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Netheril's Glory Chapter 366

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Chapter 366: After the war.
No matter what the result is, no matter what follow-up plans punk is still thinking about, no matter what bin Rachel is still looking forward to looking at the shattered and shattered horizon in the distance, this battle......has come to an end.

On the top of the mountain in the distance, the improvised kingdom guards of the Maple Leaf Kingdom were staring dumbfounded at the already turned upside-down border plateau.

"...Kaka Roteqing... Is this really a battlefield? If I remember correctly, this place was originally a plateau, right?"!

A senior non-commissioned officer with a dull expression turned his head and asked his colleagues. Even if he was sensibly told that this was the place where the two armies were fighting, he still couldn't believe the shocking scene he saw before his eyes!

What a devastation is that, on the entire border "plateau" that has become a large basin, craters that are huge enough to serve as small lakes are everywhere, and the ground is covered with cut and shattered stones. The large number of cracks in the battlefield is more shocking than the cracked farmland, and countless hurricanes of different colors are still flying on the ground that has been burned into crystals...

If one word must be used to describe this magnificent and tragic scene, only the two terrifying words of "disaster" flashed in the mind of this trainee-level officer.

The terrifying force that destroys everything, changes the terrain, and destroys the climate is not a disaster or what, the storm turbulence that is still roaring in the distorted space, the huge crater that is still billowing in white smoke, it is magic The shredded half of the hill............ Such a terrifying battle can be called an unimaginable "natural disaster" even for low-level professionals!

"Yes, this is the Border Plateau, oh, that was what it was called a day ago, now... I think it should be renamed the Border Basin. If the Maple Leaf Kingdom can continue to exist, this place will get a "battlefield of disaster". The title is still no problem."

Compared to the middle-aged officer standing still, the old Count named Kakarote seemed much calmer next to him. Looking at the low mountains in the distance that were destroyed by spells, the old man could still use trembling fingers. Clamp the pipe and take two sips.

However, under the sunlight, even the soldiers standing next to him did not see. In the eyes of the old count, a touch of silence and despair flashed past.

Staring at this ruined place from a distance, the old earl was not the only one who couldn't say a word.

Because... this battlefield is too quiet!

There was no shouting, no wailing, except for the howling energy storm, the entire battlefield was only left with the rolling sound of large pieces of rubble.

You know, when the Maple Leaf Kingdom first started the war, there were as many as five million "hungry people" assembled on this battlefield, and even the Crazy Dragon Legion of the Dragon Roar Kingdom had an army of 100,000! But now, these people have disappeared silently, and the old earl wouldn’t be naive to think that they had all escaped with luck......in the battlefield of master-class powerhouses, there is no suspense about the results of these poor people. …………

It is precisely because of this that the truth before him makes the old man even more uncomfortable-that is 99% of the population of the Maple Kingdom, the last bit of labor in this painful country. There are also powerful citizens. Only with the rest of the little noble families who don’t even have a small town, can the Maple Leaf Kingdom really be regarded as "existence"?

Disaster, this is the disaster caused by the battle of the master-level powerhouse, such terrible killing and destruction, there is really no other word to describe other than the word "disaster".

Facing the battlefield where the temperature was still slightly hot, all the Temporary Guards were horrified. They did not know who the victor of this battle was, let alone the remaining nobleman of the Maple Leaf Kingdom, their own Where should fate go.

"Grandpa Kakarotta, is it Uncle Zordas and Grandpa Nocanni who have won?"

In this heavy and gloomy atmosphere, a voice as clear as a oriole suddenly sounded on the carriage in the middle of the Guards.

At the same time, the gorgeous silk curtain was gently pushed aside by a small green hand, and the next moment, the young princess Livaki's immature face emerged from the carriage.

"Grandpa Kakarotta, is the war over..."

"Your Majesty the Queen, the Weichen has reminded you again and again. With the departure of the old king, you are the last bloodline of the royal family of the Maple Leaf Kingdom. As the king of a country, you should now call the old man Kakarotqing. "!

Facing the little princess’s question, the old earl did not answer directly. Instead, he just rightly emphasized the etiquette matters that the "Queen" needs to pay attention to-as a noble who grew up in this country, he could not accept the Maple Leaf Kingdom. Just like this, for this old man, as long as the royal blood is not severed, as long as the position of the "king" continues to be passed on, the Maple Leaf Kingdom will continue to exist... At least it still exists in his heart. !

It is precisely because of this that no matter what others think of the innocent little princess, in the old earl's medicine, the little princess is already a noble queen!

However, the little princess has no idea about these things. Livaki, who is at a playful age, is obviously not interested in the teachings of the old earl. She does not understand the meaning of her title from "Her Royal Highness" to "Lord Queen". I don't understand what war and glory are in the mouths of the attendants around me.

Now, this little girl who has just lost her grandfather just wants to quickly see the only spiritual support in her heart-Uncle Zordas, who has been very determined, and Nokan, who has only been acquainted for a short time but has been very kind. Grandpa Ni.

Seeing that she didn't know what was happening, the little princess Livace made a face to herself and hid in the car. The old Count Kakarote couldn't help sighing deeply. At this moment, the old man who had always been so full of spirits It seemed that it started to become dying in an instant.

"On the march, we need to meet the "hero" of the kingdom, or the destiny of "Glory", whatever is good... We can't always watch here."

The old earl with a low and hoarse voice gave the order weakly, and then forcibly controlled the warhorse with fear under his crotch and slowly stepped into the battlefield.

Following this old man... is a group of soldiers with downcast heads like walking corpses, and a "Queen" who is still innocent and happy sitting in a carriage.

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