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Netheril's Glory Chapter 60: Traveling with the convoy.

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Netheril's Glory Chapter 60: Traveling with the convoy. 

More than half an hour has passed since the convoy started their journey again. Lo Lan, with the mind of a child, had long forgotten the unpleasantness at the beginning. And soon, the bored Lo Lan became very curious about Punk, who was now reading something very attentively, and tried to ask questions, but she only received a cold stair from Punk's deep blue pupil that sent a shiver down her spine. So now the little Loli could only retract her small head in fear and comfort herself in her heart: 
"Ignore this bad guy." 


It is said that a man is the most handsome when he is serious. This sentence also applied to this universe. One had to admit that Punk with the bloodline of half ancient elves was extremely handsome, and that kind of ethereal and deep-seated handsomeness had a huge lethality to the young heart of Lo Lan. As time went on, Lo Lan didn't even realize that she had been staring at Punk's face for a long time. 

However, Punk, who was immersed in studying magic knowledge, completely ignored Lo Lan's slightly hot gaze and her immature but beautiful blushing face. 

After several days of the war, followed by several days of escape journey, now sitting inside the carriage, Punk could finally enjoy the comfortable leather seat, and there was also no noisy howling of various wild animals in his ears. And he could finally take a serious look at McNeesey's "legacy" and satisfy his curiosity. 

As for the little Loli who had been staring at himself a long time? Punk didn't even have the leisure to look at her. 

Inside McNeesey's spell notes, in addition to some low-level potion formulas, there were mainly two types of spells recorded in it: one was the life element spells of the Elemental energy system, and the other is the kinetic energy spell of the Incantation system. As McNeesey was a mage who mainly specialized in life energy, the spell records of various life elements were particularly detailed, but it was a pity that Punk's main element of practice was the Ether. 

So life element spells were more or less a kind of reference and support for Punk, while the kinetic force spells made Punk very interested. 

The origin of this kind of spell was very old, but because it required high control from the caster, and the difficulty of learning was also particularly hard, it became very rare, but it also had some great advantages that could not be ignored, such as flexibility and high power. 

Moreover, it was a pure incantation spell, which coincided with the direction of Punk's major. And with the system's assistance, Punk was not worried about the learning difficulty and control problems. So Punk had decided that the main research direction of his next spell would be kinetic spells. 

McNeesey was indeed a veteran official mage. Punk found a lot of unique knowledge and information after reading his notes. There was no doubt about the power of official level spells, but its learning difficulty was also much greater than that of simple apprentice level spells. Even with the help of the system, Punk still felt quite obscure at times, and some unique information would often made Punk be stuck until he gained some enlightenment.

Time always flew quicker if One studied very concentratedly. Unconsciously, Punk had been swimming in the ocean of knowledge for an entire afternoon.

At the end of the day, Mira and Casa, revolving around the plane of Pheren, sank below the horizon, and the night once again enveloped the world. 

The convoy stopped behind a leeward rock, and the soldiers quickly set up the tents and an iron pot to prepare the food. 

The soldiers' food was very simple, boil the water, put the dry food in, and stir it until it became a light yellow paste; at most, they would add some grass leaves for flavors! 

The food for Lo Lan, the old housekeeper, and the trainee-level warrior were more sumptuous. Their bowls contained delicious bread and carefully marinated dried meat, as well as a bowl of vegetable soup for the nutritional balance. 

Punk's food was even better than them; not only he had fresh white bread, but there was also a thick layer of honey on the jerky. 

This food was personally brought to Punk by Lo Lan, who was very dissatisfied. But already a little hungry Punk was not polite; he released a detect toxicity test and started to eat slowly. 

In the world of Pheren, it was very natural to fear and respect the strong. 

While eating dinner and listening to the almost "military intel" type introduction by the old butler about Dolez city and this group, Punk gained a certain understanding of Dolez city.

First of all, the city lord of Dolez was a powerful nobleman. Dolez city and the spice planting farms around the city were his fiefs, and the official-level powerhouse, who watched over the city, was a dwarf warrior. 

Although the city of Dolez was relatively remote, mountainous, and inconvenient for transportation, it still had become a prosperous city relying solely on a large amount of spice exports. 

Finally, there were a hundred and twenty-six small towns around the city of Dolez. These small towns were very closely connected with the main city of Dolez as almost half of the spice originated in those Citys. 

The old butler didn't hide anything about the situation of this small group of Lo Lan, so Punk learned that they were planning to go to the legendary city of opportunities, Dolez city, to find business opportunities to revitalize the Minohorn family.

Although Punk was not optimistic about the business capability of a group consisting of a little tsundere loli, the decadent old butler, and the honest warrior uncle, But he was planning something else in his mind. 

Now he could easily refine apprentice-level and trainee-level potions, so as long as he found a place to seclusion himself in studying spells, selling these potions as a source of income would be very convenient.

And at least in terms of apprentice-level alchemy, no one in Dolez City would be able to compete with him. 

But Punk didn't have time to sell and promote his potions, so he needed a spokesperson, a spokesperson, who could be easily controlled and would not scheme behind his back, to help him sell his potions. 

And now... wasn't there a good spokesperson in front of him! Although this Minohorn family power was almost negligible, it was precisely because of this that it was convenient for him to control it, and also the little Lolita Lo Lan, who was impulsive and childish, would not able to play tricks.

Punk glanced blankly at Lo Lan, who had already fallen asleep.

There was saying amongst the Pheren's nobles, it was impolite to leave the table before the guests, so the sleepy Lo Lan had to accompany Punk and the housekeeper at the campfire. It was already midnight, and now, Lo Lan, who had been fighting hard her drowsiness, finally couldn't endure and fell asleep! 

Punk stretched out his hand to indicate the old butler, who was about to wake up his lady, that he didn't need to do so, then he got up and left his seat, and walked to the camp assigned to him. As he had decided to wait until he approached Dolez to hold a serious discussion with them about their cooperation! 

Lo Lan, who didn't even know that she had already been found by a "great opportunity/big trouble," was lying in the arms of the little maid, sleeping soundly. Under the shine of the dark blue moon Gall, the young girl's long ponytailed hair, which was as smooth as silk, gleamed brightly.
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