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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1055

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Chapter 1055: Argue with reason.

"Astral Wolf" Donnella uses the image of a chubby middle-aged man, but although this guy has the title of "wolf", his performance and appearance seem to be described as "Astral Husky". It seems more appropriate. At least on the surface, this fat man with old curly hair and no robes but in a gorgeous and bloated light green noble costume is like the most typical of the bard's story. The idiot aristocratic dude has a "bright image", and even if we study his "action" of constantly tearing steaks from the beginning of the meeting, Donnella doesn't even possess the last bit of aristocratic domestic and foreign gentleman advantages.

However, no matter how idle and rude, everyone has to admit that Mr. Augustine, who represents the interests of the Mage Guild, is a powerful 46th-level Morningstar spellcaster, and he is also a guardian. The league’s current nominal highest decision maker.

Perhaps the title of "temporary leader" always sounds a bit different, but the people attending the meeting are all professionals of the "good and lawful camp". In theory, they only have the right to make their own suggestions for this war. , And the person who is finally qualified to make a decision is always the Donnella leader who didn't know where Messoul got it.

Well, this is very "order" and very "democratic." Now that there is a leader who appears to be "monopoly" on the surface, the Guardian League of elites must have the opportunity to become an epic justice organization. wrong?

But in fact, this "temporary leader" who was obviously drawn into a strong man does not have the slightest sense of responsibility. For example, now he is obviously participating in an important meeting concerning the fate of the guardian, but his "stupid nobleman" performance It's a bit too "close to the people"............

"The chefs here must not know that I like salty ketchup, but I have to talk to them in the next meeting. The sweet taste is totally evil."............

Although he was mentally complaining about the unpalatable food, in fact, Donnela still stuffed his chubby mouth with large chunks of steak. The face of tasting food can undoubtedly be described as "really fragrant."

Of course, out of basic courtesy needs, the morningstar mage who was chewing on the steak did not ignore Miss Iberfeld, the "valkyrie" who just "rised", so after making a rough complaint casually, this kindly The fat man began to look at the meeting ally who was so angry that his cheeks were flushed with a dazed gaze, and explained embarrassingly:

"Ahem, the steak is so delicious that it attracts all my attention. The sweet and fragrant food is indeed an alternative confession... What, what do you want to say, dear Miss Iberfeld "?

"...Punk-Sean! This guy is a heinous evil person. You, as the leader, have no reason to let his presence taint our sacred alliance. That's all I want to say!"

Staring angrily at the bewildered eyes of her immediate boss, the "righteous girl" who was already so excited that she leaned forward didn't care about Donnela's pretending to be stupid, even if the opponent was a Morningstar professional who was stronger than herself, I don't know how much. But as long as the practice of justice, Iberfil is still not afraid of a factual and profound argument!

After all... a "righteous person" who admits to death can always have the opportunity to express her own suggestions and opinions, and her remarks that "just speak up" can't be ignored by most people.

So after hearing the sincere words of the "valkyrie" who represented the interests of the "volunteers", the "star wolf" who had no choice or thoughts could only helplessly put down the knife and fork in his hand and answered vaguely. Road:

"Well, comrades, Ms. Marta's statement sounds quite reasonable, so what is your opinion? If you have no objections, we will send someone to ask Mr. "Destroy Whisper" outside to leave. Now...but...that...please pay attention, I am now the "temporary leader". Do you understand the meaning of temporary? Don't forget to add the word "temporary""...

"Wait a minute, there are objections below!"


Donnela’s decision was simply dragged down. Before the decision was completed, this guy began to repeatedly emphasize the irrelevant identity of his "temporary" leader. In this case, this dragged "linguistic art" "Sure enough, it gave the other members of the meeting a chance.

In fact, before he could finish his words, the Pastor Morningstar, "Clean Glow" Anthony Vodacari, who had been sitting directly opposite Iberfel, interrupted the "temporary lord" with a serious expression. Procrastination.

Moreover, in the current situation, the Archbishop of Morningstar, who represents the interests of the Pantheon, will not save any face to the Mage Guild. I saw that in front of a few participants, this little priest wearing a creamy white robe was also upright on the spot. 'S stood up.

The object of his rebuttal was of course Donnella, who was absent-mindedly pulling steaks, but when talking about his own views, Anthony's eyes had always been sternly at the "righteous girl" Ibei who did not shrink from facing him. Phil.

"I have objections! As Mr. Messoul emphasized before, now the entire plane of Faerun is facing a fatal threat. We should unite every help that can be united to fight against the evil in the abyss. The doctrine of “God” also clearly states that “we should treat our allies liberally, so that neutral people have the opportunity to approach kindness, perceive justice, and work hard to resist evil”! So I think we should accept those who come to join us. Mr. Punk-Sean, and treat him as a like-minded ally to give fairness and trust"!


"I never agree with this view, like-minded friends? The evil people in my bones are not worthy of being friends with me. The existence of this kind of guy will only make our alliance fall apart step by step! Mr. Vodacarli, you are so famous In the end, the messy speaks with the intention"!

With this slap shot, a large crack appeared on the hard wooden table amidst the loud sound. The "valkyrie" who was so angry that she was dancing with blond hair could no longer consider her status as an ordinary legend at this moment, although she knew Using this attitude to talk to a Morningstar professional is simply a provocation, but for the justice in my heart not to be tarnished, and for the good friends to avoid persecution............

"Today, even if the blood is splashed on the spot, you can never agree to the priest's statement, and you must not allow that obviously malicious guy to step into this Mithril King City that shelters tens of billions of creatures"!

Staring intently at Anthony’s eyes, the Valkyrie’s impulsive thoughts are so decisive and even decisive at this moment. Although she doesn’t understand why a priest of a “good camp god” wants to protect an evil person, she can’t allow herself. Give in to this "unprovoked" rebuttal.

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