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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1243

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Chapter 1243: meet.

Kane Bisadas has always claimed to be a high-end aristocrat with superior artistic thinking, so if this guy is in a better mood, his actions will still be somewhat aristocratic.

For example, the mad knight's tricks of teasing girls are exactly the same as those of some third-rate local tyrants, and the "art" he watched has always been full of bloody, unspeakable alien beauty.

In fact, just after the "Instant Kill Gun" personally put the golden flower on Linda's head, the "art" belonging to the professionals of the evil camp was outside the pure and glorious testimony of Mira and Chikassa. Rising slowly.

Yes, this is a gift, a luxurious gift that heralds death. It hasn't waited until the poor noble girl shows a little bit of relaxation for the illusion that she has just escaped. The brilliant golden energy flower in full bloom. It has already bloomed instantly in the vast expanse of wilderness.

At this moment, the light is connected to the sky and the earth, the rocks evaporate and overflow, the aftermath of the law almost forms a solid ripple, and the power and impact of vindictiveness instantly clears a large cloud of floating on the sky.

There is no superfluous roar, and there are no unwanted fragments splashing around. As Kane promised, the flowers he shaped by his own hands are really just pure gifts, even though they are just a "glorious moon gift". The lethality is also enough to wipe out the entire caravan from this silent space in an instant, but for the cold-blooded and powerful fighters, isn't the art of bloody blooming and death the perfect "thank you"?

Of course, the art of explosion is always fleeting, and the beauty of the brilliance is only presented in an instant. After the most beautiful "moment" has passed, the contented Baron Besadas has no interest in seeing it again. There was a crater behind him, and he just quickly turned around to face a certain spellcaster's magic tower.

Today's Huiyue Knight has found the inspiration to deal with his "old friend", and through a vulgar and bloody tease, he also vented his boredom, so now...Mr. "Instant Kill Gun" with a bright smile on his face finally wants to Started to finish his really important work!

Well, the next "task" can't be missed.


Kane's blatant detonation of fighting energy is obviously to attract the attention of a powerful spellcaster, and almost at the next moment when the golden flower connects the world, a very typical dark black projection dressed as a spellcaster is also true. Appeared out of thin air behind "Instant Kill Gun".

There is no doubt that the owner of this dark projection can only be the swift luminous moon spellcaster Punk-Sean!

In fact, after discovering an extremely familiar vindictive energy through the warning circle of the magic tower, the "Whisper of Destruction" who was still experimenting with runes immediately put down the research tool in his hand and made a projection to transmit it. Up.

"Isn't Kane basically identified as a traitor, why does he still appear here? Why does he have the courage to step into the plane of Faerun? What is the purpose of his coming here?"

Three questions, kill every step!

When feeling the fluctuations in the fighting spirit that shook the world, the punk, who had fully released the perception means, had already determined the identity of the mad knight's luminous warrior, and a sudden disappeared for 100,000 years without a sound, and suddenly without a sound. It’s impossible for the Huiyue professionals to visit just to chat with old friends and have afternoon tea, right?

So no matter whether Kane's performance this time is friendly enough, the existence of his "monster" itself cannot tolerate anyone who is not full of vigilance.

In fact, under the urgent control of Mage Huiyue, the magic tower’s attack array was injected with endless energy in the next femtosecond to light up a large swath of magic runes. Now as long as anyone dares to enter the magic tower’s attack range, Massive morning star-level spells and the moon-level spells mixed in it will turn into a monstrous wave to drown all the enemies that come!

Although due to the lack of material and high-end technical support, the current "Whisper of Destruction" "Glory Moon Tower" is only a semi-finished alchemy between the Huiyue and Morningstar levels, and its combat effectiveness is actually quite limited.

But...whatever the case, the shell of this high tower is full of Huiyue alloy, isn't it? At least in terms of appearance and momentum, no one can tell whether the so-called "look" is true or not, and the feeling of being targeted by a "fully armed" magic tower is enough to fool any legendary professional who doesn't want to die.

For example, the mad knight who just turned around saw such a shocking scene.

I saw the laws of the elements converge into a chaotic cloud in the sky, and the colored thunder shuttled between the ground and the sky like a dragon. The space of the entire Khatak Plain was torn apart, and a series of tens of millions of aggressive positioning and targeting also locked their position together.

Hatak is the territory of punk, and it is also the place where the magic tower of a luminous moon spellcaster is located. The power of a spellcaster backed by the magic tower is geometrically multiplied. When the tower that seems to support the world is fully fired At that time, the shocking momentum alone was enough to discourage people!

But just this is not enough, because in a sense... The projection of the Bright Moon Mage that appeared on the border of Khatak from the beginning is a manifestation of the threat of a powerful spellcaster:

"Instant Kill Gun"-Kane-Besadas............you take two steps forward"!

abuse? Huh? anger? Threat?

Neither necessary nor meaningless, the projection of the caster staring at the mad knight, regardless of tone or expression, maintained a calm state without emotion at this moment.

Yes, although punk was curious, he was very indifferent. The request he made to the Moon Knight was a bit strange but very simple.

"Two steps forward", nothing more.

At least it sounds like nothing more.

However, faced with such a "easy" requirement that can be completed with a small amount of effort, the "Instant Kill Gun" with a very awkward smile has no idea of ​​responding at all.

In fact, not only did he not move forward, he also took three steps back abruptly at the fastest speed.

And when he spoke next, Kane, whose smile was as exaggerated as ever, avoided his weird behavior as a matter of course:

"Owhahahaha... That, my dearest old friend, it's been a long time since one hundred thousand years have passed. Unknowingly, have you reached the level of fifty-six? It's really enviable. Ah, owl hahaha..."

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