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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1043

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Chapter 1043: Transparent box.
"Where are you, beautiful princess?

The white castle is carved with golden strands,

Look, look, the light of Mira shines on the armor of the warrior.

Listen, listen, the residual heat of Chikasa boiled the dry earth.

Beautiful princess, where are you?

The subjects of the kingdom are still waiting for you,

The tailor's needle and thread knit the colorful robe

The wedding ritual has raised the curtain,

Your Royal Highness, Your Royal Highness, the grand wedding is about to begin.

But why is your beautiful figure still not showing up"............

Walking on the green ground and gently reaching out to push away the mist, Aikar sang this beautiful nursery rhyme while striding towards the center of the goddess of life. Due to the strong sense of direction, even if he did not use magic to assist him He was able to walk in a straight line, calmly penetrating through the twilight and flowing mist, and it was not difficult to see from Pastor Chenxing’s still gentle and smiling face that he was not only surprised at this deadly and empty state of God, but even at This path without roads is already familiar.

The dark green mist in the silent world is thick and deep. The more you walk in it, the more these mists like children who are eager for playmates will continue to entangle the entity creatures, that is, use force to disperse them. More fog around will soon linger, so in fact these mischievous thick fog effectively slowed down Aikar's pace of action... But with the step by step of the clean white boots at the feet of the chief priest , The Kingdom of God, whose overall space was in a compressed state, was quickly crossed a long distance. Until the nursery rhyme that Aikar had been chanted was repeated three times, he had already arrived at the target location he wanted to reach.

There is a green floor that is the same as other areas of the kingdom of gods, but the only difference is that on this floor, there is the only "material" in the entire goddess of life that can be called a building.

It was a transparent square box no more than two meters high. The dark green mist that formed a whirlwind did not approach this "only building" trend at all. I saw that with dim light and shadow, the thin box walls were like moonlight. Before the water wave shone with a little crystal luster, the transparent and pure texture is like liquid ice flakes as clean and icy.

And in this large square box, the enclosed "creature" is a little girl wearing a dark green dress, with dark green eyes, and dark green long hair, despite her petite figure and fairness. The small face is a bit sickly and weak, but this weak posture can't hide her delicately crafted and lovely features.

This is a delicate and cute little creature like a doll. At this moment, the girl with innocence and expectation in her eyes is staring through the wall of the box, staring at the big Shui Lingling with her eyes staring in one direction, crystal clear. Tears shone like weeping, and her tight lips flushed slightly.

It must be admitted that the look of a small animal looking forward to the owner's arrival looks distressing. If it hadn't been for this transparent box to block her movement, I am afraid that the little girl would have been eager to run out alone.

But fortunately, Little Lolita's expectation did not need to continue, because with a thick mist slowly splitting a hole, a man with a white luster lingering around her body had already strode out of the silence.

It was at the same moment when I saw this man, the excited little girl cheered loudly:

"Big bad Aikar! Big bad Aikar how did you come? Do you know how long I have been waiting for you, huh, I want a stuffed bear as compensation...and eat delicious honey pie, I still want to eat fruit cake, and I want to drink sweet leaf tea... You promised to make it for me last time, you can't go back on it!"

There is no doubt that Aikar, who has walked to the center of the kingdom of God, is the object of the little girl waiting to see through, and the target that Pastor Morning Star is going to meet when entering the kingdom of God this time is also this delicately crafted and lovely girl.

As for what kind of identity a little girl who is as beautiful as a forest elf is qualified to "live" in this only "building"...... The answer is already obvious............

"The great Goddess of Life, Your Excellency Psyche, it’s a dereliction of duty to keep you waiting for a long time, but the affairs of the Elf King’s Court are too complicated and numerous. Prioritizing "business" is also your order in person. It's limited and helpless. Please kindly forgive your sins."

Gazing at the little girl who was hammering the wall with her pink fist in the transparent box, Aikar, who had already left the mist-shrouded area, did not change his gentle expression with a smile, he just showed a serious look and bowed in place. With their own guilt and helplessness.

However, in Aikar’s tone, the slight perfunctory component is definitely far higher than the literal "please" remarks. It is not so much that the "pious person" at this time is ashamed of his powerlessness, it is better to say He just coaxed the children in a simple and formal way.

Of course, at this time, I don’t know why Ms. Psyche, a great god who became a little girl, obviously didn’t just change her body. Her mind now looks completely just a wayward child of six or seven years old. , She couldn't hear the perfunctory meaning in Pastor Morningstar's words, and even more did not understand what the so-called "please" means.

For the goddess of life in the state of a little girl, Aikar’s gentle, smiling eyes are enough to cheer him up. Even if the look of exhaustion and pain still lingers in the heart of the innocent Psyche, but lying on the transparent wall She is still willing to face her most valued "Mr. Pastor" with strong fighting spirit.

"Oh, I forgive you, hurry up and show me the cute Mr. Bear, you promised me to bring a little cloth bear... and I also want to eat honey pies and fruit cakes. …………"

"I know, I know, I won't miss an appointment, see what this is? Freshly baked honey pie ~ and fruit cake made with peach and pear pulp~"

Seeing the "innocent and innocent" happy appearance of his goddess, the smiling Aikar straightened up and approached the transparent square box. In his palm, there was a small pink cake and two palms. The golden pie finally appeared as promised.

Those are two delicious sweets that are sure to be popular with little girls. The golden honey exudes a faint sweet aroma, and the pink flesh can be broken by a blow-just a short time. Qiona’s gaze was frozen on top of the cakes and pies, and she couldn’t move her eyes away. At this moment, when she was thinking about desserts, she still had the energy to pay attention to Aikar’s more and more meaningful smile, how could she understand it? What about Pastor Morningstar's dark and calm gaze?

"Thank you, Aikar, today is such a happy day."

I saw little stars flashing in the emerald-green pupils, the girl said.

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