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Netheril's Glory Chapter 118: The Dwarf Warrior "Bahanger."

Translated and published by eviltranslator.xyz :Chapter: Netheril's Glory Chapter 118: The Dwarf Warrior "Bahanger." Punk used the system's microscopic vision to carefully observe the grey silk threads on the experimental subject's bones. Under the light of the "dancing light" spell, Punk could clearly see the actual features of the grey silks. And after seeing this, his eyebrows furrowed slightly.

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Netheril's Glory Chapter 118: The Dwarf Warrior "Bahanger."

Punk used the system's microscopic vision to carefully observe the grey silk threads on the experimental subject's bones.

Under the light of the "dancing light" spell, Punk could clearly see the actual features of the grey silks. And after seeing this, his eyebrows furrowed slightly. 

"This is…"

In his microscopic perception, Punk saw countless strange grey cells were attached to each other and formed the grey silk threads.

These cells were bigger than normal cells, and they had a semi-energetic structure that was enough to make ordinary people's immune system that did not contain any magical energy almost completely useless. 

Also, these grey cells did not exchange material through the cell membrane like normal cells; instead, these cells had heads with teeth all over their mouth, and because of such characteristics, they looked less like cells and more like hideous microscopic beasts. Naturally, the eating process of these grey cells wasn't absorption but hunting. 

Through his official-level mental perception, Punk could clearly perceive the strength of those microscopic teeth and combined with the power contained in their semi-energetic body, the grey silk cells could directly swallow bone cells. 

The most frightening thing was that after the "grey silk cells" swallowed bone cells, it would fill the gaps with a copy of itself and then connect its own vitality with the infected organism. 

This ability would make many low level magical and divine spells unable to get rid of this disease. After all, according to those low-level spells, these grey silk cells would appear as part of the body. 

"What a tricky disease. I don't know how that Ti Xiaer got it!" 

Punk threw away the half-cut bone in his hand. He couldn't help but guess that Ti Xiaer must have been a very intelligent spider before she was contaminated by faith and went crazy. After all, not everybody could come up with such a disease casually. 

Now, Punk also had a lot of clues about the means this disease was spread. Like the sudden appearance and disappearance of many flowers in the Jungle, which caused the sudden rise and fall of the cheap perfume merchant group, the Dokdo family.

Obviously, the initial transmission medium of this disease was the cheap perfume, and then as ordinary people used this low-quality perfume, they became the patient zeros of this plague. 

After studying this disease, Punk's next step was to experiment with the treatment of this disease. At this time, Punk thought of the two jars he had found in the high priest's body.

From all the alchemy equipment left by the high priest, Punk guessed that the high priest was most likely preparing to concoct a certain potion, and the liquid in these two jars should be a very important ingredient of that potion.

Placing the two sealed iron jars side by side on an empty table, Punk blessed himself with three additional defensive spells, including a "mental barrier" spell, before opening the jars with the help of mage hand from a distance. 

With the crisp sounds of the iron lids falling to the ground, the content inside the two jars was revealed.

The jar on the far left was filled with a dark yellow liquid that was constantly tumbling and was emanating energy fluctuations of the power of faith. 

The jar on the right was filled with an emerald green colloidal fluid, which was also releasing a strange energy wave similar to a magnetic field. 

Suddenly Punk discovered something strange on a piece of bone lying on the side of the table. As soon as he opened the second jar, a faint fluctuation of panicking emotion appeared in the "grey silk cells". They began to squirm their bodies in an attempt to escape. It looked as if all the grey silk threads covering the bone had started to squirm from normal perception. 

"It seems that this is the antidote that Ti Xiaer used to treat the "grey silk" disease."

Punk's mood instantly became pleasant. After all, he thought it would take a long time to develop a usable cure, but unexpectedly Ti Xiaer had already developed the cure and also was kind enough to deliver it to him. 

But when he thought about it a little more carefully, this seemed normal. After all, the purpose of Ti Xiaer's release of the plague was to force the people to join her religion and not to engage in a terroristic massacre. Naturally, she needed her followers to be alive in order to receive faith. 

As for the dark yellow liquid on the other side, it was obviously the method Ti Xiaer used to brainwash her believers. The power of faith contained in it was more than enough to assimilate the soul of ordinary people and swallow the consciousness of people whose will weren't firm enough. 

"Now that I think about it, the so-called "Holy water" should be the mix of these two drugs, added with some ordinary water. A brainwashing drug with healing power?"

Having learned the mystery of the "Holy water", now Punk's plan to form a team to attack Ti Xiaer seemed more feasible. After all, these two jars of potions could fully expose the conspiracy of the cult of Ti Xiaer, and once exposed, the Churchs of the Good Gods would have to take action against Ti Xiaer's cult. 

"Although the priests stationed in Dolez city are mostly small low-level characters, they are still perfect for the role of cannon-fodder." 

A sharp light flashed in Punk's eyes, and the unlucky priests of Dolez city unknowingly became pathfinder cannon fodder in Punk's plan, and it seems they could do nothing but selflessly dedicate themselves in their assigned roles.

Moreover, Punk didn't intend to release the antidote and the plague's information at all, as the present chaotic dolez city was just perfect for him to fish in troubled waters.

After all, the Legendary equipment had to be won.


Bahanger, like all dwarves, loved forging and wine and hated giants and elves. After becoming an official-level warrior, he stayed in Dolez to protect the Hyde family for his entire life because of a promise he made when he was young. Over time, his eagerness for adventure had also gradually subsided. In other words, Bahanger was quite satisfied with this job; he could freely drink wine and forge weapons; and in the eyes of a dwarf like him, even the gods could not have a better life than this. 

Bahanger was even happier recently, as he got a small piece of Mithril from the black market. Mithril was an extremely precious alchemical metal. It was said that to create one gram of Mithril 1.5 tons of pure silver was needed. And the process was cumbersome and complicated, so the degree of its preciousness could be imagined. 

The dwarf warrior has been earnestly forging this Mithril for the past few months. He wanted to use this Mithril to strengthen his hammer. As for that pesky plague and things like that, in Bahanger's opinion, they had nothing to do with him. As long as Gorat was okay, he didn't need to care about anything else. Bahanger had always been proud of the fact that he was not nosy like other dwarfs. 

Unfortunately for this dwarf warrior, although he didn't look for trouble, but trouble found him first. And after the greedy Hutt, another uninvited guest came to visit. 

Just when Bahanger was working on Mithril forging with his total concentration, he suddenly found a slender figure with explosive strength standing outside the door in his qi perception. 

"Damn it, another idiot who came to disturb this old dwarf again. If you don't give me a reasonable explanation, I will put your head on the forge." 

Although Bahanger was swearing, he still went to open the door while carrying his hammer. After all, the person who came this time was not a small fry like Hutt, but a real official-level powerhouse. 
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