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Netheril’s Glory: Chapter 1: Multi-dimensional universe

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Netheril's Glory Chapter 1: The Multi-dimensional Universe.

In the unmeasurable and mysterious Void, there were two ways a Universe comes into existence. One was the explosion of an infinitely small and infinitely dense singularity that forms an expanding universe, and the other type was a universe that suddenly comes into existence from the singularity and slowly expands; the Multi-dimensional Universe was the latter. 

 Different types of Universe had different kinds of fundamental laws that govern everything in that Universe.

The Multi-dimensional Universe also had its own set of laws.
In this Universe, countless small and big bubble-like things float around. Each of these bubbles was a plane. And the gravity of these planes was not determined by their mass but produced by the plane core. The plane core's gravity was not equal in all directions, which sometimes caused many planes to form some strange shapes.


Countless years have passed since the birth of the Multi-dimensional Universe; numerous planes were born and destroyed silently. 

 Finally, on a certain day, The  Multi-dimensional Universe gave birth to its own consciousness. It was the Heaven. Heaven had no material body; it was just a collection of thoughts, the thoughts of the Multi-dimensional Universe itself.

 So Its most urgent and important thought was to keep everything balanced in this Universe and steady development of its foundation.
But, unfortunately, things were not as simple as the rigid thoughts of the will of Heaven. And the tranquillity of this Universe, which lasted for an unmeasurable amount of time, was about to end. 

 "Mother of Pain," A void-level powerhouse who suddenly started to attack the will of Heaven.
Mother of Pain was a powerful existence that used plunder as the means of development. Compared to the very prolonged development of a void class powerhouse, it was much faster and easier to just plunder the fruit of other people's labor.

And this time, The will of the multi-dimensional Universe, a.k.a. the will of Heaven, was her goal.
But the will of Heaven certainly won't just sit still and let her attack.
 So It started counterattacking at the instant Mother of Pain expressed her hostile intention.
And a breathtaking battle started between two void-class powerhouses.


 After a long battle, The will of Heaven barely won even with the huge home ground advantage. Mother of Pain miscalculated Heaven's strength,

which led to her defeat, and now she became trapped inside this Universe and could not leave. As a last resort, she sealed herself in a Sigil to recuperate.

The will of Heaven also didn't want to let her go, because devouring a void-class powerhouse like the Mother of Pain would be of great benefit to its own development. Also, the multi-dimensional Universe suffered huge damages because of this war, and if It could extract some Origin energy from the Mother of Pain, then it would have made up for the losses and more. 

However, currently, it had more important matters to attend...... which was to patch the multi-dimensional Universe as soon as possible.

In this war, the immense strength of two void class powerhouses created huge cracks in space inside the multi-dimensional Universe. Also, the clash between their nomological attainment created loopholes in the fundamental laws of the Multi-dimensional Universe.

And these cracks and flaws were leaking the multi-dimensional Universe's aura in the Void. 

This was like letting a wound bleed in the sea, which could attract wandering tyrannical existence from the Void. Even if it was a powerful existence, it would be piled to death by countless small predators.

 Not to mention that the will of Heaven just fought a large battle and was injured*, and if another Void-class powerhouse came, the result would be disastrous.

So the will of Heaven first fixed the space cracks and blocked the aura from leaking into the Void; Although these fixes were rushed and filled with mistakes, it was far better than being naked in the Void. At least it was enough to deceive those void creatures without IQ.

Now, It will take a very long time for the will of Heaven to fix everything properly, especially those flaws in the core law of the Universe. 

Finally, Heaven thought of a method to fix these main problems, which was to let lifeforms become gods and then mold their Divinity to fix these loopholes.

So It helped few selected lifeforms ignite Divine spark and let them become gods.

And to deal with any sudden changes, It made the gods collect faith from the intelligent lifeforms to maintain or strengthen their godhood. So That, the loop could become a positive cycle and grow continuously. 

 The Divinity was controlled by lifeforms, and lifeforms could only evolve from nature. So, Even the will of Heaven didn't have full control over this cycle.

But the Intelligent life was, without doubt, selfish. They wanted to become Gods because of their own ambitions and not to be controlled by the Divinity to complete the neverending task of fixing the loopholes. They also seek more power and influence and do everything to shake off the control. 

However, The will of Heaven had a good countermeasure against all of these. It set up the Divinity to slowly wear away all the emotions of a lifeform and eventually turn them into an absolutely rational, cold, and ruthless machine.

 Naturally, a machine always worked obediently and did its best to complete its given task without any complain, anger, or ambitions.

Of course, at that point, they were no longer themselves; they were not even a complete lifeform anymore.
But the facts have proved that although the gods might be arrogant, greedy, and ignorant, they were definitely not stupid.

The first group of "lucky people" who became gods soon discovered that they were slowly losing all of their emotions like anger, sorrow, and joy. And turning into a cold machine.

But if they separated from the Divinity, they will fall completely. And of course, With their big ambitions, they couldn't accept such a result.

So, the gods hid in the crevices of the Universe and began to rack their brains to come up with a plan to counter the side effect of Divinity.

"As the saying goes, where there is oppression, there will be resistance."

In a panic, some of them tried many unreliable and dangerous methods. Very few succeeded, and most of them failed and completely turned into ash and dissipated into nothingness. But their Divinity was found by new heirs, and new gods were born.

Even if the new "lucky guys" clearly knew the drawbacks of Divinity, they still accepted it. Because there was no shortage of arrogant people, who thought of themself as "Dragons amongst men," who could go against the Heaven.

The Divinity passed on like this, one by one, the ancient gods fell, and new gods were born. And when the will of Heaven noticed this positive circle, It fell asleep peacefully*. 

 Lifeforms were continually experiencing evolutions. Some of the Multi-dimensional Universe's life forms have found many means of development in the long river of time. But the mainstream methods were Magic and Battle qi.
Among them, the development of magic was the fastest. In a little unknown Plane, the Netheril's civilization was born.
 And under the impetus of Great Arcanists, the glory of Netheril's spread across the entire Universe at a surprisingly fast speed.


 When the will of Heaven discovered them, the power of Netheril almost transcended the Universe itself, and they were completely out of Haven's control.

But the will of Heaven was busy with the seal of the mother of Pain. So It asked the gods to fight the Netheril, but to its great surprise, the self-righteous gods quickly lost in front of Netheril's ultimate creation, the floating city.

But the defeat of the gods made the will of Heaven even more serious about this powerful civilization. It couldn't allow the lifeforms from Its own Universe to get out of Its control. So The will of Heaven reluctantly used some precious origin power and created Its most loyal servants, a group of terrible demons full of tentacles. And as ridicule, The will of Heaven used the Plane of Netheril's home plane Pheren as the name of these Demons; that's how the demon race of Phaerimm was born.


 After a very long war with the Phaerimms, the Netheril civilization finally won, and the great Arcanists sealed the Phaerimms, but they paid a huge price in this war.

The Gods used the hitting a person when he was down tactic and attacked the Netheril civilization and very quickly crashed them.

However, even this was not enough to completely destroy the great Netheril civilization. And the survivors were always working hard for the revival of the past glory of the Netheril civilization.


 At present, the Universe seemed peaceful, but under the seemingly unwavering water, gods were fighting for more faith while using various means to break free from the shackles of Divinity. The remnants of Netheril were avoiding chasing and killing by many of their past enemies while also secretly spreading their inheritance. 

 Nobody knew when, the abyss' will was secretly born in the depth of the endless abyss. It was plotting its own schemes and conspiracy in the vortex of filth and chaos.

The undercurrents were slowly rushing up, but nobody could tell that a storm was brewing from the calm surface without any ripple. 

In such an era of rising wind and scudding clouds in the Multi-dimensional Universe, a little flame abruptly ignited in the darkness of the endless Void.

*Note: flaws in the law are considered as injury to Heaven.
*Note: Heaven's recovery method was to sleep.

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