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Netheril's Glory Chapter 41: A cruel method of retreat.

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Netheril's Glory Chapter 41: A cruel method of retreat.

The mage armor filled with glowing mana was slowly rotating around Punk, and Kane's golden battle qi from his body illuminated a small area around him in the dark night. Just when it seemed like this still and silent atmosphere was going to last indefinitely- 


From the distant darkness, a slender but very sharp blade flew over. The tip of the short blade that had been dyed black by shadow energy slammed into Punk's Mage armor and made a crisp trembling sound! The light of the mysterious runes circulating in the mage armor flickered faintly, and the attack was easily bounced off by it without sustaining any damage. 

Punk's mind went on overdrive, and with a low and vague sound of chanting, the spell 'secondary sonic blade' was successfully performed by him within a short time of one second. Dozens of translucent blades vibrating at a high-frequency appeared out of thin air outside the mage armor; these light white etheric energy blades were making a harsh noise that was very tinnitus. As Punk completed the casting, all of them were launched toward the targeted direction while creating fan-shaped afterimages as they were cutting through the deep darkness. Finally, all these blades hit the empty ground and created a large number of small, neatly cut soil and stone fragments. The energy blades then submerged into the ground and continued to vibrate at a high frequency, which instantly turned the surrounding hard rocks and soils into debris that was then flung into the air. 

But... there was no outcome, as this spell hit the completely empty space, and it was just a pure waste of mana. Although the enemy briefly exposed their position when attacking, Punk and Kane did not dare to pursue them, as there was still another Assassin who was hiding in the gloomy night, waiting for an opportunity to attack! 

Feeling his dwindling mana reserve, Punk realized that the powerful defensive barrier would not last very long...

At this time, Kane, who was shining like an electric light bulb, suddenly turned around, looked at Punk, and then put on a sparse and ordinary but unconcealed grim smile. 

"I say~Brother Mage! I heard...that those who are usually weak and cowardly will explode with incredible power at the moment of life and death~  ~~what do you think about this!" 

"At least that's how it is written in knight novels"!

Punk answered without even looking at Kane. But he knew that both of them were thinking the same plan. But it was not that unusual as there were very few options in front of them at this moment.

But in Punk's thoughts, such an "insidious plan" was not worth showing off, So when Kane said this, He gently stroked the broken staff in his hand and didn't talk much. Now there was only endless coldness in the depth of his eyes! 

"I guess then today~ we can try the authenticity of such knight novels!" 

Kane's eyes were instantly filled with excitement and hysteria as he opened his mouth and sneered. Then he suddenly turned around and pierced the Lance in his hand, radiating with dazzling brilliance, unhesitatingly and mercilessly into Putt's lower abdomen.  The Lance filled with battle qi made a terrible wound in Putt's abdomen, and a large amount of blood came out unceasingly, which stained the grass under Kane and Punk's feet red in a blink of an eye! 

Ignoring Putt's unbelievable eyes, Kane put on a near-perfect "brother next door" gentle smile and injected a lot of battle qi into Putt's body through the Lance, which could improve Putt's physical strength for a short time. 

Putt fell on the ground, which was wet with his own blood.  He didn't scream or cursed, and there was only a confused expression on his face... This only meant that he still doesn't believe it, or he didn't want to believe that his trusted "comrade" suddenly attacked him for no reason.

Kane pulled out the Lance from Putt's stomach, and a splash of blood gushed out and stained half of his body armor. The blood that was still left on Kane's Lance slowly started to fall on the ground, drop by drop, along its tip. Kane's silhouette became glowing red as the radiance of his battle qi came through his bloody armor............ 

Punk glanced indifferently at Putt, who was now holding his wound tightly and trembling constantly. He had to say that Kane did a good job. The trauma caused by the sudden vicious attack made Putt, who only had a few spells, lose the ability to take any action, and then forcefully injected battle qi that ensured Putt's would survive and stay conscious even if he lost most of his blood. He also deliberately severed important arteries to make sure that Putt would immediately die when the battle qi infused by him was exhausted. The enemy, as Assassins, did not have any healing method like those of priests, so they would only get a dead body instead of a talking and alive person! 

Kane carried the Lance on his shoulders and turned his head slightly toward Punk, which obviously meant-

"I have done this for us. You should show some sincerity." 

Punk, like always, didn't pay attention to Kane. He looked at Putt, who was still in shock, but he didn't feel any emotion. He didn't have the guilt and sadness of his companion dying in an insidious scheme, and he also didn't have Kane's "my scheme succeeded" excitement. In his mind, there was only one very simple thought-

"Oho---, another living thing is now dead." 

Punk lightly shrugged at Putt, which was a form of sympathy and ridicule at the same time. Then Punk cast a 'Secondary mage armor on Putt and several other protective spells. Of course, this was not Punk's kindness, but he just wanted Putt to resist the enemy's attacks a few extra times, So that it could delay the enemies as much as possible! 

Although all of these Punk and Kane's actions were complicated and well thought out, they were all completed in just a few seconds. After finishing the arrangement, they immediately put away the costly defensive means and exploded fiercely with the spells and fighting skills that they had already prepared and started to sprint toward the direction of the distant Konola City with all their strength, leaving the uncaring Putt behind, who now shrank into a ball from the intense pain from his whole body and began to moan! 

Now with Putt lying on the ground, the enemies would never dare to chase them and leave their back vulnerable. Because, although everything happened in front of their eyes, no one could be sure that, this cowardice Putt was not just pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger, and Punk and Kane's ruthless display wasn't deliberately performed to confuse them.

So If they don't want to suffer a sudden pincer attack as soon as they turned around, they must first solve the problem that was now lying on the ground, the seemingly helpless Putt who has lost combat ability. 

"This world is very cruel, and unless you are detached from the world or so powerful that no one can challenge you...you are at the Marcy of someone else."

The surrounding scenery illuminated by moonlight turned into a blurry oil painting in Punk's vision, because of his high-speed. Punk was now wrapped in a transparent force field that eliminated air resistance; because of it, he could now rush across the ground quickly, despite the strong wind pressure brought up by his extreme speed. The stems and leaves of the tender grass and flowers were ruthlessly broken. Their roots were also crushed, and now there were only fragments of broken leaves left in the original green ground.

Putt was obviously not the protagonist of a novel. Although Punk and Kane applied some protection on him, he had no thought of resistance after he fell on the ground. His mind was filled with fear and surprise.

Because of it, he was solved by the two Assassins with four or five moves. Until the last moment before Putt death, he still wondered why the "chivalrous and gentle" brother knight who once said that he would cover his back, suddenly attacked him and why the "cold-faced and warm-hearted" senior Punk not only didn't stop him but stood aside with an indifferent expression.

But it was a pity that he would never have the opportunity to figure it out again!

Suddenly a sharp and terrifying crashing sound abruptly echoed in the night sky, then the Westland under the moonlight once again became quiet and still!
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