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Netheril's Glory Chapter 206

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Chapter 206: Any door.
When Vic continuously activates the three "advanced stun spells" solidified on "Wind Breathing Punisher", punk also inspires the spell on the master-level robes-the "cloak of chaos", shining with various lights and shadows like rags The cloak was instantly draped over the punk, and the three white lights that came suddenly were intercepted by the energy that burst out like mini fireworks.

After all, "Advanced Stun Technique" is not a spell with a powerful ability to break defenses. After the "Chaos Cloak" could not withstand the energy impact and shattered, all three stun techniques were offset by the chaotic energy.

But these three "advanced stuns" were just a prelude to the arrival of a more powerful attack. In less than a second, Vic's crimson "Wind Retributor" giant sword had already arrived with a momentum like a thousand landslides. In order to strengthen the attack power, Vic also brazenly launched a charge in mid-air, such a strong momentum superposition even made the sword master's bones make a crisp cracking sound.

But Vic didn’t care. The experienced swordsman knew very well that although none of the three enemies besieged him was difficult to deal with, the only thing that could prevent him from killing Princess Trelinka was the punk mage. Bloodclaw didn't dare to withstand an attack at all. As a stalker, the proprietress was restrained by the "light mist" that had not yet dissipated, and the iron tower... As a turtle shell, it really requires speed but no speed, flexibility and no agility. .

"As long as the most threatening mage can be solved, Princess Trelinka will definitely die today, and the golem of this mage can't make it. A mage who is not good at close combat can't survive even if he survives with some secret method. Resist a fourteenth-level sword saint at such a close distance."

Vic thought so. With the huge sword in his hand blazing with flames, his eyes flashed with confidence. He firmly believed that he could succeed, because he would also activate the master-level spells solidified on "Mufeng Punisher"—" Destroyed"! Vic can proudly say that there hasn't been any of the people who survived this series of moves.

In the face of Vic's instant attack, Punk could not help cursing his teammates secretly. If it weren't for Golem Two to catch up, he was sure that Vic would never be able to attack without doing any defense at all.

"If I hadn't kept a hand, I would really have to use the last hole card if I can't say it."

Punk thought displeased.

His last hole card is naturally the "Improved Ruby Shield" solidified on the "Hitzi Tower Magic Box", but after using this hole card, punk has to turn around and run away, because at that time, the proprietress, the iron tower, and the blood claw may be afraid Will join hands to hunt down himself in order to get the legendary equipment.

But now, punk has the best plan. Although it requires extremely sophisticated operations, for punk with a system, he is least afraid of the so-called "fine" operations.

Just between the sparks and flints of punk thinking, Vic’s crimson greatsword was less than half a meter away from punk, and it was about to be cut on punk’s body in the next instant.

But at this moment, the cold smile on punk's face, heated to Baidu's battlefield temperature by the fire system's vindictiveness, seemed to drop suddenly in this meaningful smile.

Behind punk, a light gate flashing with colorful light opened in an instant, while punk's toes were a little bit on the ground, and the whole person was instantly submerged in the light gate under the effect of "high swiftness".

Seeing Punk suddenly entered the Light Gate, Vic couldn't help but feel a little stunned. He didn't expect that Punk actually had a hole card like the "Any Gate", but his movements did not stop at all. As a strong man who can almost break through the master level, Vick Swordmaster still has the knowledge. He knows that this space door is connected to a nearby space, and punk can get in, and he can get in too. But then It just changed a place to continue his full slashing.

Vic did not hesitate to hold the "Punisher of the Wind" high, and rushed into any door after punk.

But in the next second, when Vic rushed out of any door exit, all he saw was a corner of the pitch black that sank into the other door to the light, and then appeared in front of Vic... it was actually one. Huge—Slimes?

Well, what Vic saw was actually the Transfiguration Monster, that is, the boss lady who showed the body, but now the boss lady has turned green all over, so Vic mistakenly thought it was a slime.

The reason why he didn't see punk is also very simple.

Facing the full blow of Vic Juggernaut, Punk instantly activated the "Any Door" spell solidified on the master robe, and then opened the No. 1 arbitrary door behind him, and the exit of the No. 1 arbitrary door was set to hide. In front of the lady boss who was watching the play in the distance.

When Punk came out from the exit of any door No. 1, he was between the boss lady and the exit of No. 1 arbitrary door. At this time, punk was in a posture with his back facing the boss lady and facing Vic.

Immediately afterwards, in this short instant that even the official-level powerhouse could not react, Punk opened a second arbitrary door behind him. The exit of the second arbitrary door was set and the distance between Vic and Vic was absolutely safe. On the edge of the battlefield.

When Punk left from the arbitrary door exit of No. 2, he immediately closed all the arbitrary doors, and Vic had just left the first arbitrary door exit.

That's why Vic saw only a little black corner of punk, because at that time punk had already left through the second arbitrary door.

Generally speaking, Punk’s plan is very simple. He uses the first arbitrary door to send himself and the fast attacking Vic to the boss’s wife, and then he leaves through the second arbitrary door, and enters the second arbitrary door at Vic. Before closing all arbitrary doors, Vic, who was in a rapid attack state, was left in front of the boss.

This plan sounds very easy. It seems that you only need such a robe that can instantly cast three master-level magic spells-"Any Gate", but in fact, most master-level powerhouses can do it if they want to Playing with such a hand is all about death, because as long as the activation of any door is slow, you will be hit hard by the enemy's attack. As long as the closing of any door is fast, then you have not passed through any door. The body will be cut off by the power of space.

Not to mention that a spell like "Any Door" requires the user to quickly lock the two spatial coordinates by himself, and lock the four spatial coordinates without making mistakes in such a short moment, even a master who specializes in prophecy spells. Even the strongest can't do it!

But now, with the help of the system’s powerful analysis capabilities that are no less than those of ordinary legendary powerhouses, punk has obtained absolutely accurate calculation accuracy to grasp the time. Punk has sufficient confidence to ensure that the opening and closing of any door can be just right. , Can not only pit you out to charge the enemy, but also make yourself retreat at a critical moment.

Of course, punk did not forget to pretend that he had used a certain secret method to cause exhaustion and aspiration. It seemed that he could only say that he was barely capable of fighting to cover up. After all, as an official-level mage, he had just demonstrated the ability. It was shocking to the world, and if you still maintained a calm appearance, I'm afraid it would be in trouble.

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