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Netheril's Glory Chapter 177

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Chapter 177: negotiation.
After checking Golem No. 2’s injuries, Punk had to admit that he underestimated the seemingly harmless "big boy" in front of him. The tricks of his "blood hand" seemed to be some kind of natural ability, energy intensity. It is even enough to break the "steel armor" summoned by "magic compression".

Judging from the information currently learned, "Bloodclaw" did not lie. He was indeed a warlock, and from punk analysis, he was 80% a warlock following the route of "blood surge".

The profession of warlocks is quite special. Most of them neither practice magic nor temper anger. Their promotion path is to tap the power contained in their bloodline and exercise their natural abilities.

The path of the warlock can be roughly divided into the "blood surge" route and the "blood awakening" route.

The latter generally appear in those warlocks who have the blood of powerful magical creatures. They are equivalent to the "rich second generation" who inherited the wealth of their ancestors. However, this large amount of property is coded, and they must constantly decipher the code. Perform the "Blood Awakening" to gain those sealed powers.

While the warlocks of the "blood surge" route do not have a tall ancestor, but they can still train their weak bloodlines to "start from scratch" and become the "rich generation". Some people even focus on training the simplest "human bloodline". "Following a path of "physical sanctification", these people are also called ascetics!

From the attacking punk just now, it can be seen that the bloody hand in front of him did not use grudge or magic. He simply manipulated the blood containing powerful life and mysterious power to form a "glove", and also smashed one of Golem II. palm.

Through this ability to manipulate blood, punk speculates that Bloodclaw may be a vampire warlock, but his bloodline breath does not contain any high bloodline pressure, so his bloodline source is probably only the lowest level ordinary vampire or even more. A low-level blood servant vampire.

This weak bloodline has been tempered by the blood claws to the official level today, and it has huge potential.

Punk also discovered that the blood claw controls its own blood veins very carefully, and the power of the previous blow was not wasted at all. Of course, this is also the advantage of the "blood surge" warlock, they generally don't need to pay the same as the "blood awakening" warlock. Do your best to "break out of the cage (to get rid of the consciousness erosion of the ancestors' bloodline)", and the abilities you have worked hard will always be handy.

"If this guy wants to destroy and make a big noise, I can't stop it"!

In the end, punk reluctantly came to such a conclusion.

Since the endless battle would only benefit the official Sword Saint Vic fisherman, the two had no choice but to sit down and negotiate patiently.

Although the people participating in this hasty negotiation are two powerful official-level powerhouses, and the content of the negotiation is closely related to the entire slum and even the sunset city, the venue of the negotiation is very casual-punk summons a set in the alley. Stone tables and chairs are over.

This is also a matter of no choice, no one is willing to rush to the other side's territory, so they had to negotiate on the spot.

"Well, let me go first. It's definitely not enough to let me leave. Although I am a latecomer, it's okay, but everyone is in the evil camp. There is no need to talk about what comes first, right?"?

After a long silence, Blood Claw spoke with an embarrassed expression.

But punk did not have any emotional fluctuations, he just said lightly:

"I need reasonable compensation."

Punk knows that he can't get rid of this troublesome thing, but it's okay to blackmail some compensation. Anyway, it is himself who dominates.

Hearing that punk spoke straightforwardly, Blood Claw put on a speechless expression and began to fight haha:

"Oh, we will be neighbors in the future. If you look down and look up, what compensation is needed, how tacky, what? I will give you this beautiful maid as a gift, but I spent a lot of money to buy her. Catwoman, look, are these beautiful ears cute"?

While talking, Blood Claw tore off the hat of the assassin girl next to him. With the fall of the beautiful long hair, a pair of trembling black cat ears appeared. I have to say that if it is placed on the earth, only these cat ears will be A large number of otaku can be spoiled.

But punk was obviously unmoved, he just repeated the words just now one by one:

"I need, reasonable, compensation"!

Seeing that the punk completely ignored the blushing catwoman beside her, Blood Claw knew that this was not going to happen. He sighed softly, then dragged the catwoman into his arms and said while touching the girl’s ears. :

"Okay, okay, you mages are all a group of people who don’t know how to enjoy it. That’s good, how about sending you a bottle of the trainee-level vampire "the first blood", as you see I am a poor warlock, you can Too bully, right"?

Blood Claw put on a look of being aggrieved by the heavens, it really looked like someone had robbed the last copper plate.

But punk didn't even look at this "Expression Emperor". He carefully thought about the value of "The First Embrace of Blood".

This kind of special blood is a "tool" used by vampires to transform other ordinary people into vampires. Condensing a blood of the first embrace requires a vampire to lower the class level as a price. This kind of blood can be used to make vampires. It can also be used for research or as a potion material.

Finally, punk said quietly:

"Two bottles, and the concentration needs to reach 70% or more."

"Okay, okay, I'm afraid of you, No, take it."

Blood Claw threw two test tubes with a painful expression on his face, and the two bottles of "Earth Embrace Blood" gleaming with evil charm were picked up by the vigilant Golem No. 2 nearby.

"Very well, it seems that you are very wise and did not do anything. We can proceed to the next important negotiation."

After checking that the two reagents were indeed normal "Earth Embrace", Punk calmly put the two reagents in the storage ring, and the blood claws on the opposite side twitched.

"Then let me ask first, what is your "thing that cannot be moved easily".

"Hey, my friend, this is an important secret. Even if you ask me what posture I like to use with this little maid, we can "communication", but "that thing" clearly allows me to have no comment."

"No comment? Forget it, it doesn't matter, I will know sooner or later anyway."

Punk expressed his uncompromising attitude in an indifferent tone.

Hearing punk's answer, the bloody claws of the veins were exposed, and his strength to stroke the cat-eared girl's tail involuntarily increased a lot, but the two people present ignored the painful assassin girl.

Bloodclaw's staring blood-red pupils and punk stared at each other for a long time, and finally he reluctantly compromised him.

Bloodclaw knew that he, a warlock who majored in melee combat, could hardly stop the exploration of a wizard who was devoted to exploring and was good at predicting spells, and he couldn't beat him by 80% when he turned his face, so he could only hold back angrily and sit back on his seat.

"Okay, okay, you won again, I can tell you what it is, but you need to return my two "Early Embrace Blood" as compensation, but those are the only two bottles of "Early Embrace Blood" I have left "Anyway, I'm also a warlock with a good face, and I can't suffer too much, right"?

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