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Netheril's Glory Chapter 370

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Chapter 370: Firelight.
At night, within the Kingdom of Maple Leaf, in the Temporary Palace of the City of Magic Maple Flowers.

The clean and beautiful little princess Livaki was sitting on the windowsill and teasing a bird in the cage.

The bird is very unusual. This bird is actually a group of low-temperature flames that burns up. After bin Rachel used the spell "Awakening the Flame Spirit" to awaken life, it was given a spell to shape its shape and limit the temperature. It became the little fluffy chick in the hands of the little princess that looked like a small flame.

Gently rubbed the head of the little Firebird with one finger, watching the cute little creature roll in his palm, feeling that it can still be warmed to the bottom of my heart even under the cold wind of the Howth Mountains. With the warm breath of love, the little princess Livaqi showed a childlike smile from her heart, and her pair of white tender feet also rippled happily in the snow falling outside the temporary palace.

But...the only thing the little princess regrets now is that...no one plays with her. Usually those aristocratic children who are a little domineering but very modest make their noble children no longer know where they are, and always like to talk to herself about some unclear meanings. The old king who spoke of his words has also left............

Thinking of this, Livace became unhappy again.

Although she is only a little girl, children are actually more sensitive to the observation of changes in the surroundings than adults.

For example, the little princess Livaki, although she doesn’t know what’s happening in this country, she can feel the changes in the attitudes of the people around her, although her name has changed from the original "His Royal Highness the little princess" to the current "Queen." "My lord", but... Livace could feel that the smiles of the nobles when they faced her were gone, replaced by a more weird emotion, as if... was talking about a valuable item, this This feeling caused little Livace, who has always been innocent and happy, to have a little fear...

"Little bird, little bird, what's wrong with our country, how do I feel that I am going to be sold, like being sold to evil witches in a foreign land like little Sally in a fairy tale..."

Seeing the flame bird that was still jumping around constantly rubbing against her palms, the anxious little princess Livace couldn't help muttering to herself.

"What are you worried about? Our lovely little princess, are the flowers not gorgeous enough? Or the birds are not obedient and obedient"?

When the little princess' mood was a little bit depressed, Bin Rachel, who was wearing a fire-red mage robe, had quietly stood behind the little princess.

Facing the three-wheeled moon that had slowly risen, Ben Rachel carefully draped a warm fur coat over Livace’s thin shoulders. In the hazy moonlight, the thick coat completely shielded him from the cold wind. The cold air, the soft feathers move slowly in the breeze mixed with snow and ice............

"Grandpa Nou Canney"?

The surprised little princess Livace turned her head, and what she saw was Bin Rachel's as kind face as always.

However, Grandpa Nocanni, who used to happily answer himself or bring some small gifts, just smiled and rubbed Livace's little head this time.

"Little Livaki... Did you know that after crossing the third main peak of the Howth Mountains in the distance, you can see a very beautiful country, which has also lived in this area of ​​the Howth Mountains for generations? One of the countries, they are very good at planting "winter white sugarcane" that adapts to severe cold, so they always have a lot of gummies to eat......livaki, you..."

"So... are you going to send me there"?

Before Bin Rachel finished speaking, Livaqi quickly interrupted the fat old man's description.

In the cold moonlight, the beautiful little girl lowered her head, her fingers on her coat clenched a lot.

"Grandpa bin Rachel, our country has perished, right, even if those uncles and grandpas call me the Queen, our country has also perished, right?"

Gently holding the flame bird in her hand, Livaci slowly retracted her whole body into the coat.

"I know... I have seen in the book that the princesses who have fallen into the country always have to leave the country to go to foreign countries... Although those princesses can have brave men to help the country recover, in reality... I am afraid that the princesses who leave the country I won't be able to come back again..."

As the little princess Livaki’s voice became smaller and smaller, the room fell into a deep silence unknowingly, even bin Rachel could only gently touch the little princess’s hair for a long time. language.

"Livaqi... Life is helpless. Although it is too early, you must understand that your loyal nobleman will take you to another more beautiful and richer country, the property in exchange for the entire Maple Leaf Kingdom territory. It can make you worry-free. As long as you remain the queen of Maple Leaf Kingdom, you will never have to worry about not finding happiness. In that country with delicious fudge, you can find more friends..."

Carefully released a little flame beside Livace to dissipate the cold. Bin Rachel’s voice was full of helplessness and sadness. A little snow fell on the window sill with the wind, and the warm fire quickly melted and evaporated the last piece of ice.

After watching the little Livace sitting by the window silently for a while, Bin Rachel reluctantly turned around and left.

"Grandpa bin Rachel, are you leaving me too"?

In the silent night, Livaci, who buried her smiley face in the feathers of her coat, murmured in an almost inaudible voice.

Bin Rachel, who had walked to the door of the room, paused slightly, but in the end, he stepped out of the door silently.

"Livaki, my little princess, you are a handful of sweet springs that moisturize my heart. I don't know how much the old man has done badly. I didn't expect to really know my heart in his old age when he was already eating and waiting to die... ………"

After walking past the makeshift wooden stairs and walking to the snow-fluttering city streets, Bin Rachel silently raised his head and looked into the distance.

In the distance, the volcano that looks like a giant beast in the night is still majestic and majestic as always. It stays there quietly, proclaiming its inviolable majesty with a huge body that seems to connect the sky and the earth...

Watching the moonlight slowly being blocked by the clouds, Ben Rachel, whose complexion became more and more cold, took a deep breath, and then, accompanied by the rising flames, the fat old man's figure flew towards the distant volcano at great speed, driven by the fire.

"Dad is right... I am suitable for selling apples and not suitable for being a mage, but... even if you are an apple seller, at some point... he will do his best to protect his stubbornness..." !

The dazzling fire light flashed in the night sky, and soon the cold night returned to silence again...

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