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Netheril's Glory Chapter 273

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Chapter 273: Senior tutor.
Punk has successfully joined Thinking of Truth, um, yes, in the morning he just arrived at the "Morsdale" swamp where the branch of Thinking of Truth is located, and in the afternoon he became a member of the legendary organization of Thinking of Truth.

Although there has never been an example of punk joining an organization abruptly in history, since the Thinking of Truth claims to "welcome all non-evil spellcasters to join", then it has no reason to reject punk's application, especially in punk. In the case of a master spellcaster who will be very popular in any organization.

As for the identity and origin of the joiner... If the joiner is an inconspicuous apprentice, then of course it will have to go through a series of inspections and even interrogations, but if the joiner is a master spellcaster... Ke Kewei Master Lun said that he would "watch carefully and communicate more" in the future.

In fact, the first feeling that Master Kirkweilun felt about the arrival of punk was actually a surprise.

Although punk’s identity and motives will be left to be observed later, the benefits of joining this division at this time are obvious.

There were originally six master-level mages in this division of Truth Thinking. Now that punk has a real top combat power, the number of master-level powerhouses is finally on par with the "Santarin Club", although not in a short period of time. It may allow punk to take over important combat tasks, but at least it can greatly strengthen the deterrence at the top of the power, so that it will not be weaker when confronted with the group of red-robed lunatics.

The punk who was welcomed by Master Kirkweilun quickly stood in front of the registration desk, but...the little student who faced him was already sweating in fright.

"Big...Master, this......this is your...association...agreement, if...if there is no problem...you will be a member of the Thought of Truth after signing!"!

After handing out the parchment in his hand respectfully, the young apprentice-level mage felt that he was almost untenable.

Normally, Thinking of Truth often accepts some wandering mages to join him. He sometimes repeats these words five or six times in a day, but only this time, his originally smooth and neat words are like a stammer. Even when he finished speaking at the end, the whole person seemed to collapse.

It's not that the receptionist is too timid, it's that the current punk is too terrible.

At this time, Master Kirkweilun has left the hall and returned to his mage tower. The other mages in the mission hall rushed away as soon as possible. Only this "brave" receptionist was still "holding his post" conscientiously. At this time I lost all the trembling "companions" in the hall, and also lost the light and windy influence of Master Kirkweilun. When faced with the punk blue pupils and eyes full of scrutiny, he was just an apprentice with little courage. Of course, the receptionist of the little mage would be trembling with fright.

Punk didn't pay attention to the little mage who seemed to be crippled. He did have doubts or suspiciousness in his heart now. There was no other reason. It was because the attitude of thinking of truth was too simple.

According to the idea of ​​punk, a "big family and big business" organization like Truth Thoughts, even if facing a master-level strong person to join, the welcome ingredients should be very limited. According to the idea of ​​punk, Master Kirkweilun should be the first to let He took out his resume, and then had to get a "mission mission" or something to get a name certificate, just like when he was a mage apprentice when he was a member of the mage union.

But Master Kirkweilun is too simple. His purpose is to prevent punk from doubting the nature of the "fair and self-pursuing truth" of the thinking of truth, so as to retain this powerful "deterrence" that seems to have little emotional intelligence at all. Sexual force".

But what he didn't know was that it was his decisive or passionate style that made punk feel the most uncomfortable.

"Anyway, first get the necessary identities and talk about it. As for whether this organization is reliable or not... ... we still need to observe and observe"!

Punk also realized that he might be a little suspicious. After all, he has the shelter of the "Hitzi Tower Magic Box". Even if some legendary powerhouses are sitting in town, it is impossible for the opponent to predict his arrival in advance, let alone arrange any conspiracies and traps in advance, so Punk temporarily gave up thinking about "conspiracy theory" and began to focus on the terms on the parchment.

There are actually not many clauses on parchment, and this clause is for "senior mentor" related regulations. It is essentially different from those "apprenticeship contracts" that are almost like selling contracts. At least in punk's view, if the truth is true If there is no disgusting unspoken rule of strictly following the rights and obligations of this clause, then it is worthy of the title of "the fairest legendary spellcaster organization".

Thinking of Truth treats the welfare benefits of different classes with a large gap, and the welfare-related clauses are quite complicated, of course there are also simple ones-for example, the welfare benefits for "apprentices" (below the official level) are very simple-nothing !

The "ordinary mentor" (official-level mage) is paid five "Pharmaceutical Pills" per month, and a basic subsidy of 50,000 gold coins per year.

The treatment of “senior tutors” should be much better, which is of course natural. Since they are “senior tutors”, they will naturally enjoy more resources and rights.

As the mainstay of the Truth Thinking Division, each senior instructor must be a master-level spellcaster. They can get three "Elegant Heart" potions and five "Magic Praises" directly from the Truth Thinking headquarters every month. "Pharmaceuticals, in addition, master-level mages can also directly receive a portion of the entire branch's year-end income dividends, and these dividends can receive at least about 200,000 gold coins.

In addition, "senior tutors" have the right to apply for "continuous research" unlimited times, as well as the right to directly punish official-level mages and apprentices.

Of course, after becoming a member of Thinking of Truth, the huge resource base of Thinking of Truth will naturally be opened to members.

In the exchange and transaction of resources, as a "senior mentor" you have priority and discount rights, and you have the right to buy out for a certain time when you exchange for some precious resources.

For punk, the benefits of the "senior mentor", especially the benefits of resource exchange, are still very attractive. As a legendary organization, Truth has the ability to use teleportation to trade materials (although it is expensive), so punk must There is a chance to get precious resources from all over the world.

Moreover, as a "senior mentor", he doesn't have to worry about having a group of official-level mages rob him!

"It looks really good in this way, because the thought of truth has a good reputation for fair and equivalent exchange, and the resource channels it can obtain are second only to the "everywhere" wizards’ union, and... this organization needs The fulfillment of the obligations is not too troublesome."

While punk was thinking secretly in his heart, he continued to focus on the "senior mentor duty" column.

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