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Netheril's Glory Chapter 197

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Chapter 197: siege.
Vic Juggernaut is a powerful professional and an experienced general who is proficient in the art of war. It only took one day from receiving the king's order to preparing all the troops in Sunset City to open the MiG fortress.

When he arrived at the MiG fortress and reconciled with the "combined army" sent by the "church" nobles, Vic relied on iron and blood methods and the power accumulated over hundreds of years to easily dominate the chaotic army. United Army".

So far, Vic has owned an army of 250,000. Even if these troops are not the elite main force, even if the military discipline is slack, even if there are such problems, they will be surrounded by only 50,000 "Glory". The small MiG fortress is more than enough.

The first thing Vic Swordmaster did on the first day when he arrived at the Mig Fortress was to lead his army into a posture to attack the fortress wall with all his strength.

A ladder was carried over, and the catapults made of solid wood were placed neatly. Next to each catapult, a few big men screamed and put a huge stone covered with grease into the basket of the catapult. All the soldiers were wiping their swords, and the army under the MiG Fortress seemed ready to attack at any time.

The preparation for the siege is very perfect. Every step can be said to have reached the level of "textbook-like precision". The command of such a makeshift army can be organized and even easy to do. This is enough to explain why the Vick Swordmaster He was called "Dylan First General".

But... at this time Vic didn't have any happiness at all. On the contrary, he was extremely disgusted with this sure-win war.

In fact, if you simply want to break through the MiG Fortress, you don’t need the two hundred and fifty thousand troops and one soldier. Vic Swordmaster alone is enough to turn this ancient fortress into ruins. The city wall made of granite as the masonry is not much stronger than the two layers of old parchment in front of the official sword master's slash.

Facing the sudden attack of Vic Juggernaut, the troops were tight, and the strong were scarce. The Honor Army could not come up with an official-level strongman to guard the MiG fortress, and...even if an official-level strongman was selected Is it possible that the person who has come here has the ability to defeat the Vick Swordmaster who has reached the fourteenth level.

In fact, if it had not been for Vic Swordmaster to order the indiscriminate slaughter of all "living creatures", the defenders in the MiG Fortress would have surrendered directly.

The reason why Vic ordered the 250,000 troops to put up a siege posture was actually more to prevent the residents in the MiG Fortress from escaping. The Vic Swordmaster who insisted on the concept of "command is absolute" received the order to "slaughter." All living people", so he will not let any poor people leave.

The Vick Swordmaster, who had made all preparations, did not issue an offensive order. He just ordered the army to be strictly on guard and stand on the spot, and then he sat alone in the gorgeous camp with his eyes closed and rested—he did not disobey the king’s order. , It's just a little delay without any negative effects.

In fact, Vic Swordmaster is very reluctant to execute this kind of "slaughter" order. He is a professional of the kind and lawful camp, and the gods he believes in also uphold the doctrine of kindness and lawfulness. This kind of command to slaughter the unarmed poor is undoubtedly It violated Vic's principles and bottom line. What's more, Vic knew very well that the whole thing was actually the conspiracy of Dawn Church, and the king had given up his responsibilities and glory as a king and became a puppet of Dawn Church.

But Vic was an "absolute loyalty" trained by the royal family of the Dylan Kingdom since he was a child. Even if the king's order made him deeply disgusted and disgusted in his heart, as long as it was an order issued by the "king" with his own will. , He will still unswervingly implement it seriously.

The command of the "king" is absolute! "

Wick said to himself silently.

"As the sword of the "king", I don't need to think, don't need emotions, and don't need my own will. It's enough to execute all the orders without distinction... But... Is it still so sad?"?

Vic lowered his head and gently stroked his hand, which was bestowed by the seventh king of the Dylan Kingdom, symbolizing the "absolute loyalty" "Mufeng Retributor" who remained silent for a long time.

He didn't take a shot at the MiG Fortress the first time, because he knew that the kind princess was there-Trelinka must be on the way over.

"Good princess, lead your guards to create the so-called miracle, pierce my head with a poisonous blade, maybe as an evil killer be cut by justice, is the only thing I can do" Loyalty "while embracing kind methods at the same time."

Vic stared at the firm face of his own projected on the side of the giant sword, muttering to himself in a low voice.

--------Dividing line------

At this moment, when Vic Juggernaut was immersed in sorrow and unable to extricate herself, Princess Trelinka was rushing from Dunk City to Mig Fortress, and the long journey left her hair in the wind. Elegant, sweat even wetted almost all the leather on the armor.

Behind the princess' horses, a man and a woman followed closely. They were the only two official-level powerhouses under Princess Trelinka who could follow at any time-Archon Aix and Maid Naya.

"His Royal Highness Princess Trelinka, this is a trap, a trap set by the despicable Dawn Church. I am afraid that Vic Swordmaster has already set up a net in the MiG fortress and is waiting for you to pass..."

Archon Aix said anxiously as he ran, but his words were quickly interrupted by the princess.

"I know, of course I know that this is a so-called massacre just to get me into a snare, but what about it? Am I going to let my people be killed and remain indifferent."

Princess Trelinka said loudly with red eyes, and she wiped the sweat and tears from her face with her hands, showing an unswerving expression of determination.

"Vick Juggernaut is not a bloodthirsty person. I know him very well. He is more loyal to the country and the royal family than anyone else. I will tell him that all this is the conspiracy of the Church of Chenxi, and I will convince him that the kingdom is true. Fight for glory"!

"your Highness…………"

Aix wants to say something. He wants to say that your Royal Highness, you don’t know Vick Swordmaster at all. He is loyal to the royal family. That’s right, but he is unreasonably foolish. How could such a foolish person be possible? Persuaded by a princess who is defined as "rebellious"?

But Aix knew that the current princess couldn’t listen to anyone’s words, and convinced Vic Juggernaut to be the last hope of the Honor Army and the last straw in Trelinka’s heart. A person who is about to drown in despair would not To think or not dare to think about whether this straw is effective.

So even if Aix is ​​eloquent, he still persuades a person who pretends to be asleep, not to mention that he still has no good eloquence.

Seeing the thin figure of Princess Trelinka riding on the horse, Aix sighed heavily, not saying anything.

He silently glanced at Naya, who was walking in next to him, and both of them saw exactly the same will in each other's eyes-anyway, even if they had to compare the life of the horrible Vick Swordmaster, who was rumored to be extremely terrifying. We must also save the life of the princess and the last hope of Dylan's kingdom.

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