turned his head, he was shocked to see that just where his friend was standing, a piece of red ore as high as two people hit the ground a few centimeters deep. Underneath, there is only a pool of blood mixed with mud and a squashed iron hoe that proves some horrible facts. It is very coincidental. If these ores are smashed, they should be able to fill four carriages............

"This this…………"

Wood, who was completely frightened and stupefied, fell to the ground, his head blank, he could only subconsciously look to the sky.

In the next moment, Wood saw... that terrible sight like the end of the world!

In the blue sky, a large cloud of fiery red smoke centered on the Sleeping Dragon Volcano spread rapidly. In less than a few seconds, all the sky Wood could see was dyed red. , Immediately afterwards, countless meteorites fell like raindrops in the sky as if it was starting to burn. The precious raw ore that workers usually dream of became deadly death at this time. Wood saw it with his own eyes, not far from him. , Three or four workers shouting for help were smashed to pieces by a burning meteorite!

At this moment, the clean and instant time of the city of charming maple flowers was swept away. The big meteorites easily smashed the houses and shops, and every boulder fell to the ground to set off a terrible one on a street. Vibration, and the fire element carried on the fine stones easily ignited the wooden buildings in the city. Within a few minutes, the huge city of charming maple flowers fell into a fiery sea of ​​fire.

"Your Majesty, Your Majesty, please evacuate as soon as possible. The Sleeping Dragon Volcano has erupted. There is a fairly deep basement in the old man's house. Maybe he can survive this disaster..."

In the empty palace, the only remaining old Count Kakarota worriedly "admonished" Livace loudly, but the "Her Majesty" he faced did not change his expression at all.

"Evacuate? Hide in the cellar like those nobles who ran away? We are at the foot of Meifenghua City, why can't you face death calmly"?

A cold and indifferent voice was gently spit out from Livaki’s mouth. Although the disaster was imminent and the terrible roars became more and more dense, Livaki’s sight remained only a small handful of ashes in the white hand from beginning to end. Among.

"Surviving? What's the point? Just to marry the prince who has never seen him before as a queen?"

Regarding Livace's calm words, the old earl could only lower his head in silence.

Without even looking at the old earl next to him, Livaki silently lowered her head, and on the face she hadn't smiled for how long, a naive smile flashed away.

A scorching breeze blew by, and the ashes in Livace’s hands were gently blown away.

"Sure enough, it's not the same as in the novel. The princess of the subjugated country cannot find a brave to rely on"...

At this last moment, no one except Livaki herself heard the little princess muttering to herself.

In the next second, a falling rock the size of a house hit the temporary palace as if wiping off a mark. In the light of dawn, the flames that ignited were as dazzling as blood...

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