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Netheril's Glory Chapter 210

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Chapter 210 Green Vine City.
In this battle with Vic Juggernaut, the giant sword "Mufeng Punisher" was destroyed!

Originally relying solely on the three-point "melting energy and strong acid" potion of the proprietress was not enough to destroy the "wind punishing person", but the time when the proprietress threw the potion was too precise.

At that time, the Mufeng Punisher was just in the active state of the master-level spell magic system-"Blind", the spell energy released by the activated magic circle was suddenly invaded by external energy, and the magic circle of not high level did not have isolation from the outside. The power of energy, so when the exterior of the "Mufeng Punisher" was destroyed by the "energy melting and strong acid", the internal extinguishment also exploded. In the end, the energy that exploded together inside and outside completely destroyed this master-level giant sword.

"Mufeng Punisher is scrapped", the gains from this battle are extremely limited. Among the four pre-ordered trophies, only "Tears of Spring Water" meets the income, and other equipment...not to mention it.

Although it was very unpleasant to defeat the boss but didn't drop the gods, punk didn't feel much disappointed.

This is a reality and not an online game. How can a boss have good equipment and return it to you as a trophy without using it? What's more, most enemies would rather destroy their treasures than give them to the enemy, so the chances of bringing down the enemy and gaining property gains Generally, it does not exceed 50%, and it is normal to lose money from time to time.

The use of the hole cards in order to kill the enemy in battle, especially the one-time use of the hole cards, is the same as doing business investment in a sense. How can there be a reason for only making money and not losing money.

So there is no regret for this battle punk, if you choose once, punk will still participate without hesitation.

As a spellcaster on the road of the strong, punk has his own criteria for "adventure", and he has always looked down on those who are fearful and incessant.

Moving forward on the path of the strong requires massive training resources. There are countless powerful enemies who want to obtain these limited resources, and the resources themselves are even less likely to be delivered by themselves. Therefore, if you want to obtain resources, you must work hard to grasp and bear the battle. risk.

If you want to reap without taking risks, how can there be such a good thing in the world?

So as long as the benefits are proportional to the dangers, and the success reaches 70%, punk will never let go of opportunities.

"But anyway, I am not a person who is willing to lose money. If the Lvvine family can't show any sincerity... Anyway, there is also the shielding of the "Hitzi Tower Magic Box". Let's see who is unlucky in the end. Up".

Thinking of this, a cold light flashed in Punk's eyes.

--------Dividing line------

In fact, when punk, iron tower, and blood claw three people dressed up Princess Trelinka beautifully and cleanly (it is not appropriate to make a mess during the battle), they brought them to the main city of the green vine clan, the main city of the green vine, and asked for three. When they were equipped with master-level equipment, they were worried that the Luvine family's shameless things had not happened.

Seeing the towering city wall, the middle-aged man pretending to be calm but shaking his hands, said loudly such as:

"Don't hurt Her Royal Highness, I'll give you everything you want", "Three treasures will be delivered immediately, don't hurt Her Royal Highness", punk knew he was thinking too much.

He has been dealing with guys from the evil camp for this period of time, and it is inevitable that he thinks of others as blood claws, and Iron Tower is a desperado who is crazy enough to care about nothing, but if you think about it, you will know that the Lvvine family cannot see the princess Can't save it.

Even if they are not loyal loyalists, they have pledged allegiance to Princess Trelinka in the presence of hundreds of thousands of Glory Army during the uprising of the "Glory Army" and witnessed by the noble god "The Noble Lady". of.

Now that the Lvvine family sees that Princess Trelinka has failed, not only does it not bring benefits to the family, but when the family continues to lose money, they want to leave Princess Trelinka and quit... How can there be such a good thing? The hundreds of thousands of soldiers of the "Glory Army" promised that the church of the god of nobility could not agree.

The Lvvine family can flee to other countries under the pretext of "political asylum" after failure, but they cannot betray blatantly while Princess Trelinka is still alive and the "Glory Army" revolution is continuing, otherwise Lvvine It is impossible for the family to continue to be a nobleman, and the neutral and lawful noble god cannot allow an blatantly perfidious "evil nobleman" to continue to have the identity of a nobleman.

Therefore, at this time, the Patriarch of the Luteng Family-Duolan Luteng is bleeding in his heart, but if he does not want to be chased by the Church of the Noble God, he can only choose to exchange the three ancestral master treasures for special treasures. The life of Princess Relinka.

The only thing that Dolan-Lvteng can't understand now is why these three "robbers" know so clearly that their family has exactly three master-level items.

In front of the gate of Green Vine City, a team composed of all trainee-level professionals came out of the gate under the leadership of an official-level fighter. The old soldier, headed by a gloomy face, took out three pieces from the storage ring. The items in the silk cloth bag said loudly:

"Our Lvvine family has made full sincerity, can you return Her Royal Highness Princess Trelinka back".

"Hey, we are your princess's life-saving benefactors. Do you have this kind of attitude towards your benefactor? Doesn't the Luteng family even have the basic education"?

Blood Claw did not let go of the hand that embraced Princess Trelinka, even though Trelinka had already flushed with shame.

No one would be so stupid as to honestly conduct a "hostage exchange", and both sides are now confirming the authenticity of the exchange target.

Under the delay of Bloodclaw, Punk was quickly analyzing the master-level aura emitted by the three silk cloth bags, carefully making sure that the master-level aura of the other party was not some special disguise.

Although the old man on the opposite side knew that the ridicule of the blood claw was just a delay, when he heard the three words "basic education", the old nobles still couldn't help but surge in anger, and the surging grudge even condensed and danced in his hands. stand up.

But in the end, the old noble soldier suppressed the anger in his heart. He glared at the blood claw, and then took out three items from the silk cloth bag one by one.

The first item is a scroll, the second is an old parchment, and the third is a feather pen with a soft luster.

Although it is not possible to judge whether these three master-level items are as tasteless as "Dawn Shine 214", according to punk's prophetic spells, this "green vine" family, which does not have a master of official level or above, is indeed the only one. Three master-level items, so the three people no longer greedy to do more persecution.

Soon, punk verified that the three master items in the opponent’s hands are all worthy of their names. At least punk has exhausted all available inspection methods. After reaching the "no problem" result, punk was Blood Claw and "Iron Tower" nodded.

"Very well, it seems that the Lvvine family is a little self-aware, and without any tricks, Princess Trelinka will give it back to you. Next time you are intercepted, you are welcome to find us to help."

Blood Claw joked while releasing the hand that firmly embraced Princess Trelinka, and of course he did not forget to tear off the "spring of tears" on Trelinka's neck.

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