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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1060

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Chapter 1060: problem..

"It's certainly a good move to stay vigilant. In this dangerous world, a perfect sense of confidentiality is absolutely understandable. Then in order to ensure that our next actions can be "according to plan", please explain your personal thoughts. Up".

As a morningstar mage with excellent psychological quality, Punk did not show any impatient attitude because of Anthony's tight-lipped mouth. Although he has never been able to perform all kinds of emotions he wants to perform like Kane, but "Destroy Whispers" "The technique of keeping expressionless has already been practiced.

At least during the conversation, the caster felt that his performance should be quite in line with the good image of a cold-faced partner, the fluent and concise Pastor Morningstar did not seem to show obvious suspicion or dissatisfaction for this. The other party's mental power fluctuations and even facial expressions are as friendly and calm as always.

With the help of the slightly red moonlight, Anthony stared at a shadow in the corner of the room while avoiding punk's dark golden eyes and said clearly:

"Okay, so first of all, we have a reason to be clear about the fact that our actions to subvert the Karamus Empire must not be rushed, and our destruction must be moderate enough. I believe Mr. "President" must also be in harmony with the god of justice. The husband doesn’t want to force Messoul to come back from the star realm, right? Although theoretically speaking, destroying the magic garden full of wealth will destroy the "arch mage"'s "mind purification solvent" to a greater extent. Auxiliary production capacity, at that time, even the mighty Messul may need to be rebuilt for millions of years in the magic garden before it can start a potion transaction with the Pantheon again, but...it must be admitted that now "mind purification" The soaring price of "solvent" has caused too many dissatisfaction with the gods. Although it is necessary to stop its production, it is completely in our interests to stop it for too long...

What's more, no one hopes that Messoul and the mad dragon Tiamat can really fight forever, right? If he loses, it’s really troublesome. After all, we both need this guy who has the courage and disobedience to restrict the "Pantheon Gods". God knows that those indecisive people have not made a decision until today. Okay, do you want to completely turn your face with the Mage Guild, especially the goddess of life... She simply doesn't even attend the meeting now. "


This is a discourse that reveals a lot of information. Although the core, the god of justice, has not yet been clarified, some problems have been clearly exposed.

Of course, as long as Anthony wants to cooperate, he cannot conceal all the information related to the mission. After all, punk is not his subordinates and will not unconditionally obey orders. He still needs to give the most help if he wants the help of the Morningstar Master. Basic reasonable explanation.

And it is estimated that from the perspective of this "clean glow", these "small details" punk should have been understood for a long time, what he said now is only to comply with the orders of his immediate boss:

"Well, I'm not sure why His Highness Tyre has to ask me to confirm these issues with you, but my advice to His Excellency Tyre is to destroy the huge population of Karamus and cut off the benefits of Messoul's soul. This is enough to ensure that Messul will not be able to rebuild the production of "Mind Purification Solvent" within 30,000 to 50,000 years, and all our actions are in the name of the Pantheon. In the end, the source of the anger of the Mage Guild will only be traced back. To the "Pantheon of the Gods"... Now I am honored that this proposal has been adopted, so in tomorrow's meeting, we need to grasp the key metrics."

"Okay, I am sure I am very good at grasping "measures" in any sense. I manipulate "measures" just like chefs are good at cooking.

"...This statement sounds really reassuring. Of course, I believe you are an excellent Morningstar Mage, so in the next period of time, you and I will fight side by side as partners."

"It's really an honor for me, Mr. Vodakari..."

"This is also my honour, Lord Sai'an."



After an awkward polite remark, this time the somewhat inexplicable "two-party talks" came to an end. In the end, Anthony, with a slightly stiff smile, consciously exited the punk room and closed the wooden door. Punk just stood expressionlessly by the moonlit window and watched Pastor Chenxing's departure.

For a moment, the needle could fall in the silent air, and the shadows on the floor seemed to slowly expand in the shining of the morning light.

"This is really interesting, the gods? The god of justice, Tyr? So it seems that the red robe mage chairman Eman may have the so-called third set of "plans." This is the "guild leader." Spreading nets on multiple sides? Fishing everywhere?"

After sending away the uninvited guest Anthony, punk's eyes instantly became cold and gloomy.

Without a second word, Mage Morningstar took out the magic crystal card and sent his question to the "guild leader" who didn't know where he was now.

This matter is no longer a casual trifle. Pastor Morningstar’s compliance with Tyre’s question is probably a preliminary temptation. In this case, punk has a reason, regardless of selfishness or justice. Ask the "chairman" for some things, and it is necessary for someone who is completely invisible to the crown of the "Sun Throne" to give an explanation to his "subordinates."

But what the punk who is passing information through the magic crystal card does not know is that just outside his door, Anthony, who is standing in the deserted corridor and wearing a white robe, also slowly dissipated while releasing several concealed magic arts. There is a friendly smile on his face, and in the palm of his hand, a small shrine is emitting a glowing luster in the quiet air...

"Report to Your Highness Tyre, follow your orders. This time the temptation is over... The mission objective that "Whisper of Destruction" got from the "President" is obviously not the same as our previous plan, but the morning star The mage said very little, and the expression and mental power fluctuations remained unchanged from beginning to end, and I never dared to look directly at the strange pair of dark golden pupils, so at this moment, even I can hardly judge whether you have been the "guild leader". Your deceit, I will continue to observe carefully and be ready to report...above!"

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