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Netheril's Glory Chapter 245

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Chapter 245: Increase.
The lantern is in hand!

Under the gaze of the soul shepherd with almost angry eyes, the punk took a leap and held the lantern in his arms, and then did not hesitate to bless himself with "kinetic energy ejection" + "magic compression"!

The punk who slashed close to the ground quickly evaded the "negative energy and one finger" released by the soul shepherd at the fastest speed!

Punk clenched the handle of the lantern and stood up from the ground while rolling over. Now he looks almost embarrassed like never before. The linen clothes were torn torn and torn when he was told to roll, and the skin on the punk's back was even more crippled. The high-speed friction that had just been close to the ground was torn down. Although there was no dust in this trial field, punk was not ashamed, but the blood dripping out of a pool of blood was indeed unavoidable.

However, as long as the lamp is handed, these are all worthwhile. As a formal powerhouse, these skin injuries will not be life-threatening.

In punk’s view, my condition is already very good now. Although bloody, it is all skin trauma, which neither affects actions nor affects thinking. It is lucky enough to pay this price to get a lantern. As for pain or something. ……Punk said that that kind of thing is really not worth mentioning.

The quaint lantern looked tattered and rusty, but when he got it in his hand, punk found that the weight of this lantern was definitely more than a lead block of the same size. It looked as if the lantern was as big as a small thermos and was actually bigger than an oversized dumbbell. It is also heavy, even if punk is lifted, it feels a bit laborious, after all, he is a mage rather than a warrior.

"If this kind of weight is the limit, it will affect the dodge speed if it is a little bit more, does it mean that only one lantern can be held at the same time by deliberately setting this weight"?

Punk weighed the weight of the lantern, then used the fastest speed to calculate the magic consumption required for this weight, and finally came to his own conclusion.

Although it’s a bit disappointing to not be able to hold two or three lantern punks at the same time, think about the spirit shepherd's next chance to guard against the remaining three lanterns. If you think about it this time, you can play a little trick to carry the lantern. It's impossible, even if the two sharp-toothed resentful souls are still brain-dead and easy to be fooled, the soul shepherd who has calmed down will definitely be more vigilant!

Since there is no other lantern for the time being, punk will naturally use the lantern in his hand to the best of his benefit.

The function of the lantern was directly transmitted to punk's mind the moment he got it in his hand.

The full name of this lantern is "Herath Hand Torch", and its original purpose is to allow some master-level spellcasters who have just been promoted to not have enough master-level spells to have spells to protect themselves.

Each "Heras portable torch" is unified with three "master-level enchanting spells-master-magnification spells". This booster spell can increase a formal-level spell to a master-level power, continuous spell It can remain effective for 30 minutes. If you have just been promoted to the master level and it is too late to learn the master level spells, this method of increasing the low-level spells can effectively alleviate the urgent need. Of course, this is a complete killer for the official level spellcaster. !

Now, Punk has got this assassin. He can have three spells that can be directly promoted to the master level, although generally speaking, the "pseudo master spells" obtained with boosting spells are always much weaker than the real master spells. , But the increased attack will not even break through the enemy's defense, and the increased defense will not be instantly killed by a random master-level spell.

With the three major "master amplification techniques" on this lantern, punk finally has the ability to protect itself and counterattack initially under the attack of the soul shepherd, although he is still in a dangerous downwind state, and will not be vulnerable to a single shot. The attack can't bear the degree.

At this time, what punk needs to think about in a short time is how to use these three precious "master amplification techniques", or more specifically which three spells should be amplified.

These three spells must be able to block the soul shepherd, at least not even a sharp-toothed Wraith can not stop it. It does not have to directly cause damage to the soul shepherd, but it must be given to the punk. The lanterns create opportunities and convenience.

Punk searches his memory for spells that meet his requirements at the fastest speed. Finally, he fixes his gaze on a summoning spell.

"Official Summoning Spell-Summoning Wind Element": Immediately summons a tenth-level wind element to fight in a sluggish battle, lasting for one hour.

"Super Magic Technique-Magic Compression"!

In order to strengthen the basic properties of this wind element as much as possible, Punk gritted his teeth and used super magic skills. Not only that, he also took out a small bottle of purified liquid wind element as the casting material, and the ancient Byron spell was the first time. Start to chant.

Now it is only one second since the last time the soul shepherd released an attack. Two seconds later, the soul shepherd can release the next attack. The two Wraiths have just left the corner and rushed over from the other lanterns, so the punk has plenty of time. Maximize this spell!

This "summoning wind element" consumed two-thirds of punk's remaining magic power in one go. Now punk's magic power has truly reached an unprecedentedly dangerous trough. All the remaining magic power is only enough for him to cast six spells. In other words, If there is no way to solve the enemy after using six more methods, punk will fall into a dangerous state of empty magic.

At that time, punk can only recover a little mana and use a little spell, and the recovery speed of punk determines that it takes at least three seconds to recover enough magic power to use a spell. During this period, the soul shepherd is enough to directly kill punk.

In fact, punk’s recovery speed is definitely fast enough. The total amount of punk magic power in the state of victory can release more than 50 powerful formal level or countless spells below the formal level. Fast consumption), his recovery speed can ensure that it only takes about three minutes for him to recover from empty magic to full magic power.

It sounds very powerful. It is much better than the online wizards of the earth, but you must know that the battle between the official-level powers is in seconds. The cooperation between spells and spells is very important. Any waste of official-level spells is very important. It is a huge loss, not to mention that punk is now facing an enemy who can never go wrong!

This element of wind is the real creation of punk that can be regarded as a gambling, if its intensity is not up to punk's expectations... Then punk can only look forward to illusory luck!

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