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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1131

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Chapter 1131: Battle of Orange and Red (3) Knife Mang.

Light, endless light, and terrifying heat are swirling around together with the solid brilliance fragments, and the radiant intensity is astonishingly bright and bright enough to make the soul of the legendary strong man feel pain.

It must be admitted that the energy bursting out of the three Morning Star's ultimate moves is absolutely amazing. When the burst of light that covers every trace of the law fluctuations in the space turns into a tens of millions of kilometers in diameter on the earth. When the elliptical sphere of the world, a new scene of the sun rose on the battlefield among the four top powerhouses.

So at this moment, in this great wasteland not far away from the Khatak Empire, except for the ice-cold and insulated Phelun plane rock formations that can still exist as a mountain since the ancient times, all those within the scope of the explosion Matter, energy, and laws were undoubtedly and naturally evaporated instantly, and Punk and Anthony, who were closer to the center of the explosion, were directly knocked out by the shock wave with amazing potential energy.

Even due to the extremely violent energy impact, the magical protection on "Whisper of Destruction" was almost only used for an instant, and it was directly smashed by the earth-shaking laws of explosion for three layers, and this morning star's ultimate move can also be seen. What is the terrifying destructive power of the frontal collision.

"Motlet, your damn, damn, and lingering "super" magic is not ready for Detema, Cona and I can't help you stop this monster indefinitely"!

Half-kneeling on the really spotless gray-white rocky ground, Anthony was also blown far away, and his shield state and even his soul state were worse than punk. Finally, Anthony couldn't help but burst out an angry roar at his slow companion.

This is not because the "Clean Glow" who can always maintain a friendly smile on weekdays has a bad temper, but it is because he is really anxious.

After all, in the face of a "monster" who has the ability to attack by three men and can release Morningstar spells to counterattack, as the main challenger, Pastor Morningstar is absolutely impossible to say that he is not nervous, and the clear ticking sound of time is still there. The ears are getting louder and louder, but the unknown premonitions and guesses in his heart are becoming more and more intense-after so much pressure and urging, even the good-tempered people may not be able to help but swear.

What's more, the "good temper" of "Clean Glow" was originally pretended...

Of course, no matter what the process is, what should come will come after all, at least the facts will always prove to the leader from time to time-sometimes it is necessary to urge the subordinates who are drowsy.

For example, after Anthony got angry, Motlet, who was sweating profusely and slowly injecting energy into the magic model in his hand, finally completed the "super magic" that his companions had high hopes for. When the shock wave of the explosion swept across the battlefield and destroyed everything that did not reach the level of the morning star, the male priest, who was carefully trying to control the small entangled light in his palm, was finally able to answer Anthony's words while turning his eyes to look for being blown up. "Destroy Whispers" again.

"Don't worry, I have completed my magic, and that arrogant spellcaster is about to usher in his doomsday"!

Subconsciously reached out his hand and wiped the sweat from his forehead, Motlet's tone, with a trembling tone, seemed very confident.

He believes in the morning star magic in his hand, and he also believes that his two companions must be able to stop the enemy's counterattacks. It is precisely because of this trust that this priest who seems to have a firm look will choose to hesitate. Completely abandon high-end defense and invest all energy and divine power into this only killer.

And just as Motlet believes that his attack will inevitably establish the victory, Anthony, who was a little embarrassed after undergoing a morning star explosion, naturally believes in his abilities. He believes that he will never let the caster break through. He also believes that the principle of "two fists are hard to beat four hands" is always valid.

The priesthood is always so confident, isn't it?

In fact, at this very moment, the "Clean Glow", who is very optimistic, is still planning in his heart to stop punk from escaping and to search for loot:

"Punk is a spellcaster who is good at using a combination of various spells to fight. When he finds that he is unable to beat the enemy, he should choose to use some hole cards to escape, and the white staff he has been holding is a A piece of magic equipment? Well, maybe this guy’s key to escape is on the staff, and it must be blocked in time... According to Her Royal Highness Tyre, Kona’s combat power and combat The experience seems to be much better than Motlet, and sure enough, this important task still has to be entrusted to her to complete. As for Motlet, this fellow..."



When the troubled thoughts thought of this, the "clean glow" that had been paying close attention to the location of punk was suddenly stunned.

Because it was on his right, at the location of Motlet, who was using divine magic to lock the target, and just a little bit of his gaze... I saw the hazy shadow of the morning star priest Motlet. Suddenly, there was no sign of twisting and shaking.

Immediately afterwards, under the silent view of the orange-red sky, in the raging clamor of the law and storm, a beautiful girl with long silver-white hair and lavender eyes maintained an absolutely silent posture. A man who did not respond at all. Behind the priest appeared abruptly............


"No! Motlet! You idiot! Avoid it!"


Almost as the "Clean Glow" suddenly turned his head to his right side, a clear metal and chirping sound accompanied by the torn spatial fluctuations instantly resounded through the entire battlefield until the cold blade reflected in the sky. At the time of the blazing fire, Anthony's crackling roar could no longer prevent the sharp light that represented death from coming out of his body.

Yes, it's too late, it's too late!

The reminder from teammates is too late for Motlet, who has wide-eyed eyes and an incredulous look, because he is right beside him, right beside him, with his only two layers of magical defense shield. Above, a blade of light that resembles fallen leaves across the autumn water has already galloped from the dancing shadows, and the fierce pupils of the beautiful girl have firmly locked the enemy's soul!

Setis's Blade Curing Spell-the edge is revealed!

Morning Star Golem Curing Spell-Nether Spike!

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