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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1197

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Chapter 1197: Wind and rain.

Talking about Kaisanoya, she fell into a state of "nothing to love" and became interested in the second grilled fish. Discussing the information and discussing this point is not the result that the "candy merchant" wanted, so Before the expression of the "Plague Box" was completely cold, Mi Mibeiz smiled awkwardly, and quickly put the hand holding the grilled fish behind her and said comfortingly:

"That... don't be discouraged. Levels and everything are temporary things. We are legendary professionals with endless life span... Did you know? There is an ordinary legend named "Boqifando" in the multiverse. Mage, that guy barely advanced to the twenty-second level only 3.7 million years ago, but I heard that when Poggifindo just became a legendary powerhouse, the "Scarlet Scepter" of the Santarin Society was still there. Just a formal-level mage, think about the longest-lived shining throne under the crown of the old Mr. Eman. The "veteran master" of an era is not as good as your current professional level. Do you feel the mood all at once? Much better? Oh, yes, this grilled fish is for my brother, you better not even think about it."

Although the method of persuading people is a bit strange, Mimi Beizi can be regarded as comforting the friend she has just met recently, even if she did not generously give the last remaining grilled fish to Kaisanoya, she is looking down. The girl mage who was a small merchant wouldn't really be hit by a bit of envy and unwillingness.

So after listening to the story about the "Ancient Legend Poggifindo", the "Plague Box" shook his head and told Mimibezi straightforwardly:

"Forget it, I just want to find a new plane with beautiful scenery and build a new small kingdom. After all, after more than one hundred thousand years of experience, I have discovered that... the adventurous life may be really not very good. suit me.

Did you know that in that battle of the Karamus Empire, more than 20 legendary professionals were lost, and even close to double-digit Morningstar experts were killed in the Karamus Wasteland, which no longer exists. In the above, our "Destroy Whisper" alone killed four terrifying morning stars of the same level as him at the time. The subsequent battle of the sun destroyed one twentieth of the fee. On the surface of the Lun plane, the ancient throne of the Sun like Messoul has silently fallen during the war..."

The fluctuation of mental power gradually slowed down, and the "plague box" of these words even became cautious involuntarily.

What she is talking about is the information spread throughout the entire multiverse. Both the punk record and the Karamus’s result have long been a well-known secret, but when it comes to the shocking legend of the number of people who have fallen... …The faint-sounding girl mage still couldn't help but show a moved expression.

Those are all legendary existences on the side of the famous multiverse. Many of them belong to the out-and-out "adventurous" combat masters, but in that war, their fall was like a meteor crashing into the sky. One after another!

"Successful people" like Punk and Kane who have the ability to defeat three powerful enemies of the same level are destined to be unable to understand the feelings of most ordinary legends when they view the "Battle of the Karamus Empire", but From the perspective of the "Plague Box", whether it is the terrible number of people who fell from the legend or the horror of the subsequent "thunderstorm" attack, it is enough to make her feel the magnificent power called "Fate Tide".

Weakness brings fear, and fear brings confusion.

Deep down in her heart, Kaisanoya was actually afraid of such a battle, and even she was a little worried that her negative "shaking the military spirit" might arouse the dissatisfaction of Mage Huiyue.

After all, the legendary members standing on the original statue of Khatakping are not real statues. They can also perceive the conversation between Mimibez and the Maiden Mage, and it is equally difficult to figure out what they think of the intensifying "Tide of Destiny".

But the facts have proved-"Plague Box" is actually a bit too much.

Even if you understand the meaning of "disaster", at least no one among the "executors" can really accept Kesanoya's retreat, even the "candy merchant" holding the grilled fish stick.

In fact, after listening to Kesanoya's frustrating words, Mimibezi, who was silent for a short while, just shrugged with a wry smile and said helplessly:

"You are too arrogant, "Plague Box", we can't really become a hermit legend, can't we? People who come here today have what they want to accomplish. We need to get resources, and we too Need to fight, not to mention that in many cases, the smell of grilled fish is often enough for us "old and undead" professionals to embrace ourselves."

Speaking ambiguous and emotional words, Mimibezi's eyes never left the only grilled bass in his hand.

With the dignified night of Faerun, the grilled Hartak bass actually gradually became cold in the biting cold wind. The golden fish scales gradually lost their gorgeous color, and the sweet taste gradually disappeared. There is not much left.

But the gleaming "Candy Merchant" didn't throw it away, she just opened her mouth very silently, and then bit on the dry and cold fish.

"Kacha, Kacha".

In the midst of the snow falling in the cold winter, only Mimibezi ate the second bass with a small bite...

The conversation between the two girls was over, and they had a deeper understanding of each other, but after all, they did not say much valuable information.

In fact, there are still a lot of things worth discussing between a "new executor" and a "predecessor executor", isn't it?

For example, what are the secrets of punk's incredible promotion process?

For example, what is the meaning of the identity of the "Destroy Whisper" provisional reviewer?

For example...Why is the "chairman" who is bound to do every meeting personally, this time not only has the power of formulating actions been handed over to Master Huiyue who has suddenly become the "provisional reviewer" and hasn't shown up for a long time?

Another example-when will their eight legendary professionals wait on this deserted plain?

I believe that the people who want to discuss these things are not just the silent "Plague Box" and the "Candy Merchant" who is eating grilled fish. Even the "Thunderstorm" and the Archduke Oakles who have been acting as statues must really miss it. Know the answer.

But when the extension of the topic reached the most sensitive tipping point, everyone had no choice but to stay silent...

Yes, at this time, let's just keep your mouth shut. After all, before you know it, more than 27,000 years have passed. After so long and patiently waiting, Mr. "Destroy Whisper", who is the convener of the legendary rally, is about to show up and explain the next action plan, right?

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