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Netheril's Glory Chapter 203

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Chapter 203: During the battle.
The moment when Punk dodges Vic's attack, Golem 2 and "Iron Tower" simultaneously attacked Vic Swordmaster.

A large amount of silver liquid material was precipitated on the body of the "iron tower", and every drop of silver liquid was slowly expanding and contracting like some life. Under the control of the iron tower, these substances formed hundreds of layers of onion-like spherical armor. The surface of the ridge is densely packed with serrated spikes. And the iron tower, together with his shield, was wrapped in a 360 degree armor with no dead ends.

Accompanied by the hysterical roar like an ancient giant beast, the huge spherical "onion armor" that envelops the iron tower swiftly rotated under the impetus of surging vindictiveness.

"Go to die, die to die"!

The iron ball whirled at the speed of breaking through the sound barrier while rushing towards Vic Swordmaster. There was only a rubbing crimson gully on the ground that was crushed, and every inch of gravel and sand was crushed into flour-like dust powder.

At the same time, Punk Golem No. 2 launched a curing spell at Vic without hesitation.

"Steel bondage" three in a row!

Golem II instantly activated all three steel bonds in less than a second. A large number of steel branches seemed to form dense thorn bushes. Vic was wrapped in it, and the winding steel coiled around. Vic was entangled in it together with the "Mufeng Punisher".

At this moment, the iron ball attack of the "Iron Tower" was also close at hand, and he was about to hit the side of Vic Juggernaut in the next instant.

However, the Vick Swordmaster who was restricted from moving did not panic at all. He was as serious and calm as ever, except that there was a deep dignity on his face.

"drink"! !

Official level fire fighting skills-Yan Juan!

Vic yelled, and the fire fighting skills were launched brazenly. The condensed and compressed vindictiveness formed a substantial whirlwind around Vic. The high-temperature and high-pressure vindictiveness whirlwind suddenly shredded and wound around Vic like tearing paper and cutting vegetables. The steel branches on his body, a large number of small iron bars even melted into a subway water under the high temperature.

But "Yanju" alone is obviously not enough. As soon as the iron ball of "Iron Tower" expands to a diameter of more than three people on the road, the entire big iron ball rushes towards Vic with a crushing attitude.

Vic faced the huge iron ball but didn't have any extra fighting skills. He just swung a sword lightly, seemingly casual.

"Damn bastard"!

The iron tower yelled angrily. He quickly controlled the iron ball to bounce into the air. The huge iron ball seemed to have a spring-like mechanism. The bouncing iron ball dodges dangerously. Vic Sword Master seems to have not even entangled the vindictiveness. One sword. The iron ball that passed through the top of Vic ended up just hitting a huge crater on the distant mound!

The Tower is not afraid of Vic’s fighting skills. He has sufficient confidence in his defense, but this confidence is not blind. He cannot withstand the master attack spell of one blow, and Vic’s giant sword "Mu Feng" "The Punisher" has a master-level attack spell-"Blind"!

As a meat shield, "Iron Tower" is obviously unqualified, because his stop attack, punk spells can't be connected, and the boss’s assault has to brake halfway. A set of "storms" composed of three people and a golem. "Even the move was easily interrupted by Vic swinging the sword without even using any fighting skills.

Obviously, no one on the scene is willing to suffer a "destruction", so before Vic Swordmaster inspires this curing spell that can only be attacked once, all three of them can only be used in the Great Sword's "Mufeng Punishment". In front of him, he blindly avoided.

"Sure enough, you know the information of "Mufeng Punisher"!"

Vic's voice lowered.

"These things can never be leaked out by myself, because the enemy who fought with me hasn't left alive examples so far. Only the senior officials of the kingdom can understand the information of Mufeng's discipliner!"

The "first" sword master stared at the retreating punk and others with a gloomy face. Anyone could see that his seemingly indifferent expression was almost uncontrollable anger.

"Oh, this is really interesting. It seems that you have been abandoned. They seem to have just sent you to die. It is a pity that you can only be a master swordsman who can almost break through the master level. The puppets are so pathetic to a pitiful level"!

Punk ridiculed Vic without mercy. He hoped that such words could anger the swordmaster of Vic. In any case, a mad barbarian is much easier to deal with than a calm swordmaster.

"Enough, put away your boring set of provocative divorce"!

Vic Sword Master is worthy of being a strong man who has been famous for a long time. He adjusted his emotions almost instantly. Although there was still a touch of anger in his eyes, a little anger did not affect his reason.

"My loyalty is absolute"!

Vic said loudly in a declaration tone:

"Whether it is betrayed or become a weight, whether it is the glory of the battle or the simple death, as long as it is the order of His Majesty the King, I don't need to question it, as long as it is firmly implemented!

Now, since His Majesty’s order is to kill Trelinka the traitor, then...the one who blocks me...die"

A dead man who just finished speaking, the wings of vindictiveness behind Vic Sword Saint was radiant, his whole person was wrapped in a whirlwind of vindictiveness, and the powerful driving force broke out in an instant, and the direction of Vic Sword Saint's flight was the hug. Looking at the blood claws of Princess Trelinka outside the circle of war.

"Damn, see the undead, those three people are blocking you, what are you doing to beat me"!

Bloodclaw saw the meteorite-like Vic carrying the "Mufeng Punisher" to kill him, his pale face had a tendency to turn green. He had just seen an example of being hit by this move, the same eleven. The official-level powerhouse Naya was killed instantly, and Blood Claw didn't feel that his speed-type small body was stronger than Naya.

The blood mist and blood burst from his body, and within a tenth of a second, the blood claw accelerated from a static state to more than ten times the speed of sound, but Vic's speed was faintly faster than the blood claw. , He followed closely behind Bloodclaw, outrageously trying to kill Princess Trelinka with one blow.

"I rely on me, rely on me, to die to die to die"!

Blood Claw yelled in anger and fear. His fear at this time was not pretended. He was really anxious. If it weren't for fear of being chased by the other three killers, Blood Claw would have already killed Trelin. Princess Ka threw Sa Yazi and ran away.

"You can't do it anymore. I don't want the master-level equipment anymore. Think of a way to go by yourself"!

Seeing Vic Sword Saint's figure approaching a little closer, the blood claw roared in a desperate manner, and a large amount of black and red blood painted strange and weird lines on his body. At this time, the blood claw was about to activate the secret method to drop the princess. The look of running away.

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