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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1143

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Chapter 1143: Linton hous.

Maybe it’s because of the loss of too much Morningstar-level combat power at one time, of course, it’s more likely because the Pantheon knew that the "President" had returned triumphantly, so even if the Archbishop of the Cult of Justice "Clean Glow" Anthony Vodacarli Very unlucky to die in an unknown corner of the plane of Faerun, but the gods and the god of justice Tyr did not continue to use any insidious means to ambush the "destruction whispers" that had exposed their position.

Therefore, before the result of the just-concluded Yaori level war was completely fermented and started to disturb the entire multiverse pattern, nothing happened and a light punk successfully returned to the Morning Star Magic Tower as he wished.

Yes, just returned to the Magic Tower instead of the Kingdom of Khatak. This description is very rigorous and does not simplify the meaning at all.

Because just about less than five seconds ago, the country "Hartak" with a history of more than 200,000 years has been completely removed from the plane of Faerun, and the four Morningstar professionals have no scruples about the morningstar killing. Not only did it create two "super basins" with exposed crust and completely changed the terrain in a large area, the aftermath of the energy detonated by the law tides undoubtedly evaporated all the substances in the entire Khatak estate.

In fact, when Punk returned to the entrance of his magic tower and looked into the distance, his morning star level powerhouse could no longer see anything on the vast barren surface, even if it was only uneven, the whole Hatta. The soil within the territory of Emperor Ke's kingdom has been burned into crystal clear soft glass by the fierce wind flames that have blown across thousands of miles, and it is naturally impossible for any creatures to exist on the surface that is still hot until now.

Judging from this bleak scene, the residents of Hatak must have been wiped out at the very beginning of the Morning Star Wars because of the turbulent space and the sudden increase in high temperature. After all, such levels of "natural disasters" are definitely not just a dozen. Master-level professionals have the ability to stop, the end of the destruction of this poor country has actually been doomed from the moment the Pantheon decided to ambush punk.

"As a result, until the end, this useless imperial kingdom still can't get rid of a sad end of destruction... But this account should still be counted on the head of the Pantheon, right? After all, if it wasn't for the gang of gods, they had nothing to do. Sneak attack on me, why did everyone make the "temporary cooperation" that was so easy to gather and disperse into this ugly look? Anyway, the Kingdom of Khatak is my property after all, and now there are a group of idiots who do not know how to live or die. With my consent, I broke my things? Very good, as long as there is a chance in the future, the Pantheon will absolutely have to lose a hundred times its wealth as a price. Anyway, I am also a morning star mage who is about to be promoted to Huiyue. No, I can’t let some cats and dogs provoke casually.”…………

Squinting his eyes slightly to watch the idiotic flames dancing on the horizon, the feeling in punk's heart is not pleasant at all.

He "Destroy Whispers" has never been a good-tempered spellcaster. It is really not too much to describe him as "The grace of the spring will not be reported, and the money will be returned a hundred times." The gods of the good camp actually don't know at all. What kind of trouble and unreasonable figure they got into, after all, because of the influence of "faith", no matter how old the gods are, they are always too self-confident and self-righteous.

Of course, the revenge against the gods can only be the future, not the present, and the Morning Star Mage who has just returned to the Magic Tower now has to taste Morris jade fruit tea while waiting for the "chairman" meeting notice.

Oh, yes, since the Kingdom of Khatak is destroyed, from now on, if punk wants to drink sweet jade fruit tea anytime and anywhere, he can only grow it himself or buy and import it from "foreign countries"... …

"Linton Hughes, report on the specific operation of the Magic Tower during the energy impact just now... Stop by to the warehouse to see how much Morris jade fruit tea is still in stock."

Expressionlessly, he gave orders using mental power fluctuations in the tower room, and punk's words appeared cold and deep in the silent vacuum space.

Linden Hughes is the new build butler made by Whispers of Destruction before going to the Karamus Empire. Unlike Sebastian’s classic old butler image, this new butler starts from the day it was born. It almost doesn't have a human-like form at all.

In order to facilitate it to efficiently check the state of the magic array and the operation of the energy in the more complex energy structure of the magic tower, punk has added seven pairs to this big guy who has a body of more than three meters. It can be carried out based on the laws of nature. The freely moving magic arthropods are used as a means of action, and in order to make Lindon Hughes who look like a big spider more like a spider, the caster also specially added eight bright red eyes to its head.

So at this moment, the second construction butler, who quickly climbed down the ceiling of the alchemy corridor to punk, looked like an arthropod monster that often appeared in horror movies, and was full of “horror charm”.

"Welcome to your triumphant return, dear Sir "Destroy Whispers", according to the records of the Morning Star Level Detection Center, your magic tower was not damaged in the law storm just now, the first wave, the second wave, and the first wave. The three waves...the 97th wave of energy tides were perfectly resisted by the outermost "solid dome". During this period, the energy of the magic tower was running very well, and there was no defect in all energy circuits. But about you second question…………"

Just like the villain’s monsters reporting conspiracy and tricks to the boss, after reporting the state of the magic tower truthfully, Linton Hughes, who seems to be slightly embarrassed by the fluctuation of his mental power, couldn’t help but stretch out a stick when he said this. Han Guang Rin's claws scratched his head and carapace while explaining:

"...... The original Morris jade fruit tea inventory was actually used up before you left the magic tower this time. The latest and best jade fruit harvested by the Kingdom of Khatak was originally planned to be before today. It was sent to the Magic Tower three days later, but now..."

Well, it seems that even if the wind and dust rushed back home, this cup of fruit tea punk can't be drunk. After all, even Hatak has now collapsed and destroyed under the raging disaster of Innocent Disaster, and has not been sent to the magic tower. How could Emerald Fruit be spared in the monstrous flames?

Without needing to say anything by his own construction butler, Linton Hughes, "Destroy Whisper" can also guess a little bit helplessly-the raw materials of his jade fruit tea must have been reduced to ashes with the unlucky emperor.

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