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Netheril's Glory Chapter 31: The Battle at the City Gate.

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Netheril's Glory Chapter 31: The Battle at the City Gate. 

On this day, Prince William's army finally reached the walls of Konola city.

With a loud clang sound from their armour, the entire army stopped in their track simultaneously. A narrow road was created in the middle of the army, and a tall man wearing high-level enchanted armour strode out from it. He was dragging a dark red Warhammer behind him; It was so heavy that it left a deep trail on the hard ground. There were many crisscrossing scars on the tall man's bald head, and one long scar extended from his forehead to his chin. Along with his big mouth and row of yellow teeth, He looked incredibly menacing. He also deliberately released his entire aura, which was clearly of an official level powerhouse. 

   "Everyone inside, surrender immediately, and if this uncle is in a good mood, I will let you have a painless death. Hum! Otherwise, this uncle will smash every single brick of this half-broken city into powder."

After the tall man, who seemed like the leader of this army, finished his speech. He raised his Warhammer and violently slammed it onto the ground. A large amount of dust was smashed out; some dirt directly landed onto the wall of Konola. When the dust and sand finally dissipated with the wind, there was a half-meter deep pit out on the ground, where the tall man smashed his Warhammer. 

Looking at the terrified and trembling ordinary soldiers around him, Punk became even less optimistic about the victory of these defenders of Konola City. Even Ignoring the enemy's better equipment and superior numbers, these defenders also lost psychologically before even the war started. 

Except for having the benefit of being a defender inside a city wall, the current Konola City was undoubtedly in a very disadvantageous situation. 

   "And also this enemy general, He is less like an army general and more like a bandit leader. Persuading them to surrender?  Didn't he know that if he didn't give people a way out, that would only turn them into desperadoes? Or maybe…………He is just extremely confident, and he didn't even want them to surrender. Killing all the people in the city is his main purpose. One should know that In the Pheren Plane, morality and justice only existed in the stories, and sometimes even massacring cities to vent anger was common in wars."

   "This situation is not looking too optimistic. It will be best if I leave this place as soon as I get a chance." Punk secretly thought in his heart and increased his vigilance. 

   Of course, the tall man's bullshit persuasion did not succeed. The soldiers and the professionals on the city wall didn't respond except for a firmer look on their faces. Everyone held the weapons in their hands tightly and was ready to fight at any time. 

When the tall man saw this, instead of getting angry, he burst into laughter.

A scarlet battle qi emanated from his body and attached to the armour on his body with mysterious runes. The silver armour instantly turned red and started to exude high temperature. Finally, the red flame-like battle qi overflowed from his hand and flowed into the Warhammer. The Warhammer also quickly turned into a crimson red and exuded a strong suffocating aura after the battle qi's infusion. 

The tall man suddenly yelled. His shout made Punk's ear buzz. A scarlet ring of battle qi exploded under the tall man's feet. Simultaneously, a crimson shield, made of battle qi, formed in front of his body as he started to rush toward the city gate with extreme speed. His speed was so fast that his figure turned into a stream of red light while also creating loud sonic booms in the air. 

   "Not good. This guy wants to break the city gate."
  Punk immediately knew what the tall man wanted to do. The previously high-profile provocations and halfhearted persuasion to surrender were all for this sudden move. Because once the city gate was broken and Konola City had lost its last and the only advantage, it would undoubtedly be defeated swiftly. 

But, how could Mage McNeesey, who was standing next to the city gate at this moment, let him succeed so easily?  
Punk saw that Mage McNeesey pointed at the ground in front of the city gate with his thin and long emerald green staff, and with cracking sound, dozens of sturdy vines, which were more than five meters tall and covered with faint green light, burst out from the ground.

The intertwined vines not only intercepted the tall man's charge but also quickly extended to more than ten meters in diameter and completely blocked the way to the city gate temporarily.

  The tall man shouted and hit the vines with his full speed. A large number of green vines were torn apart by the red hot battle qi shield, but simultaneously more vines took their places and tried to strangle the tall man, who had now lost his protection.

   However, the tall man, who already knew that he could not break the city gate in one shot, did not continue advancing. He leapt back with a very flexible manoeuvre that did not fit his huge figure and easily avoided the vine's strangulation. 

At this time, Mage McNeesey already released a second spell. A dark green ball with a frighteningly strong aura flew toward the tall man's head. Its timing was perfectly calculated. The spell arrived near the tall man, just when he jumped back from the vines and was still midair. The tall man had just used two fighting skills one after another, and he couldn't even dodge midair.

Even after noticing that McNeesey's attack was about to hit him, The tall man had no anxious expression on his face. Suddenly he roared and fiercely hit the dark green ball with his Warhammer.

Punk clearly observed it. The small ball's spell structure containing explosive magical power was crushed by the tall man's battle qi. The remaining spell residues were just splashed around the Warhammer. The originally mighty official-level spells could not cause any damage to another official-level powerhouse. 

   The initially solid dark green ball shattered, and turned into liquid and splashed on the ground, corroding the solid ground into deep pitch-black holes. 

  After that, the tall man turned around in the air and landed easily on the ground. Mage McNeesey did not attack again. The two official-level powerhouses looked at each other for a while! Although the battle just now was complicated and thrilling, it was just a few seconds long. Those who were not strong enough could only see a few red and green flashes in midair. Only the professionals at the trainee level could see the exciting and terrifying confrontation that just happened. 

"McNeesey, I can see that you have not been sitting still all this time, but your improvements are far worse than mine. It is not too late to leave this muddy water. I will advise you to stay away from that willful princess, and if I am in a good mood, I will treat it as if I didn't see you!"

 The big man put the Warhammer on his shoulders and shouted on top of his lungs to admonished  Mage McNeesey. 

"Lunka, In the long time that I didn't see you, you have improved a lot, but still, you don't deserve even to carry my shoes. Now it's too late to regret. Hurry up and find a pit and bury yourself. I will leave some flowers for you when I am in a good mood."

Mage McNeesey used a sombre tone that contained a hint of mocking to advise the tall man. 

"In that case, there is nothing to say."
 Lunka, who had been bohemian since his appearance, now had a gloomy expression. He turned around and, step by step, walked back inside the army, and sat on the high platform which was for the army commander. And after Looking at a knight beside him, he waved his hand gently and said- 

   "Start the siege~"
With a seemingly random wave of army commander Lunka's hand, the sound of trumpets and a magically amplified call for the siege spread across the field!

From behind the army, professionals carrying ladders rushed towards the wall at a faster speed than ordinary soldiers. The dense rain of arrows shot from the wall could not penetrate their skin covered with battle qi, but soon after the rain of arrows, devastating spells descended from the sky.

   The flames of spells covered the sky, clusters of battle qi bloomed on the ground. Amidst the screams of dying soldiers and the clanging sound of colliding weapons, a magnificent battle started!
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