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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1146

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Chapter 1146: The Fury of the Mad Knight.

Speaking of the Pantheon’s sneak attack, Kane’s projected expression looked hideous enough. It seemed that the punk guess at the time did not make a mistake. The group of self-confident gods did not forget to act in ambush while ambushing themselves. "Executives" Morningstar members' "Instant Kill Gun" arranged a "raid package".

And although the current crazy knight and punk have not suffered irreparable huge losses due to the enemy’s sneak attack, even considering the comparison of strengths, Kane’s battle process is probably far more difficult and difficult than the easy and freehand war of punk. It was much more thrilling, so when the morning star knight gnashing his teeth boarded the round platform in the center of the venue and began to count the "crimes" of the gods of the good camp, this guy's mouth was almost greeted by the gods of justice and other great divine powers. Family now.

Obviously, the gods headed by the god of justice, Tyre, were not only memorized by punk this time, their stupid actions also completely offended Kane, the crazy monster.

"As everyone knows, all the gods in this world, from the great to the weak, are all idiot bastards since ancient times! Especially those damn good gods... their souls are like maggots in a dungpit. It’s disgusting. Their footsteps are more annoying than flying flies. Yes, this group of despicable and mentally retarded sent six Morning Star priests to attack the uncle and "Mr. Destruction Whisper, their What he did was to declare war on the entire Silent Alliance! "

Maybe it’s because of the tacit approval of the "guildmaster". At this time, when Baron Bisadas commented on the actions of the Pantheon, he added some subjective and strong emotional meaning to it, especially in his In the tone, the "purification action" of the god of justice, Tyr, even more directly evolved into a prelude to the League of Silents and the Pantheon.

Although the passionate Kane did not clearly state what he wanted to express in his words, he did not tell anyone present whether the "if there is any" content he wanted to say or whether the "chairman" wanted it. I clarified it through his mouth, but when he heard the heartstringing word "declare war", the "executors" including punk were the first to bring up their spirit and attention.

What does such an ambiguous statement that "it is simply a declaration of war" mean? Is it because the "chairman" is vaccinating an important news that will be announced one day in the future"? The next hostile force of the "executors" who have been stirring up the situation since the day of establishment is the great power of the digital A pantheon of gods?

These things are not known to everyone for the time being, and even the "guild leader" himself may not have made a decisive decision... But anyway, the next bloodthirsty narrative of the mad knight can be regarded as a kind of cryptic " The way of taking the lead has announced the correct attitude of the "executors" towards those gods who dare to come to ambush and provoke.

I saw that after cursing his enemy without aristocratic demeanor, the cruel and cold-blooded "Instant Kill Gun" immediately spoke briskly in a tone full of "show off" and "show off":

"Owl Owl, in fact, those damn god stick priests did ambush the careless uncle, and my "Instant Kill Gun" did not defeat as unscathed as Mr. "Destroy Whisper" over there. Three powerful enemies of the same level, but after experiencing a magnificent and magnificent battle, the wise and martial master still let the three garbage lie on the ground one by one! And knowing that, the uncle even took the last surviving priest’s The skin and flesh were torn off one by one, and then every bone in his body was smashed...Oh, yes, even this is not the end, the uncle has not been far away to find those three priests who governed. Then the divine power plane killed all the creatures on it, crushed the two medium-sized planes into powder, and threw all the saints of the good gods to the goblins and orcs as slaves......Yes. , The uncle must make the gods who hell feel the vengeance of the evil ones"!

The "Instant Kill Gun" deserves to be the "Instant Kill Gun". He can always use his evil as a capital to show off in full view. He never hides his interest in bullying the weak and his brutal killing style. The guy is definitely the most downright villain.

In layman's terms, as a typical "big devil", the reason why Kane doesn't eat people is only because human flesh is not delicious...

Of course, these horrible things are obviously the details of the crazy knight himself wanting to add, and as the punk expected, the boastful morning star knight did not explain the so-called "declaration of war" in the end. What is the meaning of this.

In fact, anyone with a discerning eye can see that the mad knight’s speech is becoming more and more inconsistent. "Destroy Whispers" thinks that this should be because everything the "chairman" told him to say was smashed by the machine gun. Because the "sud" was over, the "Instant Kill Gun", who was standing on the high platform and unwilling to go down, could no longer reveal more valuable information. He just wanted to continue to enjoy the much-anticipated feeling for a while.

However, the "executors" meeting is not a vulgar lecture for the golden knight to show off his evil skills and "the story that cannot be told between the orc and the saint", so it is not waiting for Kane to begin to seriously describe how the rude orc treats women. Slave, a soft halo appeared behind him and pushed the inconspicuous guy hard.

Undoubtedly, for the first time since the meeting started so long, your Excellency "Chairman" has finally appeared silently...

"Well, Mr. "Instant Kill Gun", that's enough, let me say a few words next."

The appearance is still the shadow of the gray air mass projection that is not visible, and the voice of the "guild leader" is still the neutral voice full of ethereal and seriousness.

It seems that the crown of the Yaori Throne really does not want to let others know her true face, so even if she seized a gorgeous Yaori-level robe from the "Archmage", she did not show it to her subordinates Punk even has reason to suspect that in the entire "executors" organization and even the entire Silent Alliance, he might be the first Morningstar professional to face this mysterious and beautiful girl directly. By.

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