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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1255

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Chapter 1255: Canyon meeting.

Bloody Canyon, the headquarters of the Santarin Society (also known as the Red Robe Mage Union).

This is a terrible area full of blood. Although the rocks in the canyon are standing and cracked, there is actually no sign of life. In fact, even bacteria will not breed and multiply here. There are only gloomy dark red clouds. Forever hindering the brilliance of the sun, one or two unbearable muddy roads emerged from the misty and thick rain and fog, and the calm rain fell like silk against the gloomy sky, silent............

However, on this day, in the bloody gorge that has remained unchanged for millions of years, there are suddenly two familiar faces that have never been seen before. I saw a knight in golden armor and a knight dressed like the night sky Professionals in pitch-black robes are like passers-by strolling down the street, silently penetrating through the mud poured by the drizzle to the deepest part of the canyon, and all the drizzle that reaches their bodies is easily bounced away by the unpredictable force. , And every bit of the red mist that wandered close to the ground was forced to stop and spread around them.

There is no doubt that the two professionals who have come to the "Forbidden Land" at this moment are obviously the "Instant Kill Gun" and "Destroy Whisper" who have signed the Judgment Eye contract.

Although they already have a contract to ensure safety, they can fly directly to the magic tower of the "scarlet scepter" to start the most important plan discussion, but in order to show polite and respect for the Yaori strong, whether it is a blank punk or With a smile on his face, Kane naturally chose to walk into this gorge.

At least the mad knights who have been here can lead the way, so even if the dazzling magic tower that should be very conspicuous from the sky perspective is very difficult to see on the ground, the patient caster still did not use his own. Perceived to scan the entire bloody canyon impolitely to find the way.

He decided to follow Kane indifferently towards the magic tower of "Scarlet Scepter".

In fact, the choice of walking through the muddy path is obviously very correct, because just after walking unhurriedly for about an hour, the two professionals who just entered the front section of the Bloody Canyon saw a very dark but very dark ray. The eye-catching firelight appeared right in front of the path.

It was a tiny flame that never swayed in the rain, and the person sitting on an old wooden chair next to the flame was an elderly man who looked thin but well dressed.

When Punk and Kane saw him, the calm old man seemed to be adding fuelwood to the fine dark red flames.

"The supreme leader of the Santarin Society and the oldest shining sun spellcaster in the multiverse today-"Scarlet Scepter" Eman Blackjack"............

He stopped silently and stopped his progress, and punk could determine the identity of the old man who was lighting up at a glance.

Yes, how can someone else be someone who can light the flames so calmly in this quiet bloody canyon, and make their energy fluctuations completely undetectable by the perception of the Huiyue level? Presumably this thin old man who seems to be waiting for a "comer" can only be the mysterious old Eman, right?

Although this is the first time that "Destroy Whispers" has seen the scarlet scepter, which is rarely seen in the legend, he can still be very sure that the most low-key powerhouse is obviously harmonious in both character and style. The strong Messoul and the high-cold "chairman" are completely different, at least his attitude to greet collaborators here with a fire is very special.

Of course, this may also be because the other party simply does not want punk, a professional who is likely to get the inheritance of Netheril’s ancient knowledge in the future, to approach his magic tower...

In any case, Mr. Eman's appearance is enough to impress anyone who meets him.

"Hello, Mr. Eman, nice to meet you".

Following a mage's etiquette neither humble nor arrogant, the expressionless punk walked directly in front of the bonfire of Master Yaori.

In fact, the fire of the "Scarlet Scepter" is not just a fire, there is actually a small iron pot on the fire in front of him, and now the boiling white water of the iron pot is tumbling some people can not see the original face. The purpose is to ripen "wild vegetables", and although the stock of this pot does not have much fragrance, the color of the soup looks very crystal clear.

"Hello, young man, are you the mage called "Destroy Whispers"? Really a young and handsome guy, as ambitious and confident as the knight over there... I know that the bad old man who cooks vegetables is much better."

He didn’t make too many special attitudes to punk’s greetings. He waved his hand and summoned two wooden chairs in the air. The old Eman just spoke to himself and made a “please sit down” to the “Destroy Whisper”. "Gesture.

It looks like...This muddy ground being watered by rain should be the place of this meeting.


Although the chair transformed from the "scarlet scepter" is simple and old, it is actually just ordinary wooden furniture. The light punk will not make any noise when sitting on it, but wait until Kane is dressed in gold and glittering. When the heavy armored warrior sat down directly, not to mention that hundreds of tons of magic material armor was about to smash the crumbling wooden chair into pieces almost instantly.

But fortunately, the punk with quick eyes and hands doesn't want the crazy knight to sit on the ground and break the serious conversation atmosphere, so when he saw that the chair with cracks was about to burst into wood chips, the helpless magician Huiyue used it directly. A small "spatial confinement" stopped the broken pieces of wood that were about to explode.

So at this moment, he didn't expect that his chair was so fragile and his smile looked a bit awkward, Kane sat on a crooked "wood chip chair".

"Ahem, Sai'an, in fact, the uncle can do it himself...Um, um! Hello, Mr. Eman~ I have brought the iceberg face here, I want to have a vigorous adventure The curtain can finally be kicked off, right"?

Dancing and dancing shows the excitement and joy in his heart. Even in front of the Yaori strong, the mad knight still has no intention to constrain. It seems that he is really very concerned about defeating the Construct Queen. It is estimated that this guy has been a long time ago. Have you been looking forward to this adventure a long time ago?

But in a vast gorge of emptiness and silence, listening to the depressing rustle of the rain, neither the old Emman stirring the soup pot nor the punk sitting silently didn't mean to take care of the mad knight.

After all... this vital conversation has actually just begun.

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