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Netheril's Glory Chapter 284

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Chapter 284: ready.
"Quack? Quack, quack, quack, quack"!

In the punk magic tower laboratory, a very large cage is placed close to the corner of the wall. The railing made of the magic cage is thicker than the arm, but even such a thick railing is still under the impact of the creatures in the cage. With an overwhelming crunch, the originally quiet laboratory was also full of messy calls and the sound of cage shaking.

The creatures in the cage were five iron-toothed black crows with blood-red eyes. Each of these magic creatures had the strength equivalent to a tenth-level official-level powerhouse. It was not a problem to leave a small town outside.

But now they are all firmly bound in this narrow cage, and every impact and bite will only leave a few ripples in the black energy forming a cage.

Obviously, these violent iron-toothed black crows couldn't stand the treatment of imprisonment at all. They desperately used the teeth that could crack the golden cracked stone to bite the railings, and the wings with metal feathers were fluttering endlessly, and the wind pressure was raised. Even a storm formed in the small laboratory.

But no matter how hard these iron-toothed black crows are tossing, they can't escape the cage where they are held, let alone disturb the black-robed teenager who is seriously distributing medicine on the experimental platform next to the cage.

There is no doubt that the teenager who is working hard is punk.

Now half a month has passed since the cooperation between punk and bin Rachel was reached, and a month has passed since punk had joined the thinking of truth.

During this period, even punks who do not like to socialize politely visited other master spellcasters of the same level, but compared to Bin Rachel’s enthusiasm and "making things", the remaining five master mages There is more peace. Three of them are busy experimenting, and they have not seen punk at all. The other two exchanges with punk are just simple greetings.

After completing the extremely simple social interaction, punk also immediately received the first business since the opening of the black market of Bin Rachel.

A mage who did not disclose his identity wanted to buy a "Crying Crow's Evil" potion with fine gold equivalent to ten times the regular price. The only requirement was to get this potion within one month. For this, he Even promised to prepare materials by himself.

As a result, punk received the five "iron-toothed black crows" in the cage from bin Rachel.

Five "Irontooth Black Crows" can theoretically make five "Weeping Crow's Evil" potions, but the success rate of such a difficult master potion has always been very low, so four of the five potion materials are Spare materials.

After getting the restless "iron-toothed black crow" in this cage, even the confident and knowledgeable punk can inevitably once again lament the degree of profitability of alchemy items is really jaw-dropping.

The real difficulty with these priceless things is not the high price, but that no matter how much money you have, no amount of resources will be able to buy them.

If an alchemist can have the ability to make those truly advanced alchemy items like punk, then it is very normal for him to get such a huge profit, and even if the materials are given away for free.

Moreover, for the average mage, the most difficult part of refining a "Crying Crow's Evil" potion is the alchemy process of refining the master potion, but for the punk who has the memory of Vedraxia, the most difficult part is to refine the master potion. He does not lack the technique of medicine at all. The acquisition of materials is the most troublesome thing. In fact, as long as excellent alchemy materials can be obtained, punk relies on the great memory and experience of the great master Vedrasha. The success rate of making master-level magic items can reach an appalling 90%.

So this time the business punk can be said to be a big profit, and the cost is almost equal to zero. The only thing he needs to pay is half a month of production time for long hair... Of course, such a shocking thing must not be revealed. , In front of bin Rachel, punk would claim that he had only succeeded in five potions.

Refining and refining a "Crying Crow's Evil" potion is not a problem at all. What really makes Punk prepare closely now is the "Host Plan" he has planned for a long time.

After all, the cooperation with bin Rachel is just a gadget for punk to make extra money. Only the weird eyeballs and the fragments of the laws are the "fundamental" that punk values ​​most!

Since he has already decided to choose the host of this eyeball among the apprentices, it is important to do a good job of investigating while the wizards have not yet received apprentices. He doesn't want to appear "the host" he likes to become another wizard. "Apprentices" is such a troublesome thing, so in the last week, punk has been busy with it.

He must ensure that his behavior looks "normal" in the eyes of any mage. At least as a high-ranking master-level expert with no neurosis, he personally goes to each team of apprentices to "consolute" one by one. This is an absolutely unreasonable behavior. Now it is the time for the "Apprentice Recruitment" of "Thinking of Truth" once every 15 years, and it is also the time of "Apprentice Raid" once every 15 years by the Sandalin Society. The head of the Division of "Thinking of Truth" is closely watching all developments, and punk can only be as cautious and careful as possible at this time.

What punk has to do now is to roughly screen the apprentices enrolled in this year under the premise of "reasonable" and "low-key", and then think of ways to operate in the dark to make the "host" he fancy becomes his apprentice.

So how can the apprentices "reasonably" go through the "Grey Swamp" and enter the four doorways of the "Thinking of Truth" branch?

Punk's plan is to make a little "little accident"!

This accident needs to look hard to make people suspicious, and it shouldn’t look too hard to deal with. It must not alarm too many people or leave it alone.

If you change to someone else, such as the fat old man, bin Rachel, if you let him make a "deliberate accident" under the eyelids of a group of master-class powerhouses, I believe that guy will only be helpless except to overdo it, but... This is not difficult for punk, a strong man who is proficient in alchemy.

--------Dividing line--------

Now it’s the tender season of another year, and the gray swamp is a typical rainy climate. At this time, it is raining lightly outside the magic tower. The raindrops hit the energy barrier at the laboratory window, and then in the experiment The colorful light in the room slowly slid down, like trees of beautiful colorful gems.

Punk gently put down the "perfect" medicine in his hand and looked out the window.

According to the judgment of the prophecy spell, now if nothing happens, the apprentices will almost reach the periphery of the Ash Swamp.

Gently shook the test tube in his hand and watched the faintly pungent diesel smell of the many orange-yellow bubbles in the light cyan medicine carried in the test tube. Punk nodded with satisfaction.

Now that he is ready for a "little accident", the next step is to see if the magic apprentices this year can bring him a big surprise.

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