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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1208

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Chapter 1208: The Battle of Bloodlight (1) begins.

The earth trembles and the plates move! In less than a second, Dieter, who was in a runaway state, launched more than 3,900 full-scale attacks on Kesanoya, who fell on the ground and lost her combat ability. Each attack was "thunderstorm". All of his fists accurately hit the key points of the head of the "Plague Box". Such attack density and attack intensity are even enough to break a layer of Morningstar-level defensive shields, and a target without any defense is clearly conceivable. know!

So after the legendary warlock who had no choice but to exhaust the last bit of soul energy burst out a few sorrowful roars and dissipated in the gust of fly ash, the poor and lamentable girl wizard finally failed to survive even a complete corpse.

Accompanied by the unforgettable smell of wheat in the depths of the memories and the lingering smell of blood in the real world, poor Kesanoya was still crushed by her "companion" with her head and soul, and her existence naturally disappeared forever. In this desperate world.

So far, the "Plague Box" is dead.

The "thunderstorm" that directly or indirectly killed his savior also died.

These two ordinary legendary executors fell on the plane of Maixiang Farm far away from Faerun under the indifferent gaze of the "Whisper of Destruction", the luminous moon spellcaster.

And after the last lingering light ignited when Dieterbon’s soul was overflowing, the quiet and cold dark night had no surprise once again shrouded this devastated and fragmented barren land.

Night... has come!

"It seems that the obstructive waste no longer exists, and now we can finally let go of the battle, right? The God of Slaughter Lady who has gained "new power"? To be honest, this is what I have experienced in my life. It’s the first Huiyue level battle."

Staring blankly at the deadly blood-colored corpse of his subordinates, the unsentimental caster of Huiyue obviously has a very good mood and desire to fight in the fluctuation of mental power.

Yes, as he said-the obstructionist is no longer there, and an anticipated battle can start.

"...Well, the concubine admitted that the concubine did not expect such an accident to happen, but is it really necessary for us to fight? You and the concubine can peacefully exchange some more valuable information, right? Don't you want to Do you know where the guy "Instant Kill Gun" went? Let me tell you quietly that a certain shiny knight has already stepped into the realm of Huiyue!"!

While continuing to send messages of spiritual power to try to stabilize the enemy, she took a step back unnaturally. The girl god who had secretly placed her finger on the handle of the knife at her waist was still saying some ambiguous "personal" words, but she The anxiety in his eyes has become more and more difficult to conceal.

After all, with the passing of a lot of time, the dangerous breath released by the punk who still stands in place and has not moved is not comparable to that at the beginning of the conversation. Now it is burning with a pair of dark golden pupils in the "Destroy Whisper" look. It looked like some kind of terrible beast with its fangs ready to go in the dark.

Faced with such a terrible enemy alone, "Smile" felt that her muscles were becoming stiff and heavy a little bit.

This is a symbol of fear and a manifestation of entanglement.

It must be admitted that the lady of the killing god who has been a god for hundreds of thousands of years has not felt such a deep sense of fear in her bones for a long time, and from the current situation, Mr. Sai'an, who has always responded quickly, seems to have seen it. Something is missing............

Her mouth is about to fail.

"You are delaying time, smile."

Slightly squinting his eyes, watching calmly the amber-like red pupils of the girl god, the perceptive punk could almost see the true purpose of the words of smile.

From the beginning of this conversation about the captives, "Destroy Whispers" has always felt a bit strange. He always felt that the girl god in front of him seemed to like to talk about a bunch of nonsense that looked gorgeous but actually was of no use. At first, he thought it was because the smile had been affected by the priesthood after being a sacred stick for a long time, but now it seems............

Unknowingly several minutes passed. The girl god is clearly trying to procrastinate herself, and this kind of procrastination can still be procrastinated for a while, and it can be procrastinated for a while and earn a while.

So what kind of strategic purpose is worthy of a selfish priest, who would rather be alone in the face of a strong enemy and try to delay himself?

Punk does not have any excellent strategic thinking, but this does not mean that he does not even have a basic strategic vision.

So just after thinking about it for a while, Mage Huiyue, who had thought of something between Mu Ran, instantly discarded his original idea of ​​"not rushing, not slow, and slow".

He has realized that he has been tricked!

"Smile! You and your subordinates are looking for death! Today the Pantheon is about to lose a smart, medium-powerful idiot"!

"Huiyue Level Conjuration Magic Spell-Destroy Death Cone"!

There was no time to talk, and no time to delay, the "Destroy Whisper" whose face was instantly darkened, and without any hesitation, raised his hand and released a luminous moon-level spell at the head of the girl god.

Among the lightning and flint, the sensitive-thinking Master Huiyue has realized what kind of abacus the insidious smile is making, and now in order to prevent the other party's calculation from being successfully achieved, there is no time to consider the "destruction whisper" of intelligence information. Solve the enemy in front of you...Otherwise, if you drag it on, something big will happen!


"Damn, can't you survive by bullshit?"


Although she felt very helpless, after a leap in her body, the girl god who was almost clinging to the "Cone of Destruction" killing and evading the attack could only immediately enter a state of high mental tension without hesitation.

I saw a large number of fiery blood-red killing divine power immediately began to linger around the smiling side like a ribbon. Whenever a bright moon-level spell that tears the space and the law bursts through her head, The blood bursting divine power fluctuations will suddenly burst out of power to increase the speed of action of the smile to avoid the attack.

So in the continuous bombardment of the "cone of destruction" like a black-gray laser rainstorm, the god of killing turned into a blood shadow and began to use his agile figure to dance in the turbulent gap between the shock wave and the law torrent. stand up.

Facts will always prove it time and time again-the limitations of language art are always inevitable, and there are always some so-called negotiations that will inevitably end up with fists.

For example, on the plane of Maixiang Farm, which has been peaceful for tens of millions of years, the battle between two Huiyue powerhouses suddenly broke out after the collapse of a mere "chatter".

Presumably, when the earth-shattering explosions mixed with the wind and waves of light and shadow cover the sky, no matter what kind of perfect words are destined to become eclipsed.

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