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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1050

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Chapter 1050: meeting dismiss.

"Brute force? It's also a kind of brute force! After all, even I can't use strategy to solve problems forever, and my strategy is far from reaching the so-called "exhaustive strategy". In fact, in many situations My many plans and analyses are just a last resort. If you can use more convenient "brute force" to get things done, who would have the leisure to think about boring plans? Put every bit of energy and wisdom Isn’t it good to be used to pursue the mystery of magic? After all, only strength is the most useful power in this world."

Listening to the simple emotion of punk, the "guildmaster" did not deny that his idea of ​​lending Yaori-level magic equipment was using "brute force" to deal with trouble.

However, in his words at this time, the talk about "strategy" and "brute force" was also unknowingly contaminated with a hint of inexplicability.

It seems that even under the crown of the shining sun throne has his own unique feelings and sighs about this topic. In his eyes, he has never even looked at his combined wisdom as a kind of proud capital... All conspiracies, plans, and calculations are, in the final analysis, just to make up for the lack of strength.

Conspiracy is only a precise remedy for lack of strength, and the "chairman" sees this fact very thoroughly...

Of course, after briefly expressing his views, he did not forget to bring the conversation back to the topic. Now that the details of the new plan and the safety protection measures are finished, the "chairman" can also guarantee that the "spoiler" of punk will only go to Kara. The Ms Empire will definitely be able to join the Justice League, so at this moment... the only remaining question is the "remuneration" bid that needs to be discussed in detail.

Mingren don’t talk secretly, talk about money doesn’t hurt feelings, a happy and excellent price tag is the beginning of a good cooperation, neither the Master of Morningstar nor the Crown Prince Yaori like to talk around. People, so I saw the gray sphere projection on the round table, and then the front of the conversation turned and said bluntly:

"This time the task is very important, but my work is countless-in fact, I have to keep an eye on Tiamat not to let her go crazy, and also to keep an eye on Messoul not to let him escape. In the end, I I don't want to let the next hell "calling" fall on me, so I am also planning to help Mr. Eman, who is "greedy for life and fear of death," make a big news...I am too busy, but Except for a few executors, you and the "Instant Kill Gun" two Morningstar professionals, there is no one available, and your mission work this time has to become important!

Especially you, Mr. "Destroy Whisper", your position is the same as that of Mr. "Instant Kill Gun", no one can replace it. Although the Morning Star Knight is obviously better at performing deception and arranging conspiracies, no matter what the Pantheon is. If you want to entrap Messeur, it is impossible to allow a professional from the evil chaos camp to join the alliance of "resisting evil". In this case, you are the only person who has the opportunity to complete the mission goal."

As always, the "chairman" did not deliberately downplay the importance of punk in order to keep the price down. Perhaps for him, the old Yaori powerhouse, the amount of remuneration is nothing at all. It is very necessary to let the caster know how important his work is.

Of course, the "chairman" also knows that punk's biggest concern is the amount of remuneration, so his performance in this area is also quite generous.

"The reward is not a problem. If the mission is completed this time, you can get a full ten times the total reward of magic materials in return, and the spoils you get in the war can also be owned by yourself, even if the mission is Going smoothly, I can also promise you that I will provide all the knowledge and auxiliary medicines you need to advance to "Huiyue"."

The rhetoric, the tone is indifferent, that kind of non-fluctuation of mental power information is like discussing again without any waves of weather clouds, but what one said is the "knowledge, resources, and promotion" trinity of huge rewards!

The wealth and wealth under the Crown of the Sun Throne has always been so extraordinary. The precious help Huiyue needs for promotion is to promise to go out, even if it is only now that the morning star mage who is about to break through the forty-fifth level is actually still There is a lot of distance from the Huiyue level, but after hearing precious wealth such as "ten times remuneration" and "necessary knowledge", the punk, who is in desperate need of various Morningstar resources, really has no idea at all.

Isn't it just to provoke discord? Anyway, the Mage Guild has been completely offended and dead, and now to say something arrogant, Messoul’s undead punk is uneasy. Now as long as he can help the "guildmaster" to solve the difficult enemy of the "arch mage", every attack The "executors" who have passed the Master Guild are obliged to do so.

What's more, this generous reward is so sweet and mellow............

"No problem, "Chairman", the mages' guild’s abacus is not worth mentioning. I will let them know how vulnerable the so-called justice and kindness in their eyes are... But finally, let me ask. Is the task assigned to Kane to help Tiamat improve the combat effectiveness of the Demon Army"?

There is no need to hesitate at all. The decisive Morningstar Mage directly accepted this difficult but rewarding "troubleshooting" task. Although punk has never tried to disrupt a legendary organization before, he still has confidence. Let the "Justice League" which is already full of loopholes unrest.

Again, punk has always been an adventurous spellcaster. This guy's behavior is completely opposite to those reclusive legends. Isn't it just making trouble under the nose of a half-crazy Sun Throne? As long as he holds a protective weapon in his hand, the cautious "Destroy Whisper" is also daring to shout out the slogan of "Willing to pluck the emperor off the horse".

Although this kind of reassuring "death" cannot be called "brave"............

However, before ending this mission talk and heading to the Karamus Empire, Punk hadn’t forgotten to ask the "chairman" about his "old friend" Kane-Besadas. He was quite curious that the guy could do What kind of method is used to make it possible for the demon army that has not been able to support the wall since ancient times to have even the most basic war ability.

However, when it comes to confidential information about other tasks, the "chairman" who abides by the rules set by himself does not give an answer in too much detail.

He simply replied while slowly dissipating the pale gray projection:

"Yes, "Instant Kill Gun" will also be responsible for finding ways to arm the demons' army, but his main task is to keep an eye on the actions of those red robes... Actually this task is not strictly speaking. What I posted to him was derived from the suspicious thoughts of that old fellow Eman...Well, these things have nothing to do with you, Mr. "Destroy Whispers"."

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