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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1114

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Chapter 1114: Heart and emotion.

Punk’s “special” morning star material for Seralin, the chain of imprisonment can only be described as “reality”. Not only is there no automatic counter-attack array set at its spell rune link, but even a basic anti-magic enchantment has not been obtained. Blessing, so it took less than two seconds for Ha Jones, who released his magic power to crack the magic rune without hesitation, to fuse a fragile energy circuit structure, and the entire heavy and solid chain was also accompanied by the metal breaking buzz at this moment. The sound of the song turned into dozens of dimly colored remains and fell off the body of the legendary white dragon.

You must know that according to common sense, as an ordinary legendary spellcaster who has only reached the twenty-ninth level, it is not too simple to break the imprisonment left by a morning star mage, considering that he specializes in The academic status of the enchanting school of magic, he is fooling around with his unfamiliar knowledge of alchemy magic, even if he spends a lot of time casting spells for a whole day, at the end, he can tear off a corner of a magic chain. Hard to say.

But in fact......There is no need for thrilling magic deciphering, and no need to waste time and repeated polishing. Only a simple injection of magic power is needed. Ha Jones, who uses such a simple and crude method of cracking, can be easily removed. The only imprisonment that the white dragon has on his body, so far, with the magic alloy covering Seralin’s wounds and hindering the recovery of the injuries, all the magic alloys have fallen off. Can return to peak state.

"It seems that what Miss Marta said is right. The powerful Mr. "Destroy Whisper" came to the Guardian League with no good intentions. The magic metal lock he made is almost like being afraid that others will not be able to break it. The structure is fragile............"

Unknowingly, the silence came again, the sound of the metal chirping has slowly dissipated, and Ha Jones, who silently watched the "masterpiece" he had just completed easily, also picked up a soft chain from the ground. The wreckage was held in the palm of his hand.

He looked like he was researching the magical things he was curious about as a legendary mage, but Ha Jones, who actually didn’t understand any Morningstar level knowledge, could only tell, "This and the chain have been cut corners." "It's just such an obvious fact. The silence that this young spellcaster deliberately expresses now is more just to conceal his inner turmoil and a deep confusion. The hands he holds in the chains are even Before I knew it, there was a faint sign of trembling.

Yes, it is to cover up, at least at this moment, it is not like a mature legendary professional's "spell meaning". It looks like someone secretly bought a beloved toy with pocket money without an adult. Like a child of…

"Why... why did you let me go?"

Without paying attention to the awkward emotion that the man was trying to cover up but couldn't hide it, the legendary White Dragon who finally had a chance to get rid of the shackles had used his four newly born claws to slowly stand up.

At this moment, Seralin-Hanto's unfettered body is recovering quickly in this small basement at an alarming speed. The hard and white bone stubble rapidly grows to form the contours of the dragon's wings, with layers of scarlet and powerful muscles. The fascia and fascia wrapped the new keel in less than half a second. When the icy wind and cold breath once again laid a layer of frost on every inch of the basement wall, they regained their wings and limbs. "Princess Winter" has completely recovered from a long-term physical injury.


Very capricious and entangled, he didn't flap his wings for the first time. The white dragon with wide icy blue eyes just stood quietly in place, waiting for an answer from Ha Jones.

The sour heart Seralin didn’t know why she wanted to know such an “insignificant” answer. In her strong self-persuasion, the reason for the birth of this absurd behavior could only be “the proud legendary dragon does not want to simply The credit goes to such a lame explanation of "soul charm" and "soul fusion".


"You know, I actually didn't want to let you go."

He didn't sell any more lawsuits and didn't let Bailong wait too long. The gentleman Ha Jones obviously didn't intend to conceal his true thoughts, so after silently throwing away the light chain in his hand, he simply raised his head directly. Looking directly at Seralin's eyes, he answered truthfully:

"Your joys, angers, sorrows and joys are so intoxicating, I want to experience more, I also want to feel more unique emotions, but... after a little consideration, I decided to let you go. After all, you may not know, Ibe Phil was killed by someone else yesterday. After knowing the news, the not-so-smart Tata Tao threatened to heal his wounds and to torture you to obtain information on the location of the evil red-robed mages, and then avenge her... ……… That stupid guy is a powerful and rude fighter. He not only possesses legendary magic equipment, but even has 30 magic levels. I can’t imagine how he will treat you, and I can’t bear it. Seeing his tormenting you with bruises and bruises, I...Well, to be honest, I don't know what happened to me, but I don't reject these wonderful emotions and peculiar thoughts."...

He shook his head heavily. The young legendary mage, who didn’t know what was wrong with him, didn’t continue to complain too much. He could only rely on the cold dungeon wall at will, stubbornly gazing at the dragon’s body and admiring it. Every piece of dragon scales of "Princess Winter" is beautiful and clean.

Perhaps at some point in the past or in the future, the "Princess Winter" seen in the eyes of "The Meaning of the Spell" is actually more like a pronoun of "freedom"-that is, he is imprisoned by "loyalty" The freedom that the poor man can never reach, how could Ha Jones have the ability to persuade himself not to let the beautiful legendary white dragon once again stretch its wings and soar into the sky?

However, looking at the silent intoxication of "The Meaning of the Spell", the white dragon who had regained a new life suddenly became a little worried and worried for the poor little mage.

So after lightly moving her new limbs, Seralin's gaze turned tactfully and she couldn't help but bluntly and seriously questioned:

"All the energy circuits are now connected to my soul. What should I do if the magic barrier of Horaka's line of defense collapsed after I left? Those Morningstar professionals seem to value this line of defense very seriously. They may be the first Time doubts and angers you"!


"It doesn't matter what the line of defense is. There are three Morningstar powerhouses who are in charge. This line of defense is just a decoration. I think Mr. Messoul's plan will not be affected by the destruction of a line of defense, right? My suspicion...I don't know what to do, but I have always hated thinking about these things, and I decided not to think about it so much."

Unlike "Princess Winter", he felt bored and settled with the situation...or that the broken jar, Ha Jones, just spread his hands and answered.

Anyway, as he said--because he hates thinking too much, he decided not to think so much...

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