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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1062

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Chapter 1062: Pre-war meeting.

Soldiers are fast, and military operations are different from some noble meetings that can talk about the future while having a banquet. As long as a crisis breaks out, a conversation about war can begin at any time and anywhere. So in punk, he joined the "Guardian of the Falun Early in the morning of the second day of the "League of Allies", a meeting that required all guardians to attend was accompanied by the news that seven or eight new abyssal rifts had opened.

This time there were a lot of legendary professionals, including punk himself. Fifteen legends gathered in the royal palace of Mithril King City by projection or ontology. In fact, the morning star mage calmly pushed away. When the door walked down the stairs, he had already seen ten clear humanoid projections that did not hide their faces and four professionals who came onto the body were discussing with each other around a three-dimensional map.

There is no doubt that the four people who used the ontology to participate in the meeting were Anthony, the priest who visited punk last night, Iberfil who was carefully analyzing tactics, and Karan and Ha Jones from the Wizards Guild, and they were clearly divided into two. The projections standing next to Antony and Iberfel are naturally the legendary priests sent by the Pantheon to "support" the Mage Guild, and the "volunteers" who voluntarily stepped into the Karamus Empire to save innocent creatures.

However, until now, the "meeting" has not actually officially started, because even though punk has walked gently to the side of the three-dimensional map showing the territory of the entire Karamus Empire, the Guardian Alliance still has a nominal The "temporary highest decision maker" did not arrive at the scene.

Yes, it was the unreliable "Astral Wolf" Donnella.

Hearing that this guy is late for a meeting is already a routine procedure, although at first some people thought he was going to pretend to be a leader and put on an official score, but after a little understanding of this "Legend Husky" "After his daily behavior, everyone can only be forced to admit that Donnela really doesn’t take his job responsibilities to heart, and because of such extremely frequent lateness and chaos haha, he would have been after two formal meetings as early as two times. He successfully corrupted all his little prestige.

The reason why everyone is still willing to call the commander who can only talk to the muddy "leader" is purely because he is after all one of the only four Morningstar professionals in this hasty alliance. In fact, he is really doing it now. The people who made suggestions in the entire Karamus Empire were actually the shrewd Karan and the passionate Iberfil.

"I'm really sorry, Mr. Donnela seems to have once again indulged in the study of magic and forgot about time, but please rest assured, I have sent my apprentice to his room to notify him. I want to come in a few minutes at most." "Mr. Wolf should be here soon.... During the period before his arrival, let's learn about the latest advancement of the abyss demons."

Seeing that even the "Destroy Whispers" who had just joined the alliance had arrived at the venue unhurriedly, the legendary mage Karan, who had been speaking for the mage guild, seemed to be embarrassed by the serious late behavior of his "temporary boss". So after pushing the thin glasses on the bridge of her nose a little, she reluctantly acted as the host for the time being and started the explanation of the battle.

I saw this gentle female mage, while controlling the huge three-dimensional model in mid-air, showing various changes, while carefully explaining with clear mental power fluctuations:

"It has been three weeks since the first abyssal rift was opened by the evil red-robed mages until today. Although the footsteps of the cold winter are slowly approaching as the harvest season passes, the cruel and ferocious demons have It will not stop the pace of aggression because of the cold cooling.

In fact, despite the hard work of many professionals headed by Miss Valkyrie, we have successfully destroyed 21 small and medium-sized rifts distributed in the southeast of Karams, but due to our Morningstar level combat power has been Not enough, so the dozen or so large rifts that are enough to release the Demon Lord of the Morning Star have not been destroyed from beginning to end."

Telling the serious facts in an intellectual voice, Karan also pointed his finger at the coordinates of a dozen very eye-catching dark red pyramids on the map.

Obviously, those dark red coordinates undoubtedly represent the "large abyss rift" that can afford the demon lord to travel through space and arrive at Faerun. They are without exception the door of chaos opened by the Morningstar professionals of the Red Robe Mage Guild!

And the attendees could also notice that almost every dark red pyramid is surrounded by a large mess of scarlet silk threads intertwined and woven correspondingly. Those lines usually represent the trajectory of the demon lord, although in essence, this group of Most of the chaotic monsters from the abyss have no specific travel purpose at all, but since every abyss rift has been opened up in the territory of the Karamus Empire, it is still easy for this group of demons who fight in battle all day to come into contact with Karam. The prosperous city of Sri Lanka.

Generally speaking, most of the cities discovered by the devil have no good end. Almost without exception, they all become a gray icon representing "destroyed" on the map. It can be imagined that as time goes by, More and more Demon Lords will emerge from the Abyssal Rift, and their travel range will become larger and larger in the endless battles. When will the existing city of Karams exist safely? It's a problem.

"As you can see, the red robes are still tirelessly opening up new rifts and continuing to release demons. The first abyss lords who were expelled from the rifts are also wandering around the imperial defense line. Although through the joint efforts of many professionals, Most of our people have safely evacuated, but the territory of Karams is still more than half lost. Until three hours ago, the number of innocent people killed and injured had exceeded 3 billion..."

Silently listed a new table next to the map. While telling the current situation, Karan dignifiedly wrote the number "3 billion" in the upper left corner of the table in lingua franca.

But shortly afterwards, she wrote a larger number of "12.2 billion" in the upper right corner of the form, and at the same time, Karana's solemn mental power fluctuations quickly reappeared in the quiet empty palace. Reverberated:

"We have not been able to save everyone. This is undoubtedly an unfortunate fact... But we have no time to be discouraged or discouraged, because there are still 12.2 billion poor people who are thirsting for our help. Next, Iraq Miss Befir will analyze the current life and death dilemma of the Karamus Empire through the various information she has obtained through her personal investigations. I hope that at this meeting, everyone can contribute selflessly to protect the plane of Faerun"!

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