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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1325

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Chapter 1325: the study.

The pain of tearing the soul overwhelmed Millers' mind in the blink of an eye. He could swear that he had never felt such an astonishing pain in the course of his life, because "Destroy Whisper" was for the poor test subject. It is as cruel as burning their souls with flames, and in this process that is almost equivalent to "breaking and then standing", a legendary soul quickly undergoes extraordinary changes.

The mystery of the soul is always beyond imagination. What effect will the fusion of two completely different souls bring? No one can know it before experiencing the experiment, but for the legendary archer who is enduring this terrible process, he has already deeply felt another side effect of soul integration, because the power of magic gradually penetrated his soul. The fusion of memories originated in every corner of the city finally showed a unique effect.

In a daze, Millers suddenly realized that he didn’t know when he actually returned to his childhood. He returned to the leaky cabin where he lived with his parents when he was a child. He saw that although he was young, he had already Parents who have suffered through the vicissitudes of life, he also saw...

The figure of a little girl who is a little strange and familiar?

"Is this my memory? This house is indeed the small room I used to be. I did grow up here when I was a child, but...but I'm pretty sure there is absolutely no place for this little girl in my memory. Ah, how did she appear here".

Somewhat surprised and some nostalgic looking at everything in the psychic fantasy. Although Millers was scared and surprised at his own situation, his sharpness as a legendary professional quickly found the "wrong" in front of him. local.

Obviously, Millers is a typical "only child". His parents have only his own child in their lives. It is precisely because of this that he, a poor son from a farmer's family, can barely get together to enter the city to check his qualifications. It is precisely because an old trainee archer discovered the outstanding talents of combatants, Millers was able to begin his legendary life, which is not considered magnificent but also experienced.

In fact, with the passage of time and the accumulation of experience, childhood memories have rarely appeared in the minds of this legendary fighter. Usually, Millers’ favorite thing is to travel around dressed up as an ordinary person. , Robbing the rich and helping the poor act as an invincible knight. Until now, unfortunately, he was deceived and turned into the experiment of the legendary mage. He returned to this familiar cabin again and recalled his hard-working but happy childhood.

However... this beautiful girl is too inconsistent with Millers’ perception. After all, it’s not difficult to tell from the pointy ears of the other person. This little guy standing on the floor with confused eyes is clearly an elf. And no matter how you look at it, shouldn't an elf show up in a rural cabin at all?

"Damn it, what did that evil mage do to me, is he playing with my memory? Or is he conducting some unknown and terrible experiment"?

Frowning and ignoring the tacit and busy virtual parents like a robot walked to the dazed little girl, Millers almost held each other's cheeks with both hands and asked loudly:

"You... I remember that you are the girl who appeared in the banquet hall of the Elf King's Court. You are the nobleman of the Eternal Forest, right? This is my memory and my heart. How did you come here? Hurry up. Answer My question, can you understand what I'm saying?"

The clear lingua franca was accurately asked by Millers. It seems that this professional who can still keep calm is looking for a breakthrough in the soul cage through a girl who is "not in line with the style of painting."

But it is a pity that compared to the sober and calmness of the legendary professional, the elf girl who was holding her head almost cried without saying a word, and her crying was never a cry of worry or suspicion, this kind of crying. It seems to be just a very legitimate fear of a school-age child.

I saw that she decisively got rid of Millers' hands and threw herself into the arms of the woman who was cooking the soup next to her and said loudly:

"Ouuuu, mom, elder brother... he doesn't know Lothari anymore, elder brother has been saying some strange things"!


"Brother? What does this mean"?

Hearing the words of the elf girl, Millers was a little bit stunned. He was 10,000% sure that he and his parents were very pure and pure humans, and his ancestors did not have any elf blood at all. But now...why does this little girl who appeared in her memory for no reason call herself "brother"? Isn't she an aristocratic girl from the Elven King's Court? Did she forget her life experience?

And... and don’t know why, as time passed, Millers actually felt a strange familiarity in the girl who claimed to be "Lottali", even though he was still soberly confirming that the other party was Out-and-out stranger, but...

This strange familiarity, as if looking at yourself, has become more and more prominent!

"Damn it, Punk-Sean, stop! Stop it! What the hell are you doing to my soul? Damn it!"!

Angrily roared and cursed his enemy, facing the helpless mind manipulation Millers was really mad.


It’s strange that Milles seemed so sober, he even had reason to doubt my operation, but the other fused Miss Lotari lost her correct judgment. She regarded Milles as her brother, Millers’ home is regarded as her own, and Millers’ parents are regarded as her own parents, but her original life memory seems to have disappeared without a trace-this does not conform to any speculation of soul fusion. Is it because the soul of the legendary level and the soul of the apprentice ranger are too far apart? Further experiments are needed."

Regardless of how Millers yelled in his mind, the "Destroy Whisper" standing next to the experiment platform did not change any expression because of the opponent's anger, even if a certain angrily attacking legendary archer finally couldn't help but began to greet one by one. Since his family was gone, the calm spellcaster just recorded all the experimental data indifferently, and then took out a second orange-yellow gem from the storage ring.

In fact, Punk already had a bold idea when he was just starting to prepare for the experiment. He just merged Lothari's soul with Milles. It was just an appetizer, and then..." The research needed to "Destroy Whispers" is his real goal!

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