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Netheril's Glory Chapter 317

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Chapter 317: The missing Wind Thunder Eagle.
Punk disagrees with Bin Rachel's view at all.

After carefully observing the large number of spires built with the simple spell of "turn mud for time," Punk estimated that Mombey-Windbeak should have been constructed by a foreign spellcaster. After all, it does not seem to have any spells. Most people do It is also difficult for the Wind Thunder Eagle tribe without wisdom to give birth to spellcasters.

From the structural point of view, the structure of these minarets is very suitable for large birds to stop, so the punk expressionlessly mocked Bin Rachel with facts:

"Don't use your "nouveau riche art" to question the practicality of others. Those pillars are obviously for some large-sized wind thunder eagles to live in. This kind of spire structure is conducive to the rise and fall of the wind thunder eagle!"

"My art is not a nouveau riche, it's a rendering of gorgeousness and color, it's...Uh..."!

Bin Rachel’s rebuttal voice was a little grumbling. It seems that he also knew that his "art" was indeed a bit vulgar, and practicality was not at all. In the end, facing the punk ridicule, he could only strode towards the wind and thunder. The depths of the eagle's lair:

"Forget it, how can a guy like you understand art, let's go and take a look inside, now the most important thing is to look for clues, right"!

In the next journey, Punk and Bin Rachel did not continue to chat. As they got deeper and deeper into the lair of Mumbe-Windbeak, the two became more vigilant. After all, Mumbe-Windbeak is the one who has become a master for a long time. No one knows whether it will deploy some enemy defense methods in its lair, and no one knows whether these methods, if they exist, will continue to take effect after the fall of Mumbe-Windbeak.

Fengleiying’s lair is located at the deepest part of the mountain. The underground here has been dug out a cave large enough to fit into a big mountain. The cave with less obvious curvature not only hollowed out the entire mountain peak, but also went deep underground for thousands of meters. , If it weren’t for the huge size of Mumbe-Windbeak like a mountain, it’s hard for anyone to think that such a huge "cave" is actually just a shelter for a wind thunder eagle.

The top of the cave is full of crystal clear green emeralds. These beautiful precious ores are deliberately inlaid on the top of the cave by Mombei-Windbeak, which looks dazzling like a dark green stardust in the dark cave.

However, judging from the large number of scratches and cracks in the cave, even if this cave is so huge, it is still a bit small to accommodate the giant creatures like Mombey-Windbeak. The thick wormwood covered in the cave has already been scattered with a few gold coins. Together they were pressed into thin slices, and the beautiful diamonds were also squeezed deeply embedded in the stone wall.

There is still no clue where the wind beak sleeps. Punk just carefully checked and flew to the top of the cave. Yes, there is actually a smaller cave after passing through a huge hole on the top. , These caves are where other common wind thunder eagles live.

However, although these wind and thunder eagles live in the cave, they are generally not wise, they are just violent beasts, and their usual actions in the cave are only to sleep and excrete, so when Punk and Bin Rachel walked into this small cave, A foul smell of fermented feces rushed over his face.

"Oh my God, this place is so stinky, and it's also too disgusting. I think we should go back and dissect the corpse. There are clues here that I don't want anymore."

As soon as bin Rachel stepped into the fecal deposit hole, he yelled in disgust. The fat old man immediately set himself on the apprentice-level spell of "air filtration" with the fastest speed, and began to chatter and complain:

"I have persuaded that fellow Mombey to live in a different place. Even if it is too big to live in the real castle, he should also change to a cave to sleep. But this guy actually said that you can feel at home here, my God. Oh, that guy actually treats these excreted livestock as his family? Isn’t it smelly?"

Bin Rachel was standing on a small piece of dry poop looking for a new place to stay. Even with the magic to filter the air but looking all over his eyes, the feeling of piles of various poops into hills still has a "visual impact", I believe If it weren't for keeping the scene looking for clues, bin Rachel would have burned the entire cave with a torch without saying a word.

"You think this place is dirty and smelly because you are a human living in a human city, but you have to understand that Mombey-Windbeak was a wind thunder eagle just like those flying birds before he awakened his wisdom. Here is where he grew up. Where, those “livestock” that are not worth mentioning in your opinion may be intimate tribesmen in Mongbei's opinion.”

Punk turned away bin Rachel and said unhurriedly:

"Don't use the traditional human thinking to try to figure out the psychology of Warcraft. Their aesthetics are fundamentally different from you and me. At least I rarely hear that some warcraft like to become humans or like human females, even if they are "advanced transfiguration." This spell is not complicated".

What punk said may be very different from the description in many knight novels, but in fact this is the real fact. At least Vedrassia and punk’s cheap parents have not met a Warcraft that likes human culture in their rich life experiences. Most of the monsters are not only a last resort, they will never become the form of other races. This has nothing to do with wisdom, but can only be said to be an essential cultural difference.

So it’s not surprising that Mengbei-Fengbeak Tangtang master-level powerhouse opened up a residence for the tribe’s people on top of his cave and allowed other Fengleihawks to punk. The Fengleiying was originally a very social creature. In addition to collecting protection fees, Mengbei, who has barely been in contact with human cities, likes to live with his tribe, which is logical.

However, after entering this cave, Punk still has some strange things. What's strange about him is not the dwelling of Fengleiying, but the community of Fengbeak clan itself, or:

"...Where are the Fengleihawks?"?

Punk looked at Bin Rachel with a serious look.

"If you remember correctly, you said that Mengbei-Windbeak has a large-scale wind thunder eagle colony, right now...Where did the other wind thunder eagles go? We came all the way to their deepest lair. The area has not even encountered a wind thunder eagle, even if they go out hunting collectively, it is impossible to take away the cubs, right?"

"Hi... It's really wrong"!

Bin Rachel's expression also disappeared from complaining about the frivolity of the smell. He began to learn from punk to perceive the dirty Fengleiying cave carefully, but his conclusion was no different from punk:

"No, none of them. There are no secret roads or hidden places. It stands to reason that it is the breeding season of the Fenglei Eagle. There should be eggs of the Fenglei Eagle everywhere? There are so many unwise violent Fenglei Eagles. It is even more impossible to move away from the Hoth Mountains silently, but... these wind thunder eagles are indeed nowhere to be seen."

Bin Rachel, who looked more and more ugly, even turned the dung piles one by one with the hands of the mage, but...there is no secret passage or secret door in the entire cave. There are so many wind thunder eagle communities that can fill this cave So......it's gone!

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