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Netheril's Glory Chapter 256

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Chapter 256: "it".
"important things"?

Punk looked at the projection seriously, he could feel the seriousness and seriousness in the projection speech, he could feel the dignity of the atmosphere, and it seemed that the next message would definitely not be a nutritious chat.

The projected speech is still full of mechanization and rigidity, but his tone is much lower, and the speed of speaking has also been greatly slowed down. Every sentence seems to be full of mystery, and every syllable seems to be chanting from the ancient spellcaster. The indoctrination:


"In this multiverse, Io created "It" before he fell asleep to replace the sleeping God God to maintain the operation of the universe.

"It" follows Io's setting to monitor every move of countless lives. "It" provokes war, brings destruction, causes chaos, and speaks of order. "It" also gives new life, praises creation, grants miracles, and whispers the unknown.

"It" wipes out the "non-compliance" creatures while cultivating obedient "favorites". "It" manipulates conspiracies, takes control of the scheme, interferes with the mind, and affects reality. It uses the universe as a chessboard, and everything as a chessboard, and everything is in time Above the chess game, hovering outside the layout of the space.

"It" takes the balance of the universe as the ultimate goal and mediates all imbalances

"It" regards the creatures chasing freedom as its enemies and plots against all enemies

"It" can invisibly converge the tiny into the macro, and the process of hugeness is undetected and unstoppable.

"It" can also turn the macro into a small one, even if the eyes are in full view, without concealing it.

"It" is never restricted to form, and is restricted by Io’s rules.

"It" can be unscrupulous and lawless, but everything will never deviate from the ultimate goal, let alone violate the "ultimate" principle."

"It" is the beginning and the end. The vast sea that runs through time, even in the "Wangchuan" of "nothing", never stingy with its footprints.

"It" does not have wisdom, only a rigid execution plan under the instructions of the program to fill the loopholes.

"It" can be circumvented, it can be deceived, it can be ignored, it can be disturbed.

But all creatures that can't reach the legend can't peer into it. Even if they are lucky enough to step into the door of the legend, they can only survive carefully in front of "it" and dare not slacken the slightest.

"It" is so powerful that without the shelter of the floating city, it can only hide as hard as possible in front of the unrivaled mighty force. In the face of the huge waves swept by, even the strongest mage or warrior will inevitably be unable to protect themselves. , Embarrassed.

Remember, heirs, unless they reach the level of legend, they should never try to find "it", unless they have Netheril's peak creation-the floating city, or never try to provoke "it". majesty.

In the face of the wave of fate, you cannot blindly avoid it, because you cannot avoid it.

But you can't arrogantly provoke, because you can't afford the consequences.

Seek vitality under the cruelty of "it", test every change of "it", be alert to every conspiracy of "it", seize every opportunity left by "it"...Only in this way, your legendary road It will not be cut off suddenly, only in this way, your existence will not be controlled by "it".

Don't run away. From the moment you step into the legend, you have no retreat. "It" is the inevitable enemy of all legendary powerhouses.

Don't be careless, because in the struggle between you and "it", you can only do your best to hide and survive, and any carelessness will lead to the inevitable end of the disaster.

Don't underestimate "it", it controls the power that you can't understand, and controls the rules that belong to you alone.

Don't be afraid of "it". The power of "it" is restricted by this universe. The power of "it" must be more hidden than the existence of "it".

"It" is called the long river of fate, the waves of "it" are called "waves of fate", and the roar of "it" is called "the tides of fate".

Avoid talking about the name of "it", and don't easily attract the attention of "it".

Remember, wisdom is always your strongest weapon, knowledge is always your strongest strength, will is always your most important foundation, and Netheril’s spirit is your strongest motivation."

Finally, don't forget your heart, and pursue the glory of your own Netheril.

The words of the projection were finished, but the wonderful tone like singing slowly echoed in the punk's heart, always... deep into the soul.

"Is this a warning left by the Great Austrian Masters of Netheril"?

Punk asked solemnly.

"Yes, successor, the Netheril civilization that is so great that it is above "destiny" has been destroyed. "It" has lost its greatest enemy and lifted its strongest shackles, and no one knows that it is in Netheril. Now, after countless years of destruction, what has become of "it", which had many loopholes, wants to understand "it", want to survive under the pursuit of "it", and even want to fight against "it" and overthrow it. "It"! You can only search for information by yourself".

"Well, this warning is very useful. Although I don't know if I can reach the legendary level, it is better to plan ahead than to be overwhelmed at the time, right"?

"...If you haven't reached the legend, then you don't have to worry about the existence of "it", because "it" will definitely not care about those ants that even the legend can't reach, unless that ant has a very small chance of becoming "it" "Part of the "Tide"".

Projection explained to punk seriously.

Faced with the "explanation" that is somewhat mocking no matter how you look at the projection, punk can only helplessly spread his hands.

"Sounds really good, "Long fate..." Oh, the name can't be said easily..., "It" must have no interest in my "ant". After all, ninety percent of master-level spellcasters are advancing to the legend. When the time is dead, I think for "it", the creatures below the legend all die sooner or later."

"No, most legends are for "it" to die sooner or later, and not all legendary powerhouses have the courage to face "it".


Punk raised his eyebrows and took a look at the projection. As a master mage, he certainly didn't want to be called an ant, but... now he really doesn't even have the value of being paid attention to by the "long river of fate", and he has no promotion legend For a confident punk, this is of course a good thing, but he is inevitably unhappy in his heart.

"Very good, very good, I have taken this important reminder in my heart, can I leave now?"

Punk finally gave up to continue thinking about the "long river of destiny". After all, the legend is too far away from him. Now punk is more concerned about... when can I leave this small "testing ground" with no air and go outside See if the fruit pie in your storage ring can still be eaten.

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