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Netheril's Glory Chapter 302

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Chapter 302: Farming?.
No money! This is a big event, because no money means no resources, and no resources... This is something that no spellcaster can accept, and of course, punk is no exception.

This problem will be more obvious in the thinking of the truth, because the resource price of the thinking of the truth is too expensive, so expensive that it is impossible to earn the exchange point by means of the means that meet the requirements of the thinking of the truth.

Of course, it is precisely because of the extent to which the resources of the thinking of truth are pitted in a month’s time that punk knows why bin Rachel is so confident in opening up the black market to "collaborate with the enemy" to pursue black work, because punk can guarantee the whole thinking of truth. None of the seven masters in the branch, including Master Kirkweilun, have a clean body. If everyone wants to check, everyone has the same black background.

If they don't have some invisible income... Then judging from the research expenditures of several masters staying at home for so many years, it is impossible for them to live in the magic tower.

For now, let’s not say that the wealth gained by other powerful people by certain means is enough for their expenses, at least punk knows that the income from these bottles of medicine sold by themselves is far from enough for their expenses.

Originally, punk’s need to earn redemption points was not too urgent. He originally wanted to find a way to earn redemption points after studying the improved spells. After all, now his spell research has just reached a critical moment, Anya’s business. Has just stabilized

But...the so-called unpredictable circumstances! The plan had to be advanced.

The reason is very simple. About five months after punk entered the thinking of truth, and the time just entered the beginning of the hot sun season, the punk economy suddenly collapsed!

Facts have proved that the economy is still in your own hands to be reliable. Trade with others, especially underground trade, is really unreliable. They are like the stock market on the earth.

Now take a closer look, the black market trade between punk and bin Rachel is not strong enough. Just when everything seems to be thriving, without any warning, the entire black market trade suddenly collapsed.

A month ago, the number of drug transactions on Bin Rachel's side began to drop drastically, and at least half a month, orders from the Santarin Club finally ceased completely.

Although bin Rachel repeatedly explained that he would soon find a new buyer, punk no longer believed a word of the fat old man's nonsense.

It was this guy who vowed that the black market collapsed without warning, and the punk capital chain was immediately broken, and his research had to be completely interrupted.

Now, punk only wants to earn enough exchange points as quickly as possible, because he really wants to open a "business route" by himself, and completely put aside the black-hearted scam dealer.

But here comes the problem, he doesn't even have the capital to "start a business" now!

Since joining the Thought of Truth, punk’s redemption point income has been obtained through the sale of potions to red robe and some traveling mages through the black market of bin Rachel. In addition, punk’s redemption points are only the original ones. I sold some money from magic equipment.

The most troublesome thing is that because punk has recently refined several "wind chime potions" and bought a lot of fierce body worms, his only exchange point is also spent clean, at this time punk can really be said to be physical No penny, the remaining exchange points in the card did not even reach ten digits.

In the thinking of truth, there is no exchange point! There is no doubt about this.

But after carefully considering the way to obtain exchange points, punk's brows can't help but frown:

"It is completely unrealistic to conduct material transactions with the Truth Thinking. If the freight is added to the cost, the raw material prices of all medicines will almost catch up with the prices of finished medicines. This road is completely unworkable.

The sale of knowledge is very popular, but...before being promoted to the legend, Netheril’s knowledge must not be discovered by others, and it is impossible to sell knowledge in exchange for exchange points."

"So, there is only one path left to choose from "organizational tasks"."

The punk tapped the stone table lightly with his hand and was uncertain.

As a master-level powerhouse, the tasks he has to do must also be at the master-level. In the scope of punk that can accept tasks, only this level of tasks is rewarded enough. As a senior instructor, all the spoils he gets in the tasks are even It can belong to him, and the number of exchange points is enough to support his high-cost research for the next hundred years.

But... the risk of a master-level mission is not low at all.

In this kind of mission, the hostile legendary organization itself or other master-level powerhouses are often involved, and the area where the mission is located is not even on the plane of Faerun at all, and various unknown and known dangers are self-evident.

"It's really a headache. Is it so difficult to plant a field? If you are short of money, you have to go out to fight and say where the good life of the mage is going.

After carefully considering the possible risks and benefits, and combining the current economic situation not far from bankruptcy, punk can only helplessly decide to try to perform the task.

After drinking a sip of fruit tea, thinking about the battles all the way through, punk couldn't help laughing at himself:

"Think about it carefully, it seems that I am used to beating, smashing and looting all the way. Sure enough, plundering is the best way for a mage to develop. Let's forget about farming or something"!

Now that a decision has been made, there is no need to hesitate. After putting down the empty teacup, Punk tidied his hood and stood up.

The pitch-black robe inlaid with red energy patterns seemed a bit out of place in the colorful laboratory.

"What do you say? The legendary road is always full of corpse mountains, seas of blood and sharp thorns. This sentence is really reasonable. It seems that even if you have the inheritance of Netheril, the necessary adventures are inevitable." .

While talking to himself, punk carefully put the emergency potions into the ring one by one, and then checked his own follow-up base-the Hetzita Magic Box.

"The legendary equipment that shields the prophecy spells-Hetzita's magic box! Speaking of which is also the top configuration of the looting route, now it seems that the life of farming is really not suitable for me"!

Seeing the mysterious light flashed by the magic box, punk sighed secretly in his heart.

He has already decided to take over a master-level mission to earn exchange points. Generally speaking, this kind of mission will last for about one or two years. Before that, leave enough exchange points for Anya, and finally send her directly. "Suggestion technique" prevented this little girl from adventurous.

And the temporary interruption of the research on improved spells is not a problem. Speaking of which, there is no worries about going out now.

"Since the fields are not good, I simply won't plant them. There are good people in the world. Let me see if I can get the harvest in a more direct way"!

Grab the emerald green staff and walk out of the gate of the magic tower. In the shadow of the hood, the cold light of punk eyes flashed!

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