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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1047

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Chapter 1047: The tricky status quo.
The legendary red robe on the video is obviously a downright evil camp professional. After completing the precise coordinate positioning, this guy looked at the Karamus Empire in the distance and laughed like he had done something to be proud of. , And under his feet, the blood-red abyss gate has completely opened its path, and countless crazy demons covered with deformed bone spurs and spewing fiery lava in their mouths have also squeezed out from the door.

Even in the deep and bloody door, punk can clearly see a "monster" with a huge mountain-like body is holding the door frame with its claws and pulling it hard. Its huge and hard body has tens of thousands of bones. The low-level demon of the plan was squeezed into pieces.

"Is there a secondary lord guarding the door just after the door was opened? It seems that the wave of demons over the abyss might have been prepared for a long time, although the cannibalism of the demons will help the kingdom of Karamus to clean up about a hundred More than 90% of the "Abyss Cannon Fodder", but the remaining Balor, Bad Demon, Quasse Demon, and Spider Stalker must be enough to make the border of the Karamsi Empire feel "bloody war" in many cities on the border. It's cruel."

Watching the black and red waves rushing to the distant city clusters one after another, watching the demon sub-lords who only squeezed their claws out of the door, while crushing his own soldiers with brute force, shredding the earth and space with brute force, Punk will soon be able to analyze Tiamat’s general plan............

Open the rift in the abyss and turn the entire Karamus Empire into a paradise raged by demons. Yesterday of bloody battle in hell is tomorrow of the Mage Guild. Anyway, the amount of demon cannon fodder is innumerable and worthless. As long as the rift in the abyss guarded by the demon sub-lords is not Closed, Karamus just can't dream of getting even another day of peace!

Of course, it would be better if you can use this method to provoke Messul who is hiding in the magic tower of the sun. The caster believes that the "guildmaster", Tiamat, and even the red-robed wizards may be there now. Staring at every move of the tower of the shining sun, as long as the "arch mage" that the enemy looks around dares to show up and waits for him, the result will be a tragic end of "group and attack"!

On the surface, it seems that the Mage Guild, or to be more precise, this time Messoul really seems to be facing a huge dilemma. After all, the Karamus Empire provides a lot of soul benefits and many magic resource benefits for the Mage Guild. The core area of ​​Messoul, the Yaori-class magic garden and his last nest, the Yaori magic tower, can be built in this vast country.

To the current president of the Mage Guild, allowing the fall of the Karamus Empire is equivalent to cutting off the source of magic benefits that he has carefully cared for and giving up the last refuge. I believe that such a huge loss is absolutely unacceptable to the "arch mage". ——He can live to this day by counting on the indestructible tower of the sun to withstand disasters. If even this high tower falls in the crowded tactics of the demon lords, he will really be as big as the world and no one can stand. The land.

But... Even so, is this invasion of the abyss really a bad thing for Methul and the entire wizard guild?

With just a little thought, punk can answer with certainty—not only is it not a bad thing, it's a good thing! And it is a great thing to have a chance to survive in the Jedi!

Previously, "Destroy Whispers" speculated that the possible losses that Messur might have suffered were based on the fall of the "Kalamdor Empire". In fact, this country ruled by the Mage Guild would really not be able to resist from The invasion of the abyss?

Obviously, it is impossible to resist!

The march of the demons is indeed vast and boundless. It is not surprising that the demonic sub-lords form a strengthening and even dispatch together, but to say the actual destructive power that this group of guys can cause... punk can only be said to be very, very, very, very destructive. Limited, after all, demons are a species that is best at "self-destruction". Their primary target is always only the option of "things that move closer to themselves". The cannibalism of this group of lunatics can completely help their enemies. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Solve ninety-nine percent of one's own forces. Don't look at the mighty bloody wave like a tsunami, covering the sky and obscuring the sun, but in fact, the number may have been halved before they rushed to the nearest city. .

What's more, under the premise of "Abyss Invasion", Messoul is definitely not alone without allies. Don’t forget that the Karamus Empire is one of the only three populous countries in the entire Faerun, and it is still An ancient country that nominally belongs to the "good and lawful" camp!

This also means that the good gods in the Pantheon have to follow the rigid orders of the priesthood to help the wizard guild resist the endless wave of demons, whether they like it or not, even if all the gods now know that all the troubles are Metz. Ur was provoked by himself, but who made them the gods of the good camp? Even if they feel disgusting from the bottom of their hearts, they have to honestly help the "good ally" who just pitted themselves to defeat the enemy!

So up to this point, Messoul, who had lost his only trusted assistant in the assassination and exposure plan of the "Chairman", almost completely understood him, instantly once again possessed a group of "not afraid of hardship, not afraid of tiredness". , A good "brother" willing to be cannon fodder"............

If nothing else, the "Archmage" who has learned the lesson this time will definitely use the opportunity of this war to completely wipe out the insane five-color dragon Tiamat, and at the same time package himself as a "killer for the people". The righteous hero morally kidnapped the entire hapless pantheon. If the "guild leader" still wants to kill him... then the degree of difficulty may rise exponentially.

"Ms. Tiamat did a stupid thing. Didn't her impulsive behavior "give me a head" to Messoul? Now I don't know if the people of the Red-robed Mage Guild can delay the Karamus Empire. Victory... But from the perspective of the combined power of the Pantheon and the Mage Guild, it is only a matter of time before the abyss camp, which has no organization and discipline and even internal fighting, will usher in defeat."

Some helplessly expressed their feelings, and punk's tone could not help being mixed with a little unhappy and irritable.

He is now a "collaborator" who killed so many legendary members of the Mage Guild, but he has already offended Messoul to death. After the counterattack is relieved, I am afraid that the next situation will become very troublesome and tricky immediately, even if the "guild leader" unfortunately ushered in the final result of the defeat............

Ahem, I seem to have forgotten to ask Aikar, the god stick, whether the reward given by the Pantheon is generous enough.

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