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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1229

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Chapter 1229: escape.

This is the eve of the harvest season, and it is also a time when people should be happy to prepare for the celebration and relax themselves in search of rest. However, on this night, the eternal forest has maintained peace for millions of years but is thunderous explosions and continuous sound. The endless earthquake trembled broke.

I saw that the silent starry sky was shrouded in hot smoke in a blink of an eye, the dim starlight lost its color in the burning of the flames, and the green old trees turned into a raging torch that squandered light and temperature. Even the city of Moonlight, which symbolized the power of the elf king's court, collapsed by half in an instant.

However, it is obvious that in the face of a "big event" that is rare in millions of years, just such losses and disasters are only a short beginning, because in the vast eternal forest, two hunters The battle with the four legendary powerhouses between the two fugitives is destined to not be determined in a short time, as long as the flame giant eagle flying in the sky continues to work tirelessly at the shuttle between the trees. The enemy bombs the flames, and as long as the indigo-colored knife light that is like a squally storm is still cutting trees, rocks, space and laws indiscriminately, then this vigorous pursuit will never come to an end.

In fact, in the course of every inch of land that caused violent destruction, the angry pursuers and angry fugitives were about to run out of the eternal forest.

"Damn, these two guys are chasing people endlessly in the sky and the other on the ground. We will inevitably be intercepted whether we are flying at a higher altitude or running at a lower altitude! Sister, it is really impossible. I will stay alone to stop them. You are alone. Run away, otherwise it’s not a way to get beaten unilaterally like this. We can’t last long... Believe me, I have the confidence to let any ordinary legendary professional stop in front of me for more than ten seconds, you must Can escape successfully".

Waving the wings that had become scorched, once again intercepted more than a dozen "Punisher Flames" that tried to break through the blockade and bomb Mimibezi's body, and the wounds of the Devil Archduke, who was full of anxiety and determination, soon fainted. A little blood-red hot liquid energy was revealed.

In fact, as the enemy’s attacks became more dense and coherent, the burn scars on Oakris's body did not continue to increase as at the beginning, but healed at an astonishing speed one after another. It is not difficult to see and be forced. The anxious legendary devil is ready to start some kind of huge cost secret technique and fight to the death.

Perhaps after realizing that he and his sister could not get rid of the two powerful enemies that were chasing after him at the speed of himself and his sister, Oakris began to plan to let his sister who was dragged down by him escape at all costs.

"If I can die cleanly here, what's wrong? I can get rid of the torture of the "sorrowful soul" while my bloodline riot is not violent, and my sister can also get rid of the burden of trouble..."

In the deepest part of his heart, Oakris thought so, but he didn't say this clearly.

But who is the one who is running side by side with the devil boy now? That was the "candy merchant" who once inspired to do business with legendary professionals! She is my sister who grew up with Oakley!

How could she not know what her brother was thinking?

So after another heavy fist blasted away the shining blade that Rickhors had slashed, the bloody, boned Mimibezi quickly turned his head and said to Oakris seriously:

"Listen, my stupid brother! Even if you are a cumbersome, I still have to protect you! I don't need a reason or see the cause of the undead, because my Mimibezi is so capricious! Not to mention that we have not lost it yet. Hope, don’t forget that this is the plane of Faerun. After we leave the Eternal Forest, we will run to the Great Plains of Hatak. I don’t believe these two idiots from the Elf King Court dare to chase after the Lord "Destroy Whispers". Isn't it possible under the magic tower? And running to the destination at our current speed and distance only needs to support up to ten seconds! As long as ten seconds are not dead, we are all safe"!

Yes, it only takes ten seconds!

Ten seconds is enough for ordinary legendary professionals to run straight from the Eternal Forest to the Hatak Plains. After all, the Plane of Faerun is the second largest superplane in the multiverse, but it turns at the speed of the legendary professionals. Mountains and mountains are just a matter of moments. The calculations of the "Candy Merchant" are not wrong. You only need to wait for a very short ten seconds to pass, and she can lead her younger brother to avoid Rodati, Rickhors, and even Ai. Carl's chasing down!

But the real thorny problem at the moment is... the legendary druids and the legendary rangers, who are obviously stronger than the legendary twin brothers and sisters, will allow the "invaders" who murdered the entire elf court to continue to fly for ten seconds. ?

The answer is of course no.

In fact, after noticing the direction of his enemy’s escape, the “quenching bite” that was alarming had already realized the target of Mimibez and Oakris, so he pressed his anger and estimated the distance and time. After that, the flame feathers were brightened to a level, Luo Dati immediately snarled at the "Mist Haze Morrowind" who was still on the ground, slashing towards the devil's neck:

"Drizzle! What are you waiting for? What is the value of keeping alive for such a vicious enemy! Are you doubting the judgment of Mr. "Pious"? Our enemies will now run out of the eternal forest, if Let them go, how can you and I go back and explain to the innocent elves who died"!

"But...but things are really wrong this time...well, you're right, Luo Dati, we can't let them go anyway."

Stepping on the dancing wind and swiftly following, staring at the anxious back of the devil's sister and brother who has smashed more than a dozen mountains and will move straight forward, and the frowning and tighter "Misty Morning Wind" finally can't bear it. Surging killing intent.

Compared to a legendary druid with an extremely grumpy temper, Likhos is undoubtedly a professional who is better at controlling his own state of mind, although the miserable sight of corpses spreading across the wild due to the spread of the unknown plague in the Elven King Court also makes him Gritting his teeth, but... But while his anger burned, the intuitive legendary ranger felt that something was wrong.

It is precisely because of this indescribable weird feeling lingering in his heart that Likhos will try to leave alive and question in the repeated attacks just now.

But for now, seeing the enemy have to escape all the way to the sky... The "Misty Morning Wind" that hesitated in his heart had to take it seriously even though he was hesitant.

After all, in the final analysis, he is the chief ranger general of the Elven King’s Court. The task given to him by Aicar is not a request but an order. It is a duty for soldiers to obey orders, so no matter how much Likhos’ inner doubts want to be verified, he is now You must end the enemy as soon as possible!

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