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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1176

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Chapter 1176: Eye of Eternal Sleep.

"It's amazing, Mr. "Destroy Whisper", I didn't expect that less than ten thousand years have passed, you have already been promoted to the forty-ninth level! Obviously in my feelings, you are still staying as an ordinary legend. It’s only a hazy yesterday...it’s really amazing. I have only seen this incredible speed of promotion in one person before.”

In the dark and cold magic tower laboratory, a veiled female image projection in front of punk is sincerely expressing emotion for the caster's rapid promotion efficiency.

Undoubtedly, this hazy projection is the magical form of the most mysterious Huiyue member of the "guildmaster"-Lady "Eternal Sleeping Eye". Under the weaving of laws and energy, the mysterious woman presented in front of the morning star mage possesses With a tall figure and calm demeanor, compared to the "guild leader"'s sense of high coldness, quietness, and non-cannibalism, the "Eternal Sleeping Eye" feels like a mature lady. It's elegant.

In the explanation of the "guildmaster", Ms. "Eternal Sleeping Pupil" is a "spellcaster" of the "luminous moon level". Although until today, no executor has personally witnessed her professional level and magic level, and she has never made even one shot in the course of the action set by the "guildmaster", but since this mysterious lady can get a The recognition of Wei Yaori's throne, then she is naturally qualified to receive a respect for granted.

So faced with the exclamation and praise of Shuya Projection, the punk who nodded slightly grasped the "pale scepter" in his hand and replied calmly:

"Thank you for your compliment, Lord "Eternal Sleeping Eye", but I don't think my upgrade speed is eligible for such an exaggerated description as "Inconceivable". After all, as far as I know, there are also in our Silent Alliance. The promotion efficiency of a genius fighter is not inferior to me-if nothing else, the old acquaintance "Baron Bethadas" who wanted to come to me is about to start the sprint of Huiyue now."

Beware, vigilant, expressionless.

Mage Chenxing didn't trust the "Eternal Sleeping Eye" he had never known. He didn't know what the mysterious lady's promotion efficiency meant, so he faced an unknown strong man with unclear sentences. , Punk’s first reaction is to increase his vigilance.

After all, don’t forget that the current "guild leader" has been in the Chaos Sea for 10,000 years...

However, what is inexplicable is that after seeing the caster's eyes with so little "trust", the "Eternal Sleeping Pupil" silently shook his head and gave way first.

I saw her say this in a slightly helpless tone:

"My feeling is not malicious, Mr. "Destroy Whisper", you don't need to be so wary of me. In fact, the "unbelievable" person I was talking about is our "Chairman". I miss her back then. The promotion efficiency might be a little faster than you... Well, forget it, this is the Moon-level magic resource left by the "guildmaster". This is the "Haite" who has completed the enchantment of the Yao-ri level. Zita Magic Box", now I have been ordered to deliver them to your hands."

Plainly took out a storage ring and a square brown-red small box and placed it on the experimental platform far away from punk. The projection of the woman with the veil was like laying down a stone or a branch. care.

Even in the strict sense, whether it is the precious resource of the Bright Moon class or the "Hitz Tower Magic Box" that has become a Yao Sun magic equipment, both are rare treasures that can arouse the greed of Bright Moon professionals, but " "The Eye of Eternal Sleep" is unmoved from beginning to end.

The graceful attitude that she showed was not so much self-control perfection... it was better to say that she was really indifferent.

"The task is now complete. If there is nothing else, I will leave now."

The quiet white mist whirled in the empty laboratory, and the veiled female projection soon began to become transparent. It seemed that the task she was performing was really just "delivering items". "President" did not leave her with other special missions.

However, while the mysterious lady hadn't completely dissipated and was invisible, the punk who had never put down the "pale scepter" from beginning to end asked a little abruptly.

"Just five thousand years ago, I killed the "Dead Lantern" Walkway-Zuo Fan and won all the wealth in his hands. What do you think of this matter, respected Ms. Huiyue?"

"...I don't have any special opinions, Mr. "Destroy Whispers"".

The expression calmly replied, the "Eternal Sleeping Pupil", who had no pause in the process of dissipating, did not show any surprise or other mental power fluctuations.

Even though the caster’s dark golden pupils stared at her face, this elegant lady simply explained in a non-salty or indifferent tone:

"Only the "Chairman" has the right to give orders to the legendary members of the Silent Alliance, and only the "Chairman" has the right to determine whether an action is correct or not. I cannot judge the death of Mr. "Dead Wind Lantern". What kind of influence will Santarin have, but I can remind you in a personal name——Punk-Sean, Walkway’s spell is not an easy power to control, and it’s not wise to overestimate your own will. Decided".


The projection of Ms. "Eternal Sleeping Eye" disappeared, and in the end there was only a cloud of mist that quickly dimmed from where she stood.


"Don't overestimate your own will? It seems that this is indeed a kindly persuasion, but..."

"Morning Star Conjuration System Spells-Teleportation"!


The release of the magic was completed with an indifferent expression, and the punk, who disappeared in place and appeared next to the experimental platform for an instant, didn't change any thoughts because of the advice of the strong moon.

Not all persuasion is a polite and good word. For example, the persuasion caster of "Eternal Sleeping Pupil" is destined to not need to pay more attention to it.

Overestimate the will? "Overestimation" in the conventional sense is simply a huge "underestimation" for punk's willpower, OK?

Don’t forget that in the strict sense, “Destroy Whisper” is a void creature with “Void Soul”. His willpower is truly capable of being described as “unbelievable”, perhaps the absurdity of “teleportation” Magic is enough to drive ninety-nine percent of the morning star wizards in the entire multiverse, but for punk... it is not much different from ordinary morning star spells.

In fact, the reason why "Whisper of Destruction" was able to enter the forty-ninth level of the Morning Star peak realm in such a short period of time was to learn "Teleportation" is a very important reason.

And since he has now obtained sufficient Lunar-level magic resources, the improvement and upgrade of a powerful magic can also be put on the agenda............

"If the spell transformation is smooth enough, my Huiyue promotion will be just around the corner. Anyway, the small plane "farm" that Walkway left behind is also handed over to Ganatica. Then in the next time, I You have to put all your energy into the promotion effort."

Looking seriously at the shining storage ring on the experimental platform, the punk thought so.

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