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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1000

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Chapter 1000: 3 people meeting...

When Punk arrived at the coordinate position released by the "President", Kane, who had been here for a long time, was already sitting cross-legged on the white energy ground and playing the game of throwing and picking a knife. He saw it from the portal. After the caster stepped forward, the "welcome way" of the mad knight was as exaggerated and weird as ever.

I saw him standing up quickly while using his exquisite fighting spirit control to release a dazzling golden firework and said loudly:

"Wow, wow, see who is here? Isn't this our super celebrity punk-Sean? What brought this decent gentleman here? I can't take care of that much, come and enjoy Let’s take a look at his long list of gorgeous and perfect titles—“the most promising new star in the Silent Alliance”? “A cold-blooded killer with no humanity”? “Audacious Madman Mage”...... My uncle thinks his title is okay. Add one more! What do you think of "Mr. Troublesome"?

The so-called "cynic sarcasm can't see that others are better than himself" refers to Kane, who is proud of the evil camp of low-level tastes. The character of "swearing".

Supported by this kind of bad temper and unabashed jealousy thinking, he saw the Morning Star Mage, who was always running in front of him, immediately saying that satire was completely normal "daily" behavior, if one day some golden light shines. It would be surprising that you would shut your mouth for a while.

After all, the two Morningstar powerhouses who have been in a semi-hostile state since the apprenticeship have already met. Punk's 42nd-level professional level and Kane's 40th-level professional level are judged on a higher level. "The gun" can only verbally try to find the place.

But in the face of the sarcasm of the Morning Star Knights, the punk who doesn't like to talk to himself would certainly not have the time to care about a few words with the opponent. He just stared indifferently at Kane, who was almost the same height as his own, and then quickly countered:

"Hehe, the clamor of jumping up and down is the behavior of baboons. After all, only incompetent people will be jealous because of their incompetence, Kane-Visadas, I thought that after tens of thousands of years, how many will you know? There is so little progress."

Still the kind of calm tone as if narrating the truth, or the kind of indifferent eyes that are completely emotional, punk's sharp taunts are obviously more effective than Kane's abuse, because the mad knight's taunts are only taunts, but the caster's taunts. ... but in a sense it is a fact.

In this world, only facts are the most irrefutable and unavoidable, whether they are the parties or the mockers.

"Sean...you damn..."

The angry blond hair began to flow, and the mad knight who had been choked up was completely speechless now.

He wanted to deny the short evaluation of the "old acquaintance" in front of him, but he felt that punk had reached the 42nd level of the profession without making a sound...

"Instantly kill the gun" He is really aggrieved!

Starting from the small village nearly 170,000 years ago, the "enemy of life" galloped right in front of him not too far away, and the unfortunate knight has never been compared even once. One or two levels higher than you, that is, one or two levels higher than you," the voice is now faintly echoing in the ears of the Morning Star Knight, no wonder he can't keep calm when he sees the gloomy punk.

And this time, Kane hadn't been able to find the place with the endless annoying chatter, because even a second had not passed, and the short bickering session ended with the emergence of a gray projection.

Now that the two conference participants have reached this white space, the "chairman" who doesn't like procrastination will naturally enter the venue, and the anger of the mad knight can only be honestly held in his heart.

"Welcome, Mr. "Instant Kill Gun", and you are also welcome, Mr. "Destroy Whisper", for the time being, only three of us will participate in this meeting. To save time, let us hurry to the topic." .

The calm mental power fluctuations slowly released as the rhythm of the gray mist on the round platform emerged. It seemed that they had no idea that Punk and Kane had just been bickering. The "chairman" quickly announced the start of the "conference" as soon as they came up.

It is conceivable that the current body under the crown of the throne of the sun should still stay in the 523rd abyss looking for the "five-color dragon mother" Tiamat, who has not had any news for tens of millions of years, and there are lunatic lords over there. , Lian Huiyue professionals step into it for a while and stay in a dangerous place where there is a high probability that they will not survive. Even if they have the power as strong as the throne of the sun, they are far from safe, so the "guild leader" can still have time Releasing a projection through the curtain of chaos to participate in the meeting can be said to be a proof of bravery and strength, but in order to avoid being caught by the hordes of abyss lords, it is still necessary to hurry up!

As a result, I saw that the meeting place was still full of gunpowder smell, and now it has instantly returned to the peaceful venue. The "chairman" said openly to the punk standing quietly in place:

"For any legend, the bottomless abyss is by no means a place where you can come and go as you want, and the degree of danger here does not allow any traveler to double-heartedly on the way, after all, even if I was turned into The siege of thousands of Huiyue-level demon lord will also be very headache, so there are some things I can't deal with by myself...and even more unfortunately, due to some confidential reasons, Miss Eternal Sleep cannot be performed alone. Any task, so I hope you and Mr. Kane can help me solve problems, and I will follow the rules set by the "executors" and pay generous rewards as the "silent alliance president".

Although a cloud of gray mist has no specific facial expressions or gazes, the solemn punk can still clearly feel the calm eyes of the "guild leader".

And after finishing this paragraph, the mysterious shining throne also seriously explained a humane supplementary message to "Destroy Whispers":

"Of course, unlike Mr. "Instant Kill Gun" over there, Mr. "Destroy Whisper" does not owe any magic resources to me, so you still reserve the right to refuse this extra task, but I I need to remind you that-in this mission battle, you have the right to take all the spoils as your own... I think the abundant Morningstar level magic resources are very important to your plan to perfect your "hole cards". It helps, what do you think"?

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